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Sports at home: accessories and online courses to spend in your living room – Yahoo News

To relax, let off steam, spend too much energy, clear your head or just take care of your family, physical exercise is excellent. And in addition, it is recognized, it is good for morale and health!

No need to have a large space, even in a studio, a few square meters are enough to practice sport. For those who have more space, do not hesitate to arrange a “gym” corner where you can let off steam and sweat at leisure, without the constraint of the prior installation and post-training storage which can to discourage.

While regularity is important for keeping fit, it’s not essential to do long sessions every day. You could create too many constraints and get bored. Listen to your body when it tells you that it needs to recover or on the contrary give everything.

These meetings must be above all a moment of pleasure and well-being and for this, these equipments, accompanied by adequate online courses, can help you to vary the exercises, to target certain muscles of the body, to make your exercises. more fun, more effective or more comfortable.

The floor mat is clearly the essential accessory when you want to practice gentle gym or yoga at home. Yoga positions are sometimes a bit perilous and in socks, we often slip. We recommend a very soft mat for lying and non-slip positions. For the gym, the essential accessory is the elastic. In a minimum of effort, it increases the effects of muscle strengthening exercises tenfold.

Cardio exercises

Need a faster pace while working out the cardio? Stepper, exercise bike, vibrating platform, these accessories which do not take up space and can be easily stored in a wardrobe or under the sofa will allow you to continue sweating without looking like it.

Used by boxers and cross-fit enthusiasts, the jump rope is ideal for toning your body and improving your cardiovascular, muscular and respiratory endurance. Most ? You perform effective cardio exercises in the shortest possible time. However, tell your neighbors below if you live in an apartment. And if you have a garage or a basement, why not install a punching bag to release the tensions built up over the past few weeks?

At home, you can practice many exercises that you do in the gym. All you need is the right equipment and the right movements. You can start by doing squats with or without dumbbells to build your thighs and glutes. For those who want to be cut in V, why not continue to work the back muscles and your biceps with a pull-up bar? And for those who want an ultra-complete workout, the TRX is the ideal solution. Hanging on a door, these suspension straps invented by the Navy Seals base training on body weight to work all muscles in depth.

Sheathing exercises

To refine his abdominal belt, sports coaches swore by a good crunch-abs session. But for some time now, these are the sheathing exercises that they recommend for sporting a flat and muscular belly. The board is one of the flagship exercises of cladding which requires no equipment. But why not use fitness accessories that make the sheathing exercises easier and more effective?


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