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exercise routine for beginners at home

exercise routine for beginners at home
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Containment – Free lessons for sports at home

Keeping fit (and morale) during a period of confinement is possible! And for that, we say thank you to the gyms and sports coaches, who offer videos of simple lessons and exercises for playing sports for free at home.

We grant you, this period of health crisis and of containment is not easy going. In Here is, so we want to put glitter in your lives (and in your homes), by offering you good plans for better containment, like food to boost your immune system or recipes to make your own beauty products.

Today, we share with you news that should make you happy sporting (the bikini lens will not fall through), like all those who just want to fdo some exercise at home.

Sport at home

Several sports groups offer free alternatives to do sports at home. This is the case for RITM Sports Clubs, who post on their social networks (Instagram, Facebook and Youtube) one video per day, lasting 10 minutes, on various themes : mobility, muscle strengthening, cardio, stretching…

Almost military training

The most motivated will be able to follow the videos (20 minutes) of Punch, posted every two days on IGTV. In the program, boxing and bootcamp, with exercises focused on one part of the body per session. Coaches even promise masterclass live in the coming days. Stay connected!

Live on networks

You can also follow the lives of sports coach Christophe Ruelle which also offers regular meetings to stay in shape, free of course ! He makes it just one tonight at 6 p.m. on his Facebook, are we there?

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