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simple daily workout at home
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Running, bodybuilding, yoga … What sports session to do during confinement? – CNEWS.fr

For some, confinement is a perfect opportunity to get back into sport. For others, those who are already very athletic, quarantine is a real challenge to stay in shape. In both cases, here are some avenues to study in order to discuss these specific conditions.


The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Sports have been clear: you have to avoid going out as much as possible, which totally excludes long outings from running races. « 1 km, 2 km max », explains on Twitter the team of Roxana Maracineanu. Difficult therefore to prepare a marathon in these conditions, but it is still possible to do a quality training. “For experienced runners, I would recommend doing interval sessions, with a fairly short warm-up. For 15 minutes, the idea is to run fast (but not fully), for 30 seconds, then jog for 30 seconds, and start again, ”explains Bruno Heubi, runner and sports teacher specializing in running. In this case, a period of « return to calm » by walking 5 minutes on the way back to either is a good idea.

For beginners, « the important thing is pleasure, too often running is considered a suffering », explains Bruno Heubi. This coach therefore advises alternating running and walking « at will ». « As soon as you feel out of breath, you have to stop without feeling guilty, otherwise you will run 5 minutes, be too tired and never start again ». The goal is to gradually get used to running.

Muscle strengthening

For bodybuilding and muscle building, several possibilities exist, even without equipment and without a particularly large space. For a few years, telephone applications allowing to give bodybuilding programs are common. Their forms are different. There is for example the tabata: a particularly intensive training, during which we do strength training exercises for 4 minutes on a particular area of ​​the body, without the need for any equipment. For those looking for an even more difficult workout, other cross-fit or cardio applications also abound on smartphones.

The government, which recommends one hour of activity per day for children and adolescents, and 30 minutes for adults, has also signed agreements with applications like Be Sport, MyCoach and Goov App, which allow free access to professional advice for playing sports at home. For those who are less athletic, it is not necessary to get into intensive bodybuilding, thanks to « full water bottles » which serve as dumbbells, it is already quite possible to do a correct training according to Be Sport. The important thing is to stay in motion for a while.


While confinement can be both a physical and a moral test, yoga and meditation are good ways to focus on yourself. Since all the rooms are closed, there are several ways to start or continue yoga sessions at home. Several coaches organize for example live sessions on Instagram such as Alexander Marvin Avila, Hannah or Yoga Room. It is also possible to find courses for all levels on temporarily free applications during confinement, such as the Qee Yoga center.


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