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most effective home exercise equipment

most effective home exercise equipment
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5 apps for playing sports without leaving your home …

Between your job, your family obligations and the precarious maintenance of your social life, going three times a week to a gym to respect your good resolutions is unrealistic. But why not practice the physical activity of your choice without leaving the comfort of your home? Put on your sneakers and choose your favorite mobile application from the five available.

Pocket yoga

For the past year, the craze for yoga has continued. This relaxation sport is gradually adopted by all women in search of physical and moral balance, especially as the benefits of this discipline have been known for millennia. So many benefits accessible through the application Pocket yoga which allows you to choose the type of yoga (among three options), three difficulty levels and as many session durations. Very complete, the application includes voice and visual instructions, a lexicon, numerous illustrations to correct your posture and a music playlist.
Most : Pocket Yoga is available on Android and Iphone.

Pocket Yoga: app store capture

Nike + Training Club

Cardio-respiratory training, muscle strengthening, sectioned training: Nike + Training Club allows you to work all parts of the body. Aimed primarily at women, this fitness app (downloadable from Google Play and the App Store) offers sessions very similar to those practiced in gyms. Note that Nike + Training Club allows the user to set their own goals before being offered personalized exercises, within a 15- to 45-minute session.

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Latin Dance Workout

Do you have the rhythm in your skin and always wanted to get into zumba? Don’t waste another minute and download the Latin Dance Workout app. Very easy to use, it is considered to be theOne of the best apps zumba thanks to the impressive library of videos in high definition.

Latin Dance Workout

Butt training

Calling all women who dream of having buttocks worthy of that of Jennifer Lopez: the Passion4profession site has thought of you by using the exercises of its website on mobile applications. Result: fast and effective exercises to firm and tone the glutes, without the slightest additional gymnastic equipment. Note that the training program takes place over four weeks, allowing the user to establish a goal schedule, as long as the application keeps track of each session. Available on Android and Iphone, the application also exists for abs, legs and pecs.

Google Play Capture: Butt Training


Only available on Android, Pilates offers a series of fitness exercises aimed at tightening the muscles to develop mobility and flexibility of the joints. Accessible to everyone, regardless of age, the Pilates method was born in the early 20th century. It contributes to strengthening the abdominals, improving balance and coordination, but also reducing stress. Note that this fitness application also exists in a pro version.

Google Play Capture: Pilates Method


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