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Playing Sport at Home: The Beginner’s Guide

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You made the decision to do sport from home? This is a good step to get back in shape and you will find in this guide, several questions and answers that allow you to just start playing sports from home. The Mon Guide Sport site supports and advises you on getting back into shape every day!

The Benefits of Sport

Sport allows weight loss


Weight loss

Everyday sport is a great way to lose weight in a sustainable way. A large majority of French people (2/3) are now sedentary. Playing sports, even at home, allows you to reconnect with a healthy life and we know that the only way to lose weight effectively, is sport!

Better life with sport


Better daily life

Regular participation in sports has many effects on daily life. We feel less tired to go to work and especially physical activity also helps to alleviate depression and anxiety. If you are stressed and often in a moody mood, sports may give you a new lease on life.

Improving health with sport


Improve your health

It’s not a scoop for anyone, sport is good for health. It protects against the onset of cardiovascular disease, regardless of age. Physical activity also protects against certain cancers such as breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

Before you start

Playing sports is not difficult in itself, there are many programs that will allow you to play sports at home. However, if you are new to the sport, we would like to recommend some essential steps to inform you about the general practice of the sport.

Home sports are difficult


The effort is difficult

When you start the sport, you should know that the effort is always very difficult to take. It’s a feeling you never get in everyday life, but you’ll probably get a taste of it over time. The beginnings will certainly be difficult, but do not let go, you will have done the hardest by starting the sporting activity.

Demotivation for playing sports


All excuses are good for stopping

Everyday hassles, fatigue or even work are just some of the excuses that make sport a side activity. The prospect of hurting during the demotivational effort of many people. However, once the activity has started, you will find it a real pleasure to practice it. Never let your mind take over and always stay motivated!

Difficult breathing in sport


Breathing is impaired

If you are not used to playing sports, your breathing will quickly get carried away. This is completely normal, but do not worry, your heart will not stop beating. On the other hand, if you are short of breath, it means that you are sorely lacking in sport. Regular sessions should be able to give you better breathing capacity.

Warm-up for sports at home


Warming up is essential

When practicing a sport, whether at home or elsewhere, it is strongly recommended to warm up. This advice is to be taken seriously, especially if you are not used to physical activity. Your muscles will be stressed, which is why warming up is an essential step, even at home.

Significant recovery in sport


Recovery too

After a sports session, it is very important to recover well. This is a step that will allow you to progress more quickly in your sport. Post-session stretching, hydration and nutrition are essential elements for good sports recovery. This avoids the stiffness of the next day …

Establish Goals

When you start playing sports at home or elsewhere, it is necessary to set goals. They will be your driving force during your training sessions and above all, they will allow you to analyze your progress over time. The advantage when you are a beginner is that you progress quickly, so you will see results fairly quickly and your motivation will most certainly be good!

Short-term sports goals


Short-term goals

The first objectives that you will set for yourself will be essential. They should not be too high, at the risk of discouraging you from practicing your physical activity at home. Be realistic and give yourself goals, especially over the duration of your activity. Start with 20 minutes of sport, then 40 minutes after 2 weeks is a way to double your goal in no time. Ideal for realizing your physical progress.

Medium-term goals for home sports


Medium-term objectives

In the medium term, even if you have passed several obstacles in physical practice, your goals will still have to be realistic, but a little more ambitious. This is the right time to take stock of your weight loss and health. Do you enjoy your days better, are you less tired? Now is the time to realize that sport is good for you.

Long-term sports goals


Long-term goals

Your long-term goals will evolve over the course of your training. Have you lost the desired number of pounds? How have you evolved since the very first sports session (you know the one that we will always remember…)? Would you be ready for a sports competition? So many questions you need to ask yourself to be able to set good goals and stay focused on your physical activity.


To play sports at home, you need to be at least equipped. If some people have room for equipment worthy of a gym, others will not be able to afford it. So we will see that it is also possible to do sports at home with only the bare minimum.

Floor mats for playing sports at home

The floor mat is the essential accessory for your fitness program. It does not take up space and will allow you to do a lot of exercise while enjoying good comfort. If this is the only material you plan for your sports sessions, we advise you not to neglect the quality this one.

Sportswear to wear

Sportswear is obviously a must to keep you comfortable during your workout. You can use any type of clothing, as long as it is comfortable. As in all activities, there are clothes more suitable than others for sports, but it is the advantage of sport at home, nobody sees us and we can really put what we want!

Fitness equipment for sports at home


Fitness equipment

As we said, it is possible to do sports only with a floor mat. However, the fitness equipment allows you to set up sessions that will be less monotonous and that will allow you to work your different muscles safely. They allow in particular to target the muscular areas to work, but also to avoid injuries for badly performed exercises.

See our folder on home fitness equipment


My Sport Guide advises you on three types of training program to get back in shape at home. Whether it’s to burn calories, build your whole body, or regain muscle tone, there is definitely a program for you.

Sports program for beginners at home

This program is intended for people who are new to the sport and who want to keep in good physical shape. It allows you to work on all aspects of your body for better daily health.

Calorie expenditure program for home sports


Calorie expenditure program

The calorie expenditure program is particularly suitable for people who want to lose weight or work on their cardiovascular capacity. This type of program is targeted and very intense for people starting out in the sport.

It’s a program that helps you lose weight faster, but it’s also more difficult, especially at first. Your physical abilities will improve significantly and your life will also be much more pleasant on a daily basis.

Muscle tone program at home


Muscle tone program

The muscle tone program helps to refine the silhouette and to tone in a targeted manner, the different muscles of the body. Objective: to have a toned and firm body every day!


Eating well is crucial when you want to get into sport. This is an important criterion that will allow you to fulfill your predefined goals. Without proper nutrition, your progress could slow down significantly. To lose weight or maintain your figure, you will need to think carefully about how you eat.

Eating well for sports


Track your diet

When you give yourself goals to achieve (weight loss, getting back in shape, improving your figure, etc.), it is important to follow your diet. We never recommend dieting and even less during regular physical activity. However, it is important to eat thoughtfully without necessarily depriving yourself of your little pleasures. Sport is precisely the activity that will allow you to enjoy your cute sins.

Eat before playing sports


Eat before playing sports

It is important to play sports when you are in full possession of your physical means. This allows for more productive sessions, whatever the sport. Of course, we do not recommend eating right before your workout, but rather a few hours before, in order to have the necessary strength to keep you going during your activity. It is necessary to distribute your diet well throughout the day so that your blood sugar level is not too low.

Eating after playing sports

After a good workout, we advise you to eat, if only a snack, in order to restore your energy. Food is very important when you want to keep fit. It’s not just about losing weight or running more, you have to be able to exceed your limits and without a good diet, you’ll never be able to do it.

Stay hydrated after sport at home

Thoughtful eating is necessary for regular sports, but good hydration is also highly recommended. Do not hesitate to drink water throughout the day and not only during your sports sessions. You’ll feel much stronger and recover faster by drinking lots of water before, during and after your workouts.

Avoid injury

An injury could end your good resolve to get back into sport. Some injuries can last for days and others for weeks, even months. It is therefore essential to be well informed before doing sports exercises. An injury could simply have the opposite effect on your health, as it would require you to permanently stop all sports activity for a long time.

overtraining for beginners in sport


Watch out for overtraining

Overtraining is an excess of sports activity which can be expressed in several ways. You can first lose your form or your will, but you can also totally lose the motivation to play sports. Scheduling too many sports sessions is also the best way to get injured. A rest period is always advisable to allow time to recharge the batteries (mental and physical).

Recover well to start sport


Recovery techniques

When you start sport, the aftermath is often difficult. Aches often remind us of the difficulties we had the day before. It is therefore important to sleep well, stretch, and eat a healthy diet in order to recover as quickly as possible. Over the sessions, your body will progress and recover much faster than at the beginning. It’s a source of motivation that should always make you want to reach your goals!

Treat your wounds well


Wound treatment

If despite all of these tips, you have injured yourself during a sports session, we invite you to follow the health and injuries section of our site. You should find several tips to properly treat your sports injury.

What happens next?

The rest is up to you. By practicing sport regularly, you will achieve your goals and have a better and above all much healthier life. You can start playing sports at home and end up practicing with friends or in a club. Sport at home is a way to maintain yourself easily, but also to restore taste in your life!


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