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Doing sport at home: 10 weight training exercises for …

There’s nothing like playing sports at home to lose weight and sculpt your body. In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, it is necessary to practice exercises at home to build muscles in the stomach, thighs or buttocks. Whether with or without equipment, whether you are a woman or a man, following a sports program is above all a question of will. This article will therefore offer you fitness and bodybuilding exercises that will strengthen your body in just a few weeks. You will also find some tips and advice to keep you motivated as well as to avoid certain mistakes that can be made when playing sports at home.

1 / The squat jumped to strengthen your body while doing cardio

Doing sport at home is ideal for strengthening your body. Thus, to build your thighs and firm your buttocks, the squat is the exercise par excellence to practice at home. If you combine it with a jump at the end of the movement then you will see that your thrilling will accelerate and you will also benefit from cardio activity to eliminate cellulite even better.

It is important to have a straight back, bent legs, feet should be aligned with the shoulders and preferably have your hands on your head.

From the initial position, you must bend low enough on your legs without crouching. We often see young children making this movement when they want to grab something on the ground. Just put yourself in the shoes of a weightlifter who just lifts his own weight with no bar above him.

You go up gradually and once you are almost standing, you have to make a last effort to jump as high as possible with a good impulse.

home sport jump squat

This exercise to do at home is effective to refine your calves, build your thighs and tone your glutes, but above all you need to have a good balance and receive yourself properly.

If you have one thing to keep in mind when doing this exercise at home, it’s to keep your back straight.

A tip for beginners is to put a stool under his buttocks, it gives a visual cue and allows not to get lost too much.

2 / Do abs at home to strengthen your stomach with the exercise of numbers

It is never easy to do abs at home in a good position and without having wrong movements. To avoid this, the exercise of numbers is perfect because it allows you to do sport at home to strengthen your stomach without the risk of hurting your back.

Just put yourself on the ground with your back supported by your elbows, your hands flat. You must then stretch the legs feet together by lifting them from the ground 40 to 50 cm. Then you must leave room for your imagination, you must write the numbers 1 to 20 with your feet without ever bending your knees and without resting your legs on the ground.

You will probably have cramps after 1 or 2 sets, so this is a good sign, it means that you are tightening the belly skin by building your abs.

sport at home to strengthen your belly

Be careful however to be well propped up and to always have a straight back. This is the disadvantage of playing sports at home, there is not a coach or trainer who can correct you instantly as is the case in a gym, so you have to be very careful about your positioning so as not to get hurt.

3 / Do sports at home with Superman to build your hips, buttocks, lumbar and shoulders

The name of this exercise may make you laugh but it is above all an excellent exercise to do at home to work the upper and lower body.

Again this exercise can be done without equipment, you can bring a floor mat but nothing requires you since you are on your stomach so this position is not uncomfortable.

Start by lying down comfortably and find a certain anchor in the ground, you must be very stable so that this exercise does not hurt your back. It is not a complicated exercise to perform but it allows you to gain good gain. As shown in the photo, you need to lift your hands and feet to work the lower abdomen, thigh muscles and shoulders. Do not lift your limbs too much, if you feel pain in your lower back you are straining too much. Try to keep the position in the air for 5 seconds then descend slowly and allow yourself 5 seconds of rest between each ascent.

playing sports at home with superman

4 / Do sport at home as soon as you wake up with cobra exercise

You may be at home, playing sports at home is not the first thing you think of when you get up from bed. To encourage yourself and start the day off on the right foot, you should therefore choose a gentle exercise that strengthens your stomach without requiring too much effort as soon as you wake up. In this context, the exercise of the cobra is ideal for building up the abs gently.

do abs at home with the cobra

The principle is a bit like doing push-ups without using your arms. You raise your chest by contracting your abs and working your lower back. Your hands are laid flat at chest height. The arms are only there to maintain balance. When you exercise at home, you usually breathe in when you go up and contract and then breathe out when you go down and relax. The exercise of the cobra also follows this rule. The goal is not to hold the position high but beautiful and well to make series where we go up and down.

5 / Step or lunge down the stairs to build your buttocks

What could be more obvious when you want to do sport at home than to take advantage of the configuration of your home in order to multiply the possibilities for exercise. This is what we suggest to you by offering to step up the stairs. Certainly not all houses have stairs so you will have to redouble your inventiveness to find other exercises to do at home.

exercise at home

Regarding the step, we simply advise you to use 1 or 2 steps. You go up 2 steps at once with the left leg followed by the right leg and you go down the left leg first then the right and so on.

Try to do fairly rhythmic series then alternate the series with left leg first and then right leg first. This exercise is ideal for increasing your metabolism, you will have breath and it allows you to build muscles in your thighs and buttocks.

6 / The skipping rope: a must for home sports

You can’t talk about sports at home without tackling the practice of skipping rope. As you saw earlier, you can do sports without a device or equipment, but you can very easily wear a jump rope which is probably the cheapest equipment for losing weight at home.

The other advantage is that the jump rope is space-saving, which is useful if you live in an apartment. Besides, having neighbors under your feet and not wanting to disturb them should encourage you to practice skipping rope because you have to jump lightly and not jump heavily.

play sports at home

A little tip for beginners who can not do the movement, you can simply jump at the same time as you rotate the rope in one hand next to you and not below you. For some people, it is not easy to find the right rhythm and have the right coordination but give yourself time to learn because playing sports at home to lose weight quickly necessarily involves the practice of skipping rope.

7 / Pumps for beginners

There is no age to start playing sports at home. That said, not everyone has the same level and it is important to offer exercises to strengthen your body within the reach of the most beginners.

Everyone knows the classic push-ups which are a great exercise to do at home but which is not always well done because it is necessary to keep the spine straight in the axis of the legs.

First tip for building your stomach

You can make push-ups easier by leaning on your knees and not on your toes. This implies that you have to bend your legs a little and rest your knees on the ground. Try to keep your back straight and do push-ups, focusing on movement and breathing.

knee weight loss pumps

Second tip: wall pumps

You are a beginner but you know that doing push-ups to build muscle is an almost compulsory step. So start by doing them against a wall but putting your hands close to each other. You have to move back enough but not too much and you have to bring your face close to your hands. The resistance will be much weaker but you will be sure to learn the right movement without hurting your back. The goal is to gradually increase the difficulty by going through the wall pumps then the knee pumps then the conventional pumps as soon as you have enough experience at home. This sports program is suitable for both women and men.

wall pumps for losing weight at home

8 / Build muscle at home without hurting yourself

Here is an ideal exercise to practice at home because it is simple to set up but it is very effective. To build belly muscles, we often tend to practice abs in a lying position. In this exercise, it is the opposite, you face the ground in the same position as when you do push-ups but your hands will be closer. This exercise helps tone the abs without hurting your back.

sheathing for sports at home

In the pump position, simply raise your knees towards your bust one after the other, not losing your balance and keeping your back and leg aligned as support. It’s a bit like knocking on your knees. By practicing this exercise at home in sets of 10 you will work the sheathing at the hips and you will get a flat stomach in a few weeks.

9 / Dips with a chair to build arms

To strengthen your body and tone your arms, nothing like using the furniture you have at home to practice dips. For that, a bench or a chair will do the trick. Be careful that your chair does not slide to avoid hurting yourself.

chair dips to lose weight at home

You have to flex your thighs and arms, the chair being in your back and you have your hands behind your back resting on the edge of the chair. The objective of this exercise and to use your body weight to work your triceps but also to contract your thighs and buttocks, it is therefore a complete exercise that must absolutely be included in a sports program to build muscle. at home. Discover here other techniques to lose arms.

10 / The exercise bike: a good investment for losing weight at home

Doing sports at home without a device or building muscle without equipment are common practices but be aware that even if you have a small budget you can still get well equipped and for a low price. If you look around a little bit on boncoin, you can easily find a stationary bike for 30 to 50 €. The elliptical trainer is also a great device for sports at home, but it is often more bulky and more expensive.

exercise bike to lose weight at home

The advantage of the exercise bike is that you can do several things at the same time: read a book, watch a movie … so you can build your thighs while having fun.

It will allow you to strengthen your body and make you lose fat because the pedaling movement will increase your heart rate therefore your metabolism and you will succeed in burning calories quickly.

We advise you to opt for a cardio practice more than a forceful one. You have to decrease the resistance and grind intensely to refine your legs. Good advice for buying your exercise bike, take care that the saddle is comfortable so as not to hurt your buttocks.

Doing sports at home for 10 minutes: is that enough?

A large proportion of people who wish to play sports at home have more of a goal of losing weight than building muscle. One does not prevent the other. Obviously, it is essential to eat a balanced diet and make up diet menus to lose weight, even before you even consider doing sports at home. Once the food rebalancing is in place, it is possible to strengthen your body in just 10 minutes a day on the condition of being rigorous, exercising every day without exception and directing your sessions towards cardio .

If your motivation is good, then the ideal is to do 2 sessions of 10 minutes, one in the morning after waking up and one at the end of after or in the evening. You will be more successful at burning fat with short but regular sessions than with longer but infrequent sessions.

Sports program for women and men

By doing this 10-minute sports program every day, you will maintain your health but above all succeed in strengthening your body and toning your muscles. You can mix your program differently and why not do only 2 exercises 5 times 2 minutes. Regardless, the goal is mostly to play sports at home regularly. It is the regularity that will give you more or less short-term results without hiding from eating a healthy diet with the main foods: vegetables, fruits, lean meat, cereals such as oatmeal or a slimming food such as quinoa.

  1. Cobra exercise: 20 flexes (1 minute)
  2. Dips: 20 flexes (1 minute)
  3. Steps on stairs (2 minutes)
  4. 2 sets of 10 to 20 pumps depending on your level (2 minutes)
  5. Gain and abs: 2 sets of 15 knee flexions (2 minutes)
  6. Superman (1 minute)
  7. Number exercise (1 minute)

Warning: playing sports at home requires warming up and stretching

Warming up

Just because you play sports at home and not in a gym with a coach does not mean that you should hide the warm-up. Just do 1 or 2 minutes of running on the spot by lifting the knees, a few bends to get your muscles in good shape and avoid injuries.


Same as for warming up, at the end of a session do not hesitate to perform 1 or 2 minutes of stretching to relax the body and soften it. You can do this by lying on your back, trying to lie down as much as possible (from the tip of your toes to the tip of your fingers). Focus on your breathing while you stretch your body.

Playing sports at home also requires preserving your back which can tend to suffer if you do not do the right movements, for this stretching is essential:

  • sit with your legs apart in a V with as wide a gap as possible
  • lay your parallel hands flat in front of you
  • drag them as far in front of you as possible without jerking
  • after reaching the maximum distance, hold the position for 20 seconds while breathing calmly
  • repeat this stretch 3 times

To conclude, we will never repeat it enough but motivation will be the factor that will determine your success in playing sports at home regularly. To motivate yourself well, we advise you to put on music which will give you rhythm and drive. Finally, drink water even if your sport is short because your body must be well hydrated. If you are not sure of your movements, you can try a few sessions in a gym, they are sometimes free at the beginning and a sports coach could be of good advice to you. Be aware that there are also many free apps to follow a daily training and shape a tailor-made sports program, so take advantage of it.


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