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I’m Dario.

You too, like me, have always dreamed of a bell that could be placed anywhere without wires?

From now on this dream is reality. Look here!

Today I want to present to all of you the guide to the best wireless bells currently on the market.

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The wireless bell guide

A wireless doorbell is not a simple substitute for a normal doorbell, you need to imagine it as an upgrade, a later version, full of features that can make life for sure easier and happier.

A typical use of the wireless bell is in fact the one like help for disabled or elderly, positioned near the bed or next to the toilets, it can act as a call system on the model of the hospital one and warn people in case of danger or necessity.

The same applies to children, who may need help at any time of the day, especially if they are small, in which case it would be enough to teach them that that particular « call mom and dad » button and you could definitely live more quietly.

In this guide we will examine all the latest models of wireless bells and we will try to understand with the help of reviews and opinions which is the best model for our needs, without obviously losing sight of the price, looking for the most convenient device. .

Well, let’s get started.

The 5 Best 2019 Wireless Wireless Bells, reviews

1. BTicino 393005N, Italian pride

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best 2019 Wireless Bells? (Fantastic)

– Easy to install
– Very pleasant ringtones
– Extremely resistant construction material

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best 2019 Wireless Bells? (Fantastic)

– Sometimes you need to press several times to make the bell ring

The BTicino Kit, a very famous Italian company, appears simple and functional, excellent for those who want to enter the world of wireless bells from the front door without sacrificing quality but spending little. Let’s go together to see the features of this interesting product.

The price is slightly higher than the other models on this list, but there is a reason, in fact the BTicino bell is built with a superior material that guarantees its operation even in extreme conditions. Excellent therefore used for outdoor use.

The roof leaves something to be desired, it is not suitable for very large rooms as it can only reach 100 meters, a distance that can be quite enough in most living environments.

The configurable ringtones are as many as 36, very musical and pleasing that will surely satisfy the tastes of a very large audience.

The volume is adjustable as always and so you can choose an audible intensity but that does not disturb inside the house. To accompany the sound there is then the acoustic signaling there is the luminous signaling, ideal for people without the gift of sight.

The installation is very easy and inside the box there are handy instructions directly in Italian, while all the other bells in this guide are unfortunately lacking. This is excellent for those who do not chew a lot of English or other foreign languages ​​and want to be sure of proceeding step by step correctly even during the simple installation steps.

2. Tecknet, the economic alternative

TECKNET Wireless Doorbell, Waterproof Wireless Doorbell ...

TECKNET Wireless Doorbell, Waterproof Wireless Doorbell …

  • Digital Code System: When the bell is pressed, a radio signal is sent to the receiver. With different codes on the same frequency, you no longer have to worry about possible interference with your neighbors’ devices.
  • The distance between transmitter and receiver is up to 300 meters! Enough radio range to install the wireless bell anywhere in the house, making sure you don’t miss any visitors or packages.
πŸ₯‡ 5 Best 2019 Wireless Bells? (Fantastic)

– Excellent range for the price
– Low price

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best 2019 Wireless Bells? (Fantastic)

– If there is no current, the bell must be reset

A bell with good performance, the maximum level of ringing is suitable even in extremely noisy environments, so if you have to install it in a factory or in a busy office this is your best choice.

The flow rate is medium, but allows multi-level configurations without problems. Unfortunately, the transmitter is not well insulated from atmospheric agents so if you want to use it outside it will be better to have a suitable protection.

This model is one of the most sold on amazon and there will be a reason, the TeckNet is perfect to satisfy any type of requirement, even of the user with greater demands and needs.

The cost is extremely competitive, unfortunately the impermeability is lower than that of similar models, if you live in difficult climates it will be better to avoid the purchase and opt for something safer.

Nevertheless, it can be safely placed outside if you do not live in the high mountains for example.

The supplied screws allow you to assemble it with ease in the twinkling of an eye while for the less experienced there is always the double-sided tape that allows a more elementary but not less functional assembly.

The range as always varies according to the obstacles between the receiver base and the bell, but after several tests carried out here in the pros we could verify that this is one of the best bells in terms of remote reception.

There are as many as 32 ring tones available to choose from, a little less than other bells, but the quality is very high and I’m sure you’ll find the one that will satisfy you the most. The flashing light is activated at the same time as the ringer, an excellent function if you have deaf people at home.

The volume allows you to choose the desired level and adjust it according to the reference user.

It is one of the cheapest products but not the least performing. A great alternative if you want to start looking at this world but you’re still not sure what kind of bell you need to buy. It is an excellent first bell to begin to get an idea and then eventually turn towards an upgrade in the future.

Highly recommended.

3. KooPower, model that needs no battery to work

KooPower Wireless Doorbell Requires No Battery, Volume ...

KooPower Wireless Doorbell Requires No Battery, Volume …

  • EASY TO INSTALL Mount the IP44 transmitting bell outside the door, using a double-sided adhesive tape or screws, and install the receiver in any socket. No batteries or wires are required.
  • UNIVERSAL WIRELESS BELL White design is combined with all environments, both traditional and modern homes. You can choose between 58 different sounds and 4 volume levels (50-80db), from the traditional doorbell to classical music.
πŸ₯‡ 5 Best 2019 Wireless Bells? (Fantastic)

– No batteries needed to function

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best 2019 Wireless Bells? (Fantastic)

– Range not exceptional

For those looking for a great model that does not need a battery, this KooPower is the one that will do the job for you.

In fact, in this case the power supply will be pulled out of the kinetic energy used by the finger itself which presses the bell button.

An excellent alternative for those who don’t want to have the trouble of having to replace the battery every time.

The sound of the various ringtones is excellent and bright, the connection and the setting are very easy.

4. VicTsing HHM001WEU-vit, my favorite

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best 2019 Wireless Bells? (Fantastic)

– Ideal for outdoor use
– Easy to install

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best 2019 Wireless Bells? (Fantastic)

VicTsing has come to the market with an excellent product that could potentially satisfy even the most demanding end users.

The classification is IP55, which guarantees protection against objects, large splashes of water and dust of all kinds, making it safe to install even in very difficult external situations.

Even the resistance to high or low temperatures is remarkable and impressive, ranging from -30 Β° C up to 70 Β° C, a very wide range to guarantee 100% use, whether they are very cold winters, certainly if you live in Siberia you will need an even more powerful model :), than very hot summers.

The 70 degrees should obviously not be considered as coming from the outside, in fact no place in the world reaches these temperatures, but there is never to be underestimated the possibility that our device installed outside can be heated internally after several hours spent in hot weather .

Operation is extremely easy, just connect the small transmitter with a futuristic design to the power socket and press the central button on the remote control to start flashing and sound.

The kit with which it is sold is also complete with accessories for fixing to the wall, but if you are not familiar with bricolage, simply glue it with the very comfortable double-sided adhesive tape inside the box.

This VicTsing doorbell can operate up to a good 300 meters, which makes it excellent for even very large housing situations, such as small multi-storey houses.

The 300 meters must be considered outdoors, there is not to forget a very important fact, namely that this size decreases significantly if there are obstacles between the receiver and the bell button that sends the signal from time to time.

This model has 52 different ringtones to identify and configure the preferred one, even the volume is adaptable to your needs, it is obvious that if we are in a very noisy home environment it will be better to opt for a high volume, in contrast if you live in a quiet context and you are very close to the receiver better to choose a smaller volume to prevent this disturbing every time the bell is sounded.

5. Avantek DT62_3, one of the best on the market

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best 2019 Wireless Bells? (Fantastic)

– Excellent reception
– Equipped with several additional functions

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best 2019 Wireless Bells? (Fantastic)

– The bell button does not satisfy some to the touch

The Avantek is one of the most advanced and futuristic wireless bell systems currently on the market.

Let’s find out why together.

It can be attached with adhesive tape directly anywhere you want, without the need for complicated installations.

The melodies available to choose from are as many as 48, the volume is considerable and can be used even in very noisy environments.

The sound will last about 10 seconds before fading and a blue LED light will accompany it for the duration of the warning.

An affordable cost despite the advanced features.

To install it, simply plug the receiver into the socket and place the transmitter outside.

The range of action is 200 meters.

It can also be installed by those who are not particularly familiar with devices of this type.

The strengths of this doorbell are undoubtedly the innovative design that distinguishes it from all the other bells, in fact it is the ideal option for those who want to make a good impression with an avant-garde object.

Portability is another jewel in the crown of this object.

The volume of the sound is sometimes not exceptional, so if you live in very noisy living or working contexts and intend to use this bell to receive several calls, better think about it and maybe focus on some model with more decibels.

It is also possible to place different sound repeaters in different parts of the house so as to remedy this low volume problem and have a warning wherever we are.

Thanks to this device it will be possible to avoid burdensome jobs to install old model flush bells, in fact it can be positioned in any place we want, inside or outside the house.

Among the available ringtones also a very captivating repertoire of vintage melodies.

Certainly a product that tries to detach itself from others showing points of originality, for those who want to be different without giving up performance.


How do wireless bells work?

Wireless bells are very simple bells that do not need to interface with the electrical network, which makes them very flexible, for example where they are positioned where the normal bells would never arrive and be used in creative and useful solutions.

Another great use of this type of device is in fact that of support for the elderly and the sick, as a sort of life-saving bell.

Nowadays, technological progress has allowed this type of bell to become endowed with incredible functionality and also to be real design components that integrate perfectly outside or inside our homes.

The new wireless bells have a competitive price and are quite simple, if we have to consider the structure that composes them, in fact they are completely based on a receiving base and a transmitter.

This is usually positioned outside, for example near a door or gate, but it can obviously also be used indoors, no one forbids it, indeed when it is exploited for its life-saving peculiarities it is good to place it near elderly or sick inside the house itself.

In order to always work in spite of atmospheric agents and possible external traumas, wireless bells are built with very resistant and waterproof materials.

Usually they are connected to a support installed on the wall by means of screws or a simple double-sided adhesive tape in case you want to avoid piercing the wall, and the power supply comes from a very simple replaceable battery, you will know well that this way it bypasses the need to connect the bell to the mains, avoiding tangles of cables, annoying anti-aesthetic channels around the house, etc.

The receiver is obviously positioned inside the house, this one powered directly by the central electric system with 220 volt current, so this element must be installed by force of things next to an electric socket.

The fact that only the receiver requires to be connected to the electrical system of the home makes the overall installation of the system very easy compared to the traditional one of a bell with wires, even if obviously the cost of the wireless one is necessarily higher, on balance if you calculate the price of the installation that you would normally have to add, you will end up on a par. A device without a shadow of a doubt futuristic and convenient, for home automation solutions.

The most advanced models can reach an operating range of up to four hundred meters, which obviously allows their use in any type of building, even for industrial applications, let us imagine, for example, inside factories.

Many models require the use of completely personalized ringtones via USB connection. Simply connect the device once to configure it to your home computer or laptop to be able to insert your own song or a favorite sound to listen to every single time someone decides to play our bell, a really nice solution that will satisfy the tastes of all.

Other models have motion sensors that can intelligently reveal the presence of people in the surroundings and light up or start playing. Which makes them an interesting double-edged weapon, a Swiss army knife for home automation that can also be used for security, or to check that their little ones don’t come close to dangerous areas of the house, for example during the night when we’re not on alert for control them.

There is also the possibility for more advanced models to use a convenient connected video camera that has infrared night vision, a technology directly borrowed from the military world.

Wireless bells with more features can also be controlled remotely via Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. In this way it will be possible to live like inside a futuristic film, in fact every time someone will play at our bell will be available at a distance the video and the audio of what is happening at that precise moment in that area.

The first factor to consider when you are buying a wireless doorbell is its range, measurable in meters, to be chosen always higher than the actual one to sleep quiet dreams and to prevent radio or electrical interference from disturbing its functioning.

Let me explain better, by purchasing an electric bell with a 100-meter range indicated on the package, if we were to install it at 90 meters, we should expect in some rare conditions such as in the case of very severe weather or the random presence of many devices at the same time that can cause interference, this flow would hypothetically reduce, thus making the connection between receiver and bell impossible.

The external pushbutton panel must also include enough pushbuttons if the doorbell is to be used in multi-residential contexts, for example we think of terraced houses or large apartment buildings. A button must be provided for each tenant or apartment.

It is essential, not to forget, to check that the receivers can be associated with each other, and there must be enough.

The basic principle of operation can be easily learned and understood by all.

The parameters that distinguish one particular kit from another are certainly:

  • the maximum operating distance, to be always considered in relation to the presence or absence of interference fields within our structure.
  • The operation of the transmitter that in some cases must be connected to the electric socket and in others simply works through a removable battery.
  • The protection of the bell from wear agents such as dust and water, essential if you plan to install it outside in very rainy contexts or even where there is often snow, without any protection around the device.
  • The range in open field is instead the maximum distance at which transmitter and receiver communicate without the presence of intermediate obstacles.

In the case in which you want to install a wireless bell in a multi-storey house or with a large area, it is always better to orientate your purchase towards devices and models that indicate a far greater range than the one we need, even twice or even triple to be on the safe side.

It is important to check what type of power supply the bell transmitter transmitting station will use.

Some models are battery-powered only, with the passing of months it will be necessary to replace this one, which for some might be a bit uncomfortable, other systems are incredibly able instead to exploit the kinetic energy of the finger to send the signal to the receiving control unit , which makes them totally independent from any type of power supply, they will feed themselves in this case.

What is certain is that cordless bells will have a greater range, they are indicated if they are to cover much greater distances, while those without a battery are advisable in small housing situations, in which there are frequent bell pressures but the distance with the receiver is reduced to the minimum terms.

In case you decide, and it is a standard situation, to place the bell outside you will have to take into account the fact that this will face atmospheric agents such as wind, rain, fog, humidity and snow, or even worse, the penetration of powders.

To safeguard its functioning over time there is also a need to take a look on the packaging at the temperature variation that the button can withstand without problems. If you live in areas of Italy that are very hot or very cold, you will need to buy a device that will tolerate even very large swings. Keep in mind that when the sun hits heavily all day on an object it can raise its internal temperature up to incredible and unpredictable figures.

It is clear and obvious that all devices that are labeled for outdoor use can easily be used without paranoia even inside the home, while the opposite is not valid. Never use indoor designed bells outdoors.

An excellent wireless doorbell should never fall below an operating distance of one hundred meters. Some models even reach 500 meters.

The manufacturing companies obviously tend to exaggerate, as these are values ​​guaranteed and tested in the open-air laboratory, in the absence of interference and obstacles, but it is clear that this kind of condition practically never occurs in a daily civil use.

The degree of impermeability is instead indicated with the abbreviation IP followed by two comfortable numbers, the first will indicate the degree of protection from solid objects, the second from humidity. A bell with a protection rating of IP55 will prevent the penetration of solid objects greater than 2mm and large splashes of water if necessary.

A model with classification on the IP66 box will finally have a superior type of protection, resistant even to any dust that could creep inside while we do not notice it and compromise its functioning forever, thus forcing us to throw it away.

Also in this case the protection against water would be superior, allowing the bell to survive not only in the case of weak sprays but also very strong jets of water. If obviously the bell has to be installed without protection around it is good to make sure that these two numbers that accompany the P are decidedly high to avoid having to replace the device ahead of time.

The most performing models will undoubtedly be those that can withstand both extreme temperatures and numerous dusts and powerful amounts of water, in this way they are guaranteed to work perfectly both in extremely extreme cold temperatures and during the hot weather. Every situation must be considered in detail.

Wireless bells with 100% functionality obviously also have a double signaling system, both light and sound.

The selectable ringtones will obviously be different preset, some companies tend to install more pleasant sounds and melodies, while others still have not been able to understand that the psychological choice of a sound that is listened to so many times during the day is important and therefore they are not adequate by equipping their models with pleasant human sounds.

The visual signal is optimal for the deaf or for those who are not very good at hearing, in this case the device will flash, going to reinforce the acoustic signal with an optic.

This type of device can be used without problems even inside homes to safeguard the life of a sick or elderly person who can solicit help with the push of a button.

There is a reason why wireless bells are so much sold, and this is certainly not only their affordable price, the reason in question is their extreme ease of assembly and configuration.

There is no need for technicians to come home or to set up complicated DIY and DIY situations, even a child would be able to set up a wireless bell system, let alone!

Inside the package there must always be an intuitive assembly kit to facilitate the immediate use of the bell, it is good to have a look before buying to check that there is also a double-sided adhesive tape which otherwise would have to be purchased separately especially if you don’t want to pierce the wall with classic screws.

Can it be used for the elderly?

Many wonder if wireless bells can be used for the elderly and the needy. The answer is without a doubt: yes.

Since this type of technology is extremely easy they are not to be installed but also to be used. The buttons are large enough to be pressed even by people with very serious vision or mental problems.

There is absolutely no need to worry, if you live at home with elderly or sick wireless bells will be the solution that will do for you.

In conclusion

I hope this guide has been helpful.

The world of home automation and technological innovation dedicated to the home is full of offers and companies that introduce new products every day, it is not always easy to disentangle in this jungle.

Pro Contro wants to help you make your home a perfect, more comfortable and happy place.

See you from your Dario.


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