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Containment tips: Doing your sport at home – LV.

A need for sport must be met despite the inability to go out during this period of confinement. So applications exist, here are some examples.

Like a desire to spend yourself? Unfortunately, it is impossible to get out of this pandemic context. Therefore other means exist such as home sports. Indeed, many applications and tips circulate and allow maintenance or fitness. Many French people have already opted for this method. So all you have to do is choose yours.

Freeletics: « There is something for all levels! »

Freeletics is an application combining many physical exercises or “work-outs”. Mathéo has been a particularly regular user since the start of containment, he ensures that it is suitable for all people. « It’s a perfect blend of muscle building and cardio, » he says. The advantage of this service is that it offers bodyweight exercises but also with specific tools such as pull-up bars.

Eat & fit: “Work on your body and food”

Julia has been using this application for almost 4 months. The high school student said she went there more regularly since she was forced to stay at home. So the interest of Eat & fit is the alliance between physical exercises and recommended meals. Based on everyone’s goal and their BMI (Body Mass Index), the activity is suitable for everyone. In addition, the exercises are different from day to day, making it less tiring.

Fizzup: “Lots of free programs!”

Dorian has been using this kind of application for a long time, but Fizzup has a special feature that makes it very special. « Unlike many other apps, this one offers free personalized programs! », He admits. Happy, high school student admits to losing weight and gaining muscle thanks to Fizzup

The 30 day fitness challenge

Since Monday, Lucile has set out to fulfill this challenge! Each day, different exercises depending on the part of the body you want to work on. 30 days of activities accompanied by a nutritional program. In addition, different levels of difficulty exist.

Applications yes, but what else?

Leona has chosen to follow multiple daily programs with a few exercises to do. The advantage of this method is that it is simple and quick and therefore perfect for spending a little bit at home. In another time the videos on YouTube are also appreciated. Lea tells us that she is motivated in this way. Indeed for this student to follow influencers and reproduce their movements is very encouraging.

So there are many ways to keep fit during this health crisis.

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