The 10 Best Hi-Tech Gifts for Regular Readers 2018

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A book is undoubtedly the most classic of Christmas presents, but for a voracious bookworm it might seem a foregone conclusion.

What to do then if we want to gratify a passionate reader without risking buying a book that maybe even knows by heart?

It is true, as they say, that sometimes the thought is enough but to see the face of the friend who is not particularly satisfied, even if he tries in every way to mask his disappointment, or snubs the gift giving him only a fleeting glance, puts us embarassed.

A solution would be to find gadgets or reading accessories that encourage him to read but in the most comfortable way possible.

We then give space to the imagination and if we are short of ideas we are going to look through the channels of online selling something characteristic and special that we know will be welcomed with joy beyond the fact that … thought is enough!

1. Landee Reading Light

This lamp offers three adjustable brightness levels (3000k, 4500k and 5500k). It has a soft light, perfect for reading books and ebooks in bed. Very compact and light, it weighs only 30.5 g, and is therefore easy to carry or to put on the bed. It can also be used as a bookmark to never miss a page.

The flexible goose neck allows you to adjust the light for maximum comfort. It can be placed on books of all shapes and sizes. The silicone surface protects the blocked pages and offers a secure grip compared to the bare neck. The clip light must only be inserted into the USB port of all the charging devices. It takes about 40 minutes to get full power and the autonomy is about 3 hours.

2. Kindle Paperwhite water resistant

It is the thinnest and lightest Kindle Paperwhite ever, with a 300 ppi screen to read like on printed paper and without reflections, even in direct sunlight. Designed to withstand water (IPX8), it allows you to read and relax on the beach, in the pool or in the bathtub.

It is available in two versions, 8 GB and 32 GB, to carry many more books. A single charge lasts weeks, not just a few hours.

3. Fan Song E-Reader Case for Kindle Paperwhite

It fits perfectly into the Kindle Paperwhite 2018 (10th Generation) and keeps access to all ports and functions free. It has an elastic hand strap, which helps to hold the e-reader comfortably without the risk of it falling.

Turn the device on and off every time you open or close the cover. Adds only 4 mm thickness to the device and no weight. Offers maximum scratch resistance and impact protection.

4. Munbyn Portable Scanner

It has a really minimal size (255 x 28 x 25mm) and offers a resolution of 300/600/900 dpi. Scanning can be performed with one hand. and supports MicroSD cards up to 32 GB. No driver installation is required. The connection is USB 2.0 at high speed. Completes its features automatic shutdown after three minutes of non-use. Comes complete with transport bag.

5. WSHA Portable Voice Translator

The device is a professional simultaneous translator of 32 languages. Supports MP3 audio playback, with the possibility of saving the recording on the PC. You can connect it to the mobile phone hotspot, and where the phone has a signal, the pen will have a network, so it can provide you with accurate translation service.

6. Andux Prism horizontal glasses for lying reading

Who knows how many times you have not found a comfortable position to read on the sofa or in bed, with the defect of having to strain your neck in an unnatural position.

Well with this nice pair of prism glasses you can read while lying comfortably in a supine position. Supplied with case and cloth, these special polycarbonate glasses weigh only 65 g.

You won't have to move your head or suffer cramps in your neck while reading or watching TV. It can be seen without any distortion. Finding the position can also be used by short-sighted people who already wear glasses.

7. Halovie Support Adjustable wooden stand

This reading support is made of high quality pine wood. It is a table object both beautiful and practical to make you feel relaxed while reading a book or an eBook. It has 4 adjustable angle settings that meet different visual heights.

It is suitable for books, reading of musical scores, tablets. Measuring 34 x 23.5 x 2.8 cm, it is easy to re-close and leave at any angle, without the smallest footprint.

8. SoBuy Anti-slide, Bamboo bath shelf

Suitable for all standard size bathtubs, the shelf offers enough space to hold a book, tablet, smartphone, drink, soap.

Its construction material is bamboo, light painted, resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Sturdy, light, natural and renewable, bamboo is a very versatile product with a high environmental value.

The structure measures 70 cm in length by 15.5 cm in width, weighs 1 kilogram and has a capacity of 3 kilograms.

9. Thumbs Up Dictionary Safe

Not only does it protect your treasures, keeping them locked up, but thanks to its cover, The New English Dictionary, it could easily be exchanged simply for another book on the shelf!

After all, the last thing a thief will have time to do while hunting for precious objects is to look up the definition of "tricked" in the dictionary!

But even if the scammer in some way manages to discover that there is much more than a simple dictionary in his hands, he would still be dealing with an impenetrable metal casing hidden by the cover! When learning English makes you really safer!

10. Gaomon M106K Professional 10 x 6 Inch

The perfect companion for any e-reader is a graphic tablet for PC and Mac that allows you to take notes, writing or drawing without any difficulty using a special digital pen.

Ideal for illustrating or animating, the graphic tablets translate your existing drawing skills, or allow you to take schematic notes, in a digital environment.

These devices allow you to draw and write directly on the tablet surface exactly as you do on a sheet of paper. This input method immediately shows the illustration so you can create your highest quality digital work.

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