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In recent years, a new discipline with extraordinary benefits for the physical health is becoming more and more popular: lo spinning. Characterized by a trying and complete training session, this activity has become in a very short time one of the most practiced in gyms (and not only).

Anyone can practice spinning: from professionals to beginners, and the latter need specific specifications to carry out a correct training, able to make manifest all beneficial properties of this sport.

THE advantages and benefits brought to the human body by the practice of this sport are truly remarkable and innumerable. The bike movement, at different rhythms, allows you to work on multiple muscles simultaneously. From those of thighs to buttocks, passing through abdominal and tendons of the knees, the spinning activity allows a strong development of the leg muscles and allows you to work on the abdominals reducing their fat deposits. In addition, in addition to an excellent one slimming function, this sport puts the whole to work cardiovascular system, increasing and improving blood flows.

The enormous potential and positive factors that characterizing this sport, however, make the fact that it is fundamental practice correctly. There are more and more Italian gyms that include a course in this discipline (also called indoor cycling), directed by competent and certified instructors. It is also possible to train at home, possibly on one spin bike, selecting tracks characterized by different rhythms and suitable for the session (hundreds of them can be found online).

1. Training and Nutrition

First of all, for a beginner, theright approach training from the point of view of thesupply. Spinning, in fact, leads to consuming far beyond 500 calories in a « basic » training session (understood from 45 to 50 minutes). It will be essential, in order to be able to keep the rhythms in the best possible way, to have a substantial energy reserve. It is therefore advisable eat a meal consisting of fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates about three hours before training (always being careful not to overdo it). It’s important do not eat immediately before the session, just as it is equally important not to drink too much before riding.

2. The right posture

As for the execution technique, you have to respect and maintain correct postures, in order to avoid unpleasant injuries. The adjustment of the saddle also contributes to this: one must ensure that one’s legs are slightly curved during movements. Be careful not to keep them too stretched out or curled up. When the hands are on the handlebars, always keep your head straight and your shoulders relaxed, in order to avoid unnecessary tensions that would end up fatiguing the body. If your hands are away from the handlebar, keep your torso as straight as possible.

Spinning Bike postureWhen the lesson faces the ascent phase, one becomes essential correct position of the trunk. In fact, the difficulty of these movements can be kept under control with good posture. It remains essential, both in light and steep climbs, keep your torso as arched as possible and place your hands on the handlebars in a more advanced position as the effort increases.

3. Importance of Heating

The beginner spinning training teaches that it is very important to take a few minutes heating with special exercises, not stressful or tiring for the body but suitable for putting yourself in a position to better follow the session, such as push-ups. Let me be clear, the first phase of the spinning training is dedicated to body warming but targeted exercises can help considerably before getting on the saddle.

For the first few weeks it is advisable to run 45 minute sessions. Start with approx 10 minutes of warm-up, where you can start pedaling until you reach your own pace. Subsequently alternate approx 5 minutes of pedaling at your personal pace with thirty seconds of intense activity.

It is essential, in these first sessions, not to stop for any reason (unless breathing problems or painful pain in the left side of the chest). Being wise in setting your pace, without exaggerating in either extremes, will allow you to get to know your body better and get used to the rhythms of spinning. The thirty seconds at high intensity must never exceed 65% of the maximum frequency that your heart beat outlines. After about 30 minutes of alternating basic / intense rhythm, return to the pedaling regime of the warm-up phase. This last period, of cool-down, can last about 5 minutes and allows the body to absorb the exercise and a progressive return to a condition without efforts.
After the spinning workout, the stretching exercises, suitable for relaxing the muscles and preventing any complications, such as cramps.

4. When to Change Training Times

When you are more familiar with the right postures and training rhythms, you can vary the timing of the periods at your own pace and those of high intensity. With greater physical prowess, thirty seconds can be deducted from the « bland » phase, adding thirty to the high effort phase. In this way you will have less time to rest and you will support yourself more prolonged efforts, exercising the muscles and pushing the body to a reaction that will result in an improvement in muscle tightness.

Ultimately, the purchase of suitable material, such as rower is shorts made of materials breathable and with special padding for the protection of the parts of the body in contact with the saddle.

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