🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019) –

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019) –

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I’m Antonella.

Have you ever wondered how to properly measure pressure? Well, this video is just for you!

I have my father with heart disease, and it happens that he often has pressure fluctuations.

We are in the family very apprehensive and each time we make sure that his pressure remains within the limit values ​​is essential to breathe a sigh of relief.

It is convenient to have a meter in your home to monitor your blood pressure levels and eventually take medicines (if the doctor considers it appropriate).

Today I want to help you choose the best pressure gauge on the market in 2019.

Follow me in this definitive guide or click here to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST PRESSURE MEASUREMENTS.

The guide to pressure gauges

It has happened to you many times to ask you if the devices you have are actually reliable to control your arterial blood pressure.

A sphygmomanometer can always be convenient, especially if you live with elderly or people who may have sudden pressure changes, but in general it is now an indispensable tool in modern homes, it is cheap and is an investment in the health of the whole family.

In any case we encourage you to always prefer a personal medical examination with respect to self-diagnosis, the estimation of your own pressure data must in no way replace the doctor’s opinion.

What are the normal pressure values?

Here are the normal values ​​for blood pressure provided by the WHO (World Health Organization).

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)
Diastolic Systolic Judgment

How to correctly measure the pressure?

There are also rules for obtaining an ideal measurement and not affecting it with external factors.

Preferring the arm models, since wrist and finger models are very unreliable, they often provide completely unbalanced results that go to constitute a huge counter on the scale, which makes it absolutely irrelevant that they are faster and more comfortable, given that the reading most of the time will be useless.

  • Do not drink coffee before taking the measurement
  • Always position the band on the left arm
  • Make sure that it manages to adhere perfectly to the surface of the biceps without being too tight or too loose
  • If you suffer from hypertension and are on medication, the best time to take the measurement is in the morning or generally before taking the drugs
  • Better to avoid drinking alcohol or smoking half an hour before the measurement
  • Sit in total tranquility and serenity for at least five minutes
  • Always hold the arm at the level of the heart throughout the measurement.
  • Follow the instructions of the purchased instrument well. Repeat the measurement twice to make sure it is correct
  • If the reading is very high there is no need to worry, before alarming it is better to try the measurement again after a few minutes, so as to try to relax as much as possible before.
  • If you suffer from some pathology that requires constant pressure checks, it is better to keep a notebook on which to carefully read and measure the time.
  • It is clear that there can be many factors contributing to slightly altering the pressure value, when you wake up in the morning this is always a little lower than in the afternoon or evening.
  • There is also an increase after meals, and can be heavily influenced by emotions experienced during the day, especially anger and euphoria.

What time is better to measure the pressure?

The best time recommended is in the morning, to evaluate the effect of the therapy in progress, before proceeding to a possible intake of new drugs.

If you suffer from particular pathologies or are following specific treatments, refer to the instructions of your doctor.

The best 2019 blood pressure monitors, reviews

1. Omron M6 Comfort IT, the one I use at home

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Very large digital display
– Very easy to use
– Accurate

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Difficulty in downloading data on the PC

Omron is probably the most renowned brand when it comes to pressure gauges, and this is definitely one of the leading products, it was recommended to me by a medical friend and I am very happy with this purchase.

The strong point of this meter is without a doubt its comfort on the arm, in fact my father found the previous model we had very uncomfortable, and for this reason it was sometimes hard to convince him to measure the pressure, but with this it does not seem to become problems anymore .

The Omron HEM-7322U-E M6 Comfort IT is an arm-mounted electronic meter, is equipped with a latest generation bracelet with INTELLI WRAP technology, this is essential to ensure remarkable comfort and there is also a sensor on which it allows to understand immediately if it is badly placed and need to be adjusted to allow a correct measurement.

The M6 ​​Comfort IT consists of a semi-rigid bracelet that adapts to large arms with circumferences between 22 and 42 cm, I recommend you measure them before making the final purchase to be sure that there is a comfort and total compatibility with your body.

The action of inflation and deflation as I told you is very fast and very delicate, in fact my father, now sadly endowed with thin and sick arms, has stopped complaining when he has to measure his pressure.

There is the very convenient possibility of measuring the readings for as many as 2 different users up to 100 overall measurements, a nice number that will allow to keep under control even in the long term and to correctly monitor the patient’s health over time.

It is also possible sometimes to calculate an average of all the measurements taken in a given period, this is a function that I personally like to use often.

The Omron M6 Comfort IT is based on Intellisense technology that warns if there is excessive body movement or irregular heart beats.

The inflation takes place totally automatically, not like in the analog meters in which you have to use the pump by hand.

This Omron M6 Comfort has given me a lot of satisfaction, in fact it is very simple to use and has a very large display easily readable even by people who do not have a perfect view. There is a unique and very convenient start button to immediately start measuring the pressure without frills.

If the values ​​are normal, the indicator will light up green, otherwise orange if these are higher than the standard ones, it is clear that in this case you should not worry but first repeat the measurement and then contact the doctor who will advise you.

Another superlative function is to be able to download all the data detected through the Bi-Link platform directly on your computer.

2. Laica BM2301W, great value for money

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Excellent value for money

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Not very calibrated reading
– Connector not of great quality

Laica is also an excellent brand very famous for its pressure gauges, and this is perhaps its flagship product for home use.

A very resistant digital sphygmomanometer, with a simple bracelet to wear even for those who are at the very first weapons with this type of technology.

There is a convenient design that indicates how to wear it correctly to avoid making mistakes and therefore risk compromising the measurement.

Very easy to use, requires no special skills.

In the package there is no case, so there is a need to obtain a piece of data that is a delicate object that needs to be kept with the right care and attention.

It also measures the heart rate and provides an indicative assessment of your blood pressure values ​​(optimal, acceptable, high and low pressure).

We must rely on the average values ​​to have a reliable measurement, since this sometimes tends to fluctuate a little, but don’t worry not much, it remains a great product considering the price at which it is sold.

The connector that connects to the arm is made of material that is perhaps not too strong.

This Laica BM2301W is a good product to recommend to those who do not intend to make constant use and do not need extreme precision.

3. Beurer Sanitas SBM 21, detects arrhythmias

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Very quick to measure
– Arrhythmia detection

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– The clock does not set

The strong point of this Sanitas SBM 21 meter from Beurer is its low invasiveness, in fact it operates in a very discreet way without being uncomfortable on the arm.

You can store hundreds of measurements and monitor the actual progress of the measurements over time, convenient for those who are under care for example and need to realize the evolution of the effect of the drugs they take.

The pride of this product is undoubtedly the arrhythmia detector that warns by emitting a sound in the event of abnormalities in the heartbeat.

The Beurer Sanitas SBM 21 stores up to 4 users at the same time, so it’s great for large families where everyone needs to be monitored without losing a beat.

The instrument is capable of showing the average of the last 3 stored measurements.

4. Microlife A6 PC, detects atrial fibrillation

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Atrial fibrillation detection
– Comfort bracelet

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

Here is a meter that has an interesting additional function, in fact this Microlife A6 PC is also capable of detecting atrial fibrillation, which is essential for preventing strokes.

It has a very comfortable and easy to wear bracelet, great for arms between 22 and 42 centimeters.

The A6 PC uses Gentle + technology for a measurement as the name suggests is much more comfortable than common meters.

Perform 3 measurements in a row and then calculate the average to always give a very accurate and precise result.

The display also indicates the movements of the arm, clock and calendar.

5. Omron M7, precise and for large arms


OMRON M7 Intelli IT Arm Pressure Meter, ...

OMRON M7 Intelli IT Arm Pressure Meter, …

  • Bracelet with Intelli Wrap Cuff technology (22-42 cm) for precise measurement anywhere on the arm
  • Omron Connect app for iPhone / Android (Bluetooth): Allows you to store and track measurements on your smartphone
🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Convenient
– Accurate measurement

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Instructions in English only

One of the most precise meters in circulation, the Omron M10-IT, is no longer available but a newer version is on the market, namely the Omron M7, which is also a guarantee of reliability across the board.

The quality of construction is impeccable, both the base and the bracelet in fact are built to guarantee a great yield over time, it is therefore an excellent product for those who intend to make daily and constant use.

Other models would easily wear out, but the Omrom M7 does not.

Also designed to accommodate large diameter arms.

The monitor is very large and easily readable, as Omron has always accustomed us to.

Readings of up to two users can be recorded.

Data is easily recorded on the PC to obtain in-depth statistics on one’s health, to be eventually sent to one’s specialist to have them viewed.

It is clear that this analysis of data must in no way replace the medical examination in person that we remember to be the most effective and correct method to keep one’s health under control.

There is also an indicator of pulse abnormalities.

Automatic measurement mode, a measurement is performed after detecting 3 at a distance of a time interval that can be set, this in order to improve the accuracy.

It works with stylus batteries and can be used almost anywhere, perfect for those who travel and therefore always need to keep an eye on their own pressure.

The transformer for operation on the electrical network is purchased separately.

The Omron M7 meter has 100 memories with date and time for each of the two users, it also has a comfort bracelet with Sigma Shape technology, which ensures greater stability and comfort in the measurement. The bracelet is semi-rigid and is suitable for arms from 22 to 42 cm.

6. Beurer BM 58 with touch screen and very large characters

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)
🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Software a bit difficult to use for the less experienced

Here is a meter equipped with a touch screen, for those who are always looking for the latest state-of-the-art devices. Fully automatic and very easy to use, it can measure both blood pressure and pulse.

The touch screen allows you to view the values ​​based on the OMS parameters, the date and time.

Each value is stored with date and time to keep the flow of its evolutions under control and the average of the last 7 measurements can be set.

The bracelet can be used for arms with a variable circumference between 22 and 30 cm, it is very soft and pleasant to wear.

7. Omron M2, the most minimal and simple

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Simple and minimal

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Stores few results

The Omron M2 upper arm blood pressure monitor is a very easy to use meter, just insert the band around the arm and press the start button, the inflation and deflation take place completely automatically.

The meter is equipped with a multilingual manual and a case to hold the meter, in the package are also included four stylus batteries.

The Omron M2 meter works with a single button and stores the last measurement made.

Click here for our full review.

8. Duronic BPM 150, large storage

Duronic BPM150 Upper arm blood pressure monitor ...

Duronic BPM150 Upper arm blood pressure monitor …

  • The Duronic automatic arm blood pressure monitor is designed to be extremely portable. The easy-fit bracelet has been designed to guarantee comfort and correct and precise use of the appliance. The large « Easy Read » LCD display gives digital readings on pressure readings, with a memory that allows you to save and store the readings. The blood pressure meter is equipped with an arrhythmia detector, which detects and reports abnormalities in heart rhythm.
  • The Duronic blood pressure meter is a light and simple device to use. It has an easy to read LCD display, which clearly shows the results in very large characters. The « one-touch » technology allows the sphygmomanometer to be used very easily. If you want to record the readings so you can keep track of your blood pressure, this device will help you with a memory of up to 60 detections.
🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)
🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Instructions in foreign languages ​​only

Here is another major brand of pressure meters, Duronic introduces this BPM 150 to the market, an automated meter down to the smallest detail, with a very comfortable bracelet.

Very light, easy to use for everyone, the display is very large and can store up to 60 readings per user. A significant number, there is not what to say, in this way you can keep track of the evolution of your possible pathology and run for cover in case you need it.

The reading is completely automatic, there is nothing to pay attention to in practice, a great job for Duronic that tries to guarantee maximum performance even for novice users who do not want to learn complicated procedures before proceeding with the measurement of pressure.

The strap inside the box is used to adapt to any type of forearm to facilitate measurements even on very large or very small arms.

9. SIMBR Wrist Pressure Meter

SIMBR Digital Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use ...

SIMBR Digital Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use …

  • PRECISE MEASURES: Innovative blood pressure meter approved by the FDA and certified by the EC. Voltage range: 30-280 mmHg / 0 kpa – 39.9 kPa, with an accuracy of ± 3 mmHg / ± 0.4 kpa. Pulse margin: 40-199 beats per minute, with an accuracy of ± 5%.
  • MEMORY: there are 180 storage places, 90 places each for 2 users. Each tensiometer is memorized correctly together with the date and time. The average data of the last 3 measurements can be calculated.
🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– The low price

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Reading not very reliable at times

Although we believe that the wrist blood pressure monitors are not as reliable as those of the arm in agreement with the entire drafting of Pro Contro we have decided to also present a different product, to offer an alternative, given that we do not intend in any way to be biased but only to offer our direct experience.

Well the SIMBR is probably the best wrist blood pressure monitor currently on the market.

You are probably wondering what makes it superior to all the others, well let’s go and see its main features together in this brief review.

First we start from the defects, I would like to emphasize that the SIMBR lacks an indicator of correct position to remind us that reading risks not taking place in the most correct way, so we will have to take the care to regulate it perfectly to obtain a result that is more get closer to the real one.

It is very easy to use at the end, it is necessary to follow to the letter all the indications and the images shown on the manual enclosed inside the package.

It is possible to adjust the date and time, and there are two user profiles that can be set to diversify the storage of the measurements.

Obviously the measurements run the risk of being inaccurate, so if you are a cardiopath or a serious patient it is better to rely on a digital sphygmomanometer a little more expensive but certainly more reliable, if you do not suffer from serious pathologies and maybe you are just curious to know the evolution of your blood pressure over the days this is a great product to keep in mind. If you learn to use it in fact the measurements will not differ much from those of a professional analog meter.

It is used with two mini-batteries. There is a convenient case inside the box in which it is sold that allows you to store it comfortably and not expose it to scratches or breakages.

10. MeasurPro BPM-50W, the most portable

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Small travel
– Large display

🥇 9 Best Precise Blood Pressure Meters (Guide 2019)

– Slightly slow measurements

What is striking about the MeasurPro is its elegant and innovative design that never fails to amaze those used to classic meters. Even the considerable dimensions, and adapt to the needs of those who are always traveling and need to keep their pressure under control.

It has a color display and the sensor to detect the heartbeat in any circumstance.

The peculiarity of this instrument is that it can measure blood pressure with a single reading, comfortable, isn’t it? Cross-reference the data with that of the pulse beats, to have a reliable and complete result, excellent for monitoring any type of patient.

It can also store up to 120 measurements, a real convenience, there will be no need to use paper and pen every time to take account of its results, the machine will think about it automatically.

Each registered user can save up to 60 results.

Furthermore the MeasurPro BPM-50W calculates the average of the last three measurements.

The display is splendid, one of the best on the market, very large and backlit, in order to be able to visualize systolic and diastolic levels, a colorful graphic is used to get a direct and comprehensive view of all our vital levels.

Very fast and silent.

Furthermore, its manageability and small size make it a great travel meter or simply great to be transported from one place to another, for those who need measurements « on the fly » and cannot carry bulky equipment.

The MeasurPro has thought of everything, in fact its product can be connected to the PC via wifi to be able to store and transfer all the data that it will have diligently preserved over time.

Inside the package there is a convenient carrying case.

One of the notable cons is that the measurements do not take place as easily as some of its competitors, so it will be necessary to have a little patience to obtain a reliable and concrete result.

What is a blood pressure monitor?

Pressure gauges are also called sphygmomanometers in technical jargon they are used to monitor the blood pressure circulating in our body, thus calculating the strength of the blood in the heart, or where the pressure is highest.

I’m precious allies for our health, since they allow to constantly keep the blood pressure under control and in this way to have a clearer monitoring of what happens inside our body, allowing the doctor to elaborate an effective cure and verify that this is doing its job in the time.

We Italians suffer more and more from hypertension, this is a very dangerous pathology not to be underestimated, although a simple tendency of our heart to have high levels of pressure appears at the beginning, in the long run it can cause very serious pathologies such as strokes and heart attacks.

It is therefore very important to keep all our precious vital parameters under control, and one above all that of blood pressure.

However, there is not always time to go to the pharmacy for a measurement, or even be forced each time to go to your doctor.

It is therefore mandatory to purchase a pressure meter that will allow us to stay calm at home and to be able to check our vital parameters even at particular times of the day, such as in the morning as soon as we wake up or just before going to sleep.

It is clear that you cannot choose an ordinary meter, it is necessary to check that this fits perfectly with our needs, for example that it is suitable for the circumference of our arm or our wrist.

The EHS certification is also very important, given by the European Society of Hypertension, which is not present on Chinese production models, therefore in itself a first quality factor to consider.

Are electronic blood pressure monitors reliable?

Many people wonder if measurements using electronic sphygmomanometers are actually reliable.

Doctors love to repeat how important it is for those suffering from hypertension to keep their blood pressure parameters under control, even if they are far from care facilities.

It is therefore essential to have an excellent meter at home, and it is also essential that this is as precise as possible, given that we are dealing with something as important as our health.

With a very paltry expense you can stay safe and sleep soundly.
The pressure changes during the various phases of the day, keeping it constantly in check you can receive an extra motivation to acquire good healthy practices.

By providing your doctor with the data on the evolution of your vital signs, you can also have a more effective diagnosis and in this way the drugs can be calibrated to perfection, saving a lot on personal health expenditure.

However, one wonders if these data provided by digital meters are actually reliable, let’s find out together.

The digital sphygmomanometers have made great strides in recent years, coming to guarantee a quality of measurement that is always better and more precise.

But sometimes the accuracy of these can be a bit fallacious, and must be taken with pliers. Absolute measurement indeed happens to be quite different in some patients.

It is always necessary to refer to the doctor who takes care of us, especially if we suffer from cardiovascular diseases, only he will be able to advise us and reassure us about the correct use of these instruments.

What is certain is that in many cases these devices are accurate, and there is no need to worry if you receive the go-ahead from an expert, otherwise it is better not to improvise yourself and try self-care, always remember what it is Important advice from a specialist when dealing with physical health issues.

Sometimes the devices can be inaccurate, for example providing incorrect readings of as much as 20 mm Hg, you can let yourself be fooled by the digital display, which sometimes leads to think that the instrument is much more accurate than it actually is in the reality.

The minimum pressure can be altered above all, but often happens also with the diastolic one.

This does not mean that measuring pressure at home with a digital device is useless or harmful, indeed. Thanks to these modern tools you can always keep an eye on your blood pressure and make sure that it remains within set values.

It is clear that it is better not to regard the values ​​that are revealed at face value, in no case should they be considered absolute and definitive. Thanks to continuous monitoring of your vital data, you can provide your doctor with excellent data to work with to interact in synergy and find the right treatment for your needs.

We advise you to check the calibration of your home meter in the company of your doctor, so you can be sure of its accuracy or the « error range » in which it operates, and adjust accordingly.

Your doctor will compare it with your professional device and check if it is actually a usable meter or not without any worries.
It could happen that the measurement gap between the two instruments is always the same, in this case it will be enough to subtract or add the difference figure to obtain a very reliable home measurement.

However, it happens that over time these devices tend to lose their synchronization, so it is better to annually re-calibrate to be sure that everything is ok and that there are no dangerous changes that could lead to erroneous measurements.

Another technique that is often used is to combine the measurement of two different instruments, so as to carry out two checks a short time one from the other and create an average between the two different values ​​provided by them.

How to choose and use a sphygmomanometer?

When you buy a pressure measuring device, you often don’t know the functions to keep an eye on to choose the one that best suits your needs and allows us to use them optimally.

The aneroid sphygmomanometer remains the most reliable, but the best digital cameras now have a technology that can easily match traditional models and in many cases surpass them in terms of useful additional functions.
Not all meters are in fact the same, there can be many different features in more or less that affect the way we are going to use it, and can improve or worsen our experience as appropriate.

For those who want the most out of their blood pressure meter, we first need to take into consideration which functions may actually be the ones that allow faster use of the instrument in question, in some cases there may also be a need to have a constant and absolutely precise monitoring of his own readings, so as to then compare himself with his doctor and decide how to continue any treatment.

It is clear that the more the instrument is equipped with options and extra features, the more we will have to pay them, but do not worry because these objects always travel in a range of fairly reasonable prices, and then you know that with health there is never a joke .

Sometimes you find yourself lost when it comes to analyzing a new category of products for the first time, that’s why Pro Contro wants to help you by providing you with a list of the features you usually encounter when you find yourself choosing between all the pressure meters. arterial on the market.

Come prima cosa è bene accertarsi che si stia acquistando un misuratore di pressione arteriosa certificato, sono in giro molti strumenti cinesi venduti senza alcun controllo, quando si tratta della propria salute meglio però non tentare nessun tipo di risparmio e ricorrere invece a dispositivi di qualità.

La sveglia permette di impostare un allarme molto interessante che aiuterà gli utilizzatori più sbadati e smemorati a ricordare come un infermiere pieno di zelo quando è il momento giusto per ripetere la misurazione della propria pressione.

E’ chiaro che una funzionalità del genere aiuta i pazienti che hanno bisogno di essere molto precisi nelle misurazioni quotidiane e non possono lasciarsene scappare nemmeno una.

Tutti sanno che nel corso della giornata i valori cambiano anche di parecchio e il nostro medico curante potrà avere bisogno dei dati necessari per avere un quadro complessivo delle nostre funzioni vitali più importanti.

L’arresto automatico permette di evitare uno spreco inutile di energia o di batterie, a seconda del modello interessato. Trascorso un tempo prestabilito alcuni modelli in commercio sono capaci di spegnersi automaticamente, una funzione di certo molto comoda.

Ci sono inoltre altri strumenti molto avanzati, soprattutto tra i top della gamma, che permetto di riconoscere se la lettura appena avvenuto sia a rischio, ovvero potenzialmente erronea, in questo caso segnalano all’utente direttamente della necessità di effettuarne una supplementare per accertarsi del risultato.

La memoria è la funzione fondamentale per tenere bene sotto controllo la propria pressione senza dover impazzire con diari e quadernetti. Grazie a questa tecnologia sarà infatti possibile monitorare la pressione sanguigna e seguirne il corso ad esempio durante tutta una settimana.

Alcuni strumenti arrivano addirittura a dedicare delle possibili memorizzazioni differenti per ciascun utente che utilizzerà il device, rendendoli così una vera e propria banca dati sanitaria per tutta la famiglia, una bellissima possibilità che aiuterà a tenere sotto controllo la salute di tutti i nostri cari.

E’ chiaro che ogni utente a sua volta potrà memorizzare più di una volta il proprio dato, a volte si arriva anche ad un numero illimitato di letture che si possono salvare nella memoria dello strumento.

E’ ovvio che va da sé il poter usufruire di questa funzione per un singolo utilizzatore.

Il modo in cui lo sfigmomanometro ci mostra i dati e la quantità di questi è sicuramente uno degli aspetti chiave da tenere in considerazione quando ci si trova a scegliere, sia nel caso che si decida di acquistare il classico modello da braccio o si decida di avventurarsi nei più moderni modelli da polso.

Infatti non tutti ci mostreranno le informazioni vitali allo stesso modo, stiamo parlando innanzitutto del battito cardiaco ma anche della pressione sanguigna, esiste però un’altra serie di dati collaterali che possono essere molto importanti.

Ovviamente non basteranno questi per ottenere una diagnosi completa del nostro livello di salute, e bisognerà sempre e comunque rivolgersi ad un medico specialista per essere sicuri di quello che si sta facendo, solo un professionista infatti potrà analizzare correttamente tutte le informazioni in nostro possesso e saprà darci una risposta sicura e concreta.

E’ chiaro che i vecchi misuratori di pressione analogici tradizionali non potevano fornire preziose informazioni che invece quelli digitali riescono molto facilmente ad esprimere e registrare.

Proprio per questo motivo infatti ciò che si rischia è essere stritolati da questo numero incredibile di informazioni supplementari che potrebbe essere difficile interpretare da soli. E’ per questo che si ritiene opportuno riferirsi sempre al parere medico.

E’ una raccomandazione che è fondamentale soprattutto nel caso in cui si tratti di persone particolarmente a rischio di determinate patologie legate alla pressione arteriosa, ma è chiaro che valgono anche per chiunque desideri tenere sotto controllo la propria salute.

L’indicatore OMS ci dice che il nostro misuratore è correttamente calibrato secondo le linee fornite dall’organizzazione mondiale della sanità, e che sia quindi

Indicatore OMS: cioè che sia validato e calibrato in base alle linee guida dell’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità e fornisca quindi informazioni mediche affidabili e veritiere.

La rivelazione dell’aritmia è quindi fondamentale per comprendere se vi sia in corso un battito irregolare o un disturbo del nostro battito, di certo una mano in più per capire in che condizioni è il nostro cuore.

Le rivelazioni anomale inoltre sono spesso indicate da alcuni misuratori di pressione, che avvisano al momento giusto se è presente o meno una anomalia.

Inoltre ci sono degli sfigmomanometri digitali che permettono di calcolare una media della pressione generale, mattutina o serale rilevate nei giorni precedenti e avere sotto controllo tramite un comodissimo e comprensibilissimo schema grafico tutte le informazioni utili.

In conclusion

E’ facile a volte essere un po’ sbadati e non provvedere correttamente all’acquisto di strumenti fondamentali per la nostra salute.

La tecnologia ha fatto passi da gigante in questi ultimi decenni e mentre prima era impossibile ed incredibile poter disporre in casa di strumenti di diagnostica tanto avanzati solitamente prerogativa di medici e ospedali, adesso questi sono all’ordine del giorno e possono essere utilizzati tranquillamente nella comodità della propria senza dover avere competenze particolari o essere pronti a sborsare fior fior di quattrini.

E’ chiaro però che questi strumenti per quanto sofisticati non potranno mai sostituire una diagnosi completa da parte del medico curante, infatti per poter valutare la salute di un paziente i valori numerici legati alla funzionalità del corpo non sono ovviamente tutto, c’è bisogno della sensibilità umana e dell’esperienza di uno specialista a cui basta a volte guardarci negli occhi per capire se c’è bisogno di eventuali approfondimenti e test ulteriori.

Per quanto la tecnologia sia evoluta infatti, non è ancora possibile effettuare a casa un check up completo del proprio corpo e ci sono migliaia di test realizzabili sono in strutture specializzate dotate di macchinari complicati e costosissimi.

Lontano è ancora il tempo in cui una macchina potrà dirci se stiamo in perfetta salute o se dobbiamo preoccuparci.

I misuratori di pressione devono essere visti per ciò che sono, ovvero dei semplici e preziosi alleati per tenere sotto controllo la nostra salute, ma è chiaro che la prevenzione deve per prima cosa passare da pratiche corrette quotidiane da incamerare e fino a che diventino parte integrante della nostra routine.

Al tempo stesso fate bene attenzione perché dei valori perfettamente nella norma mentre costituiscono certo un motivo di tranquillità non ci danno mai la certezza assoluta del nostro livello di salute generale, infatti come precedentemente chiarito non basta avere una pressione e un battito cardiaco in ordine per poter dormire sogni tranquilli, come si sa esistono patologie silenti che si manifestano solo dopo anni purtroppo ed in maniera a volte subdola e difficile da intercettare.

Ecco perché raccomandiamo oltre ai controlli casalinghi costanti sempre e comunque dei check up completi in centri specializzati e sotto indicazione del proprio medico curante, solo così si potranno prevenire le malattie più insidiose, specie se si è soggetti a rischio o in età avanzata.

Non c’è da scherzare con la propria salute dato che questa è forse la cosa più preziosa di cui disponiamo e una volta compromessa la qualità della vita diminuisce e diminuisce anche il proprio grado di felicità e serenità.

Allo stesso tempo consigliamo di non essere troppo apprensivi o ipocondriaci cercando di tenere sempre tutto sotto controllo, se si seguono le pratiche moderne di igiene e prevenzione si può dormire di sicuro tranquilli e non temere nulla.

Speriamo che questa guida vi sia stata d’aiuto e riusciate ad individuare il migliore prodotto per le vostre esigenze.

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