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You will agree with me when I say:

Replacing the batteries of the remote control or mouse each time is an incredible nuisance.

The best rechargeable batteries are useful to avoid this worry.

Remember each time to buy new ones before the ones you are using run out miserably … you don’t always have the time and energy for that.

So how do you do it?

Just get yourself an excellent charger and rechargeable batteries.

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The guide to the best rechargeable batteries

The savings after one year are at least 35%, and also the health of our home appliances will benefit them, given that they will be able to benefit from batteries that are always full and at their maximum potential.

There are so many alternatives on the market, many valid and others decidedly less valid from which to stay away to avoid damage to our electronic objects. But by following our guide we assure you that you will have no problem, we have selected only the best.

Rechargeable batteries are increasingly popular, especially lithium ones, in a world that needs ecological attention, allows us to minimize our impact on the environment, buying new batteries every time poses the age-old problem of recycling them, which as we all know cannot be thrown away together with the common garbage, but instead need to be disposed of in special facilities. A real nuisance then.

How long do rechargeable batteries last?

Since the rechargeable batteries have a slightly higher cost than the normal ones, it is good to know right away how many times we can recharge them, since unfortunately these are not reusable indefinitely, but the convenience without a shadow of a doubt is there, let’s go to see together why.

The best models on the market, as regards AA batteries, they can even reach 3,000 charge cycles, which is obviously synonymous with guarantee here in many years to come.

The life of a battery is measured in charge cycles, ie a complete discharge followed by a full charge.

The number of times a battery can be recharged depends entirely on its actual drainage speed, the care one has of this, and so on. Under optimal conditions NiMH batteries can last up to 600 recharge cycles, which is really a lot if you think about it, since you certainly won’t be charging them every single day, in fact.

The cheapest and poorest batteries, which we will NOT deal with in this list, instead have recharge cycles limited to just 50 times.

The duration obviously depends on many variables to be reconsidered from time to time, it is logical, for example we must look carefully at the composition of the batteries, your device that we will feed, and the conditions in which we will use it. There are general rules to keep in mind in order to exploit and extend the life of our battery to the maximum.

However, each brand needs different precautions, as each model has different characteristics.

NiMH batteries are designed for applications where a large power supply is required, since they are able to maintain a constant energy production during the time they are used, the voltage never drops while the unloading process takes place by the object in question. On the other hand, in alkaline batteries the voltage tends to drop very quickly when used for higher power applications, for example we think of a camcorder or a portable digital camera.

Lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular because they can be very light, so comfortable to use, but at the same time they maintain a very high capacity. Mostly used in mobile phones, laptops and many other devices that require a great deal of energy when not connected to the electrical outlet. The lithium polymer battery also has the great advantage of being able to be used in any form and is more flexible.

Lithium ion batteries tend to last a couple of years, at most three, even if they remain unused on the shelf, they therefore have a very near expiration date. Avoid using this type of battery imagining that it will last for five years, as the occurrence will not occur. If you buy a new battery of this type it is better to make sure by studying the packaging well that this is really new, if it has remained unused on the shelf in the shop for a long time, it will not last long for you in our hands.

The popular wisdom suggests, wrongly, that the rechargeable batteries should be completely discharged before being recharged from scratch, but in reality to completely discharge a battery can contribute to its wear ahead of time. Most of the most technologically advanced devices are in fact designed to shut down when the batteries inside them are discharged by 90 percent, to avoid damaging the cells.

Left at room temperature, NiMH batteries discharge in about 60 days, depending of course on the environmental conditions.

Lithium batteries in particular tend to prefer a type of partial discharge to a deep one, so it is better to avoid bringing them to zero before placing them inside a charger. The ion chemistry ensures that the battery does not have its own memory, and for this reason it will not be damaged with a partial discharge, but if we lower the voltage below a certain level, we will run the very serious risk of ruining it.

The hours of charge are obviously a factor that changes product into product and are conditioned by the type of technology used in the manufacture of that particular battery model.

There are basic rules that can be used to ensure a long battery life before the normal discharge, for example you can decrease the brightness of the display of our device, you can close the apps in the background you can turn off wifi and bluetooh and above all we want to reiterate once again how fundamental it is to avoid having the battery completely discharged before recharging it, given that many devices are sensitive to this practice and could be damaged before time.

The best rechargeable batteries and batteries on the market in 2018

Amazon Basics AA rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable AA Ni-MH batteries, preloaded, 1000 cycles (typical 2000 mAh / minimum 1900 mAh), pack of 8 pieces.

These Amazon rechargeable batteries have been developed by MIT’s laboratories to provide an exceptional type of performance accompanied by an optimal duration that does not force you to have to replace them in good times, far from it.

Charge speed is the flagship of this product, which is significantly faster and more efficient than similar models. In fact, they are able to provide optimal and prolonged performance even in a state of obvious overload.

The pre-loading of these batteries takes place with solar energy, to ensure that the environment is respected from the first use, and they have a considerable price for the features they present. Certainly one of the top products to consider in our choice.

Produced in Japan, a nation synonymous with high quality and excellence in the technological field, they promise more than 1000 complete refills.

Definitely recommended for those who want to optimize the use of continuous batteries that we are required by the electronic world that surrounds us.

Rechargeable Sony Cycle Energy Ni-MH AA batteries – Long life

Nickel-metal hydride batteries Sony, 2500mAh, pack of 4 pieces

Sony has always been synonymous with quality and great technological evolution, and this time we are proposing a very interesting rechargeable solution at an extremely affordable price. Certainly to be taken into consideration.
This is an exceptional product that will guarantee optimal performance, especially if we combine the Sony battery charger with the batteries, which will guarantee speed and durability.

Sony recommends and remembers to avoid using other brands of chargers, as these could break and cause serious harm to the user.

The capacity of this model is 2500 mAh, ideal for those looking for batteries that can be used for a long time without the thought of having to replace them.

Excellent durability and very easy to load.

Panasonic AA rechargeable batteries, excellent product quality price

Panasonic BK-3HCDE / 4BE Eneloop Pro Rechargeable Battery, 2500mAh, AA / Mignon / LR6

These Panasonic batteries are undoubtedly some of the best on the market in 2018, an incredible ideal solution for those looking for affordable batteries but at the same time guaranteeing high longevity.

The capacity is 2500 mAh and at least 600 product recharge cycles are guaranteed and guaranteed, provided you follow the rules indicated on the box.

Even though it is a rechargeable model, they have performances similar to those of normal traditional alkaline batteries.

The pride of this product is without a shadow of a doubt the price, which makes it advisable for everyone.

Mini stylus Amazon Basics AAA – the best AAA

Rechargeable Mini Stylus Batteries AAA preloaded NiMH (12, 800 mAh pack)

A very interesting new product from Amazon, high performance mini styluses and optimized for use with latest generation devices.

They have a capacity of 2000 mAh which makes them absolutely suitable for devices such as digital cameras, TV remote controls, gates, burglar alarms, etc.

The download necessary in this case is probably one of the slowest among similar products on the market, optimal since it allows the use of this product in a continuous manner with always exceptional results.

The price is very low, a real opportunity since they last a lot and should not be replaced until a few years later.

Varta AAA rechargeable batteries

Varta ACCU 800 mAh rechargeable battery, AAA ministilo

These Varta are a great product with Ready To Use technology, ideal for those who don’t like to waste time and prefer to immediately use what they buy without getting lost in long learning or preparation times, in fact these batteries do not need an initial charge to be used. .

The capacity is 800 mAh, notable if we also consider the total compatibility with the vast majority of standard chargers available on the market.

Equipped with an anti-discharge system that allows an a priori preservation of the charge without significant loss of capacity.

Energizer AA stylus batteries

Energizer AA-HR6 Extreme Rechargeable Battery, AA, 2300 mAh, Silver

The Energizer is undoubtedly a giant in the world of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries and with these stylus AA does not deny itself, presenting us with an extremely interesting and functional product.

The capacity is a good 2300 mAH which obviously makes them optimal for the new, more advanced uses requested by the devices produced in recent years, arrive preloaded and therefore do not need the first charge to be used directly.

The duration is extreme, they really last a long time, and moreover they are not easily discharged, the energy losses are not relevant, a real workhorse that will leave both the most savvy users and those who are just approaching the world of rechargeable batteries.

Duracell AA rechargeable batteries


Duracell Recharge Ultra AA Prericaricate Batteries Stylus ...

Duracell Recharge Ultra AA Prericaricate Batteries Stylus …

  • Duracell Recharge Ultra AA batteries are optimal in duration and charge (for the rechargeable AA size, for charging in the same device)
  • Duracell Recharge Ultra batteries remain charged for up to 12 months

Duracell Recharge Ultra Rechargeable Batteries, Stilo AA, 2500 mAh

Duracell needs no introduction, it is perhaps the most well-known brand of batteries in the world, also given the massive use of advertising that has associated the image of the tireless bunny with the brand.
But the fame of Duracell products is obviously not only due to the commercials, but also to the great reliability that this brand has always guaranteed.

These batteries have a capacity of 2500 mAh and promise and maintain exceptional performances.

This model is ideal for devices that require constant mass energy, since they allow a continuous and stable flow to any type of device.

Durability is one of the best on the market, guaranteeing up to 5 years of resistance and over 500 refills.

The price is accessible and justified for such a product.

Which charger to choose?

Another key factor in the choice of rechargeable batteries is without a doubt the charger, in fact for the same number of batteries it will make a difference if you use one tool to recharge them rather than another.

The function of the charger is to quickly and effectively recharge the batteries to ensure their longest possible life, and above all to prevent them from being damaged before time, or even explode.

It is of fundamental importance to ALWAYS avoid the use of Chinese chargers, which at a slightly lower price, provide a risk in the use that is absolutely not negligible, since there is the risk of burning the batteries and in some cases even the own home.

There are two types of chargers, those common for smartphones and those for recharging real batteries.

In the first case we are dealing with tools dedicated to loading a specific specific type of device, in the second one we talk about universal devices, capable of recharging any type of battery.

You have to be careful because some brands like Sony require for an optimal result to use only and exclusively the charger of your brand, it is good not to joke in these cases and to follow the directives of the parent company, if you do not want to risk above all one warranty invalidation ahead of time.

These consist of an internal compartment, usually of 4 or 8 slots, in which the batteries can be housed and recharged via a direct connection to the electrical outlet.

The Best Chargers

Amazon Basics charger

AmazonBasics – Battery charger with USB port for AA and AAA Ni-MH batteries

The charger is fundamental in the performance of our batteries, and in this case we are faced with one of the best devices on the market, optimal if you want to support it with Amazon batteries of any type.

It can charge up to 4 batteries simultaneously in about 4 hours, a really bad time.

It can also be connected via the convenient side USB port and is compatible not only with amazon batteries but also with most AA or AAA on the market.

Technoline battery charger

This Technoline is undoubtedly one of the best chargers available this year.

It has very interesting features at a super affordable price. It allows you to charge up to a maximum of 3000 mAH with an input voltage of 100 to 240 vac.

It is very small, which makes it very adaptable to any type of domestic space, it also probably has the greatest compatibility at the moment on the market for devices of this kind, allowing a combination with most battery models.

Varta battery charger – the Top

Varta Multi LCD Charger for 8 AA / AAA Batteries

The best charger on the market in 2018, without a doubt.

It even has a very comfortable LED backlit LCD display that allows you to monitor charge times, status and other useful information at a glance.
For those who are serious when it comes to rechargeable batteries.

It has a very large capacity, superior to similar products, it can in fact recharge up to 8 batteries at the same time, while recharging times are those standard ones. (4 hours)

One of the safest products on the market at the moment, it has a safety timer and a short-circuit protection, without forgetting the fundamental function of identifying alkaline batteries, to avoid setting the device in the wrong way and in this way blowing up our batteries in case they are alkaline.

Despite the advanced features the price is accessible to anyone.


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