The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Nerd 2018

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The times when the term nerd meant a technology enthusiast, all devoted to study but with difficulty in socializing, are far away.

Now the term has lost much of its negative meaning and is not only synonymous with a culture (the nerd for the note) but it is also used with a certain pride and a sense of revenge.

A nerd can also be fashionable, both in the way he is dressed and to express his personal passions, with a company that has discovered that being a nerd is cool! So if you have a nerd friend and this Christmas you want to make a gift to him you should not be discouraged if any idea you had was never the right one.

Now you can also give him something, even a nice and useless gadget without running the risk of mortifying him like you used to. Going to search in the sites of online selling you can select the most disparate gift ideas to not disappoint even the most demanding friend; after all, gifts are a matter to be treated with care.

1. Scratch the World Poster scratch map of the world

It's the complete map for travelers: scratch the destinations you've visited and highlight the map below, journey after journey. This extra-large world map can be a fantastic and original gift for those who love going around from one continent to another, and allows a complete customization of the world map, showing personal adventures.

To scratch the world map, you need a coin to use to remove the surface layer in the destinations you've been lucky enough to visit. On the map there are not only the countries, but also the cities, while below it is shown an even more detailed political and colored map. This large wall map of the world measures 84 x 59 cm.

2. Style3 Retro Kong Men's T-Shirt Donkey Geek NES Nerd Gamer

Fashionable jersey t-shirt, with original vintage print. A nice basic piece in pure cotton, which convinces both worn alone and in combination with other garments. Offers a regular fit with a crew neck and high-quality details such as a reinforced inner webbing. All the fabrics and inks used to make the t-shirts of this company have been accredited for the Γ–ko-Tex 100 certification and are therefore free of harmful substances.

3. GetDigital 8372 Magic Cube Tissue Holder with Magnetic Closure

The Magic Cube tissue holder is designed to hold most boxes of tissues on the market. For this you can recharge easily. Remove the lower part, insert the tissue box and close it again. That's all.

The bottom is closed with magnets so you can also pass the cube to your friends when they come to watch all your TBBT gadgets. Of course, the box should always be in your "favorite location": the perfect place to watch television, control the laptop, stand with the glass in your hand and your legs raised …

4. BigNoseDeer Tea cup with filter

It is an original glass tea cup in the shape of a cat, inside which a fish filter is placed. Very funny, it turns out to be an ideal accessory for the office and for the home. It has a format of 12.5 x 8.6 x 11.9 cm and its capacity is 250 ml. It is easy to clean, to be always ready for use.

5. Recutms Photo Album for scrapbooking

In this photo album you can save all the wonderful moments with friends and relatives. It will be a beautiful handmade gift for any occasion. The scrapbooking album can be taken on a cruise, when hiking, camping, fishing, etc.

It can contain photos, postcards and can be used for creative projects. Includes decoration accessories, 6 postcards, 3 corner sheets for photo stickers, 8 colored pens. The pages are bound with an elegant cord. You can add or remove pages as you wish.

6. Greenlife 01148 Teddy Bear Microwave-heated thermal plush

Teddy Bear needs no introduction. When there was still no zoological catalog of plush creatures to choose from there was only the bear, a timeless myth that never goes out of style. With time, however, he too evolves.

In this case the novelty is the padding, which divides the space with a bag of beads to be heated in the microwave oven. The beads are tourmaline, a mineral crystal that has been perfumed with lavender oil. In this way, each time they heat up, they release a delicate aroma.

The choice of lavender is not causal, in fact it has a relaxing and calming effect, relieves stress and also helps you sleep better.

7. Super Luminous Fluorescent wall clock

It is a versatile wall clock with numbers and hands, which absorbs light during the day and reflects it in the dark, to always be visible.

The device offers the right mix of sportiness and elegance, while the fluorescent elements allow you to read the hours even when there is little light or with the room completely dark. It is powered by an AA battery (not included).

8. Joy Toy 21486 R2-D2 Dome Alarm Clock

R2-D2 is an exclusive dome-shaped alarm with projector, an official Star Wars gadget for fans of the small droid.

Thanks to its design it immediately attracts attention. But the domed head is not just a piece of furniture but an alarm clock with a small digital display that shows the hours. It projects the time on the wall, so you can always read it in the best way.

If you are looking for a useful but very special gift for a fan of the saga, the R2-D2 Alarm Clock with projector is the gadget for you. A gift for every age that will conquer everyone.

9. Afaith Bedside Lamp led with Bluetooth Speaker

It is an elegant cylinder diffuser that not only reproduces the music but is also a beautiful bedside lamp. The external walls of the speaker can be illuminated thanks to LEDs of 7 different colors, while the Touch Control allows you to choose the lighting only by touching the upper part of the gadget.

The device also has a microphone, so if you receive a call you can use it as a speakerphone. It has an AUX input to connect the devices via cable or the microSD slot.

10. Retro Pineapple ice bucket

This is a nice gadget that looks like a real pineapple out, it's actually a handy ice bucket. It allows you to keep the finest bottles in cool, not only of vintage sparkling wine, but also some particularly loved tropical juice.

Alternatively, it can only be used as an ice box, to be left for guests to take all the ice cubes they want.

It is a re-enactment of a beloved product in the 1970s, a period in which – on the American market – the tropical style kitchen accessories depopulated.

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