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30 day challenge full body workout

30 day challenge full body workout
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Videoconference sessions at home: coaches …

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With the confinement and closure of sports halls, the activity of sports coach suffers. Some of them have adapted and now offer distance education. Example with the Bretons the Lion Coach and the Blue Orange.

Difficult to stay in shape while confined at home. Some people are trying to go out in the neighborhood but not really sure if they have the right. They also and above all take the risk of catching the virus … and of transmitting it. Solutions are gradually being implemented by indoor sports professionals. An industry, like many others, which is suffering greatly from the current situation. « In the space of five days, we had no customers, zero! It’s dizzying, « says Steve Dallavalle, a young boss whose Rennes-based company has made executive coaching and in business his specialty. A company that employs 35 sports coaches, most of whom are now on partial unemployment.

The boss, with the support of his customers, however, found the answer by launching remote sessions, thanks to the internet. “Each person can play sports at home, in video, with their coach. They can do this alone but also as a family. We are gradually managing to recover our customers like this, which will hopefully allow us to get out of this crisis without too much damage. « 

The best way to evacuate is to play sports rather than have an aperitif or empty the cupboards!

For corporate group sessions, same diagram. « It is in video with small groups of 12 people. But we can also give lessons to 200 people at the same time! They see us but not us. However, we can interact by live messaging and answer their questions. And it works according to Steve Dallavalle. “People are disciplined. At first they are a little apprehensive, but in fact they are having just as much fun.  » A way for companies to maintain ties between employees and for them to remain efficient at work despite the exceptional conditions. « It allows them to stay positive and relieve stress and anxiety. The best way to evacuate is to play sports rather than have an aperitif or empty the cupboards! « Smiles the sports coach.

Videos and posts for The Blue Orange

L’Orange bleue, also based in Rennes, is experiencing similar difficulties. With the closure of its 400 rooms, it is more possible to give good advice and even less to use the machines. To adapt, the company offers its members three videos per day with level options. The coaches will also meet them at 6 p.m. live on Facebook for training at home. Finally, daily challenges are posted on the Instagram network. In short, no more excuses to stop the sport!


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