🥇 3 Best Tivusat Decoders 2019 (To See More Channels)

🥇 3 Best Tivusat Decoders 2019 (To See More Channels) –

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I’m Dario!

Looking for a tivusat decoder that costs little?

If you already have a television and a satellite dish, in order to access the tivusat channels you will only need to buy a cheap tivusat decoder and connect it directly to the television.

The installation procedure is extremely easy.

The dish should be oriented upwards Eutelsat 13 ° East, if you are not able to do it yourself, contact a specialized technician for this simple step.

Once the tivusat certified decoder is connected, it will only be necessary to activate the smart card included in the package.

But let’s get straight to the list of the best cheap Tivusat decoders without getting lost in talk.

Best Cheap Tivusat Decoders, Reviews and Price Reviews

1. Humax Tivumax Pro HD-6800S – Best Value for Money

This decoder can be connected to the internet without problems.

It is one of Amazon’s best-selling and best reviewed, but let’s see why together and see if it’s really the best option on the market right now.

It is authorized to use the following services:
Infinity by Mediaset, to be used only if you have access, however, to a very large internet band given its HD contents.
Mediaset on Demand.
Mediaset Weather.

Turn-on times can be a bit long but once activated you won’t have big problems.

Equipped with SCART or HDMI connection, obviously the latter to be preferred because it will guarantee a clearly superior video and audio signal.

Fast and snappy when in operation.

The supplied remote control is universal so it will also allow you to control TV and other infrared devices without problems.

Equipped with two USB ports.

The electronic guide is also very useful for always being informed about the programs.

There is the essential Time Shift Recording function to pause or record a specific program in case you want to see it again later.

It can be updated either via USB or over the air.

In the package we find decoder, remote control and universal tivusat smartcard, to be able to immediately access the schedules of tivusat networks without the problem of having to buy it separately, which happens for example with the third model presented by us in this guide.

2. Humax Tivumax Pro HD-6400S

Here is a great device very interesting directly from the Humax Tivumax.

Perfect for accessing the main tivusat services including Infinity and Mediaset On-Demand, obviously in this case there will be a need for an internet connection because they are contents that can be obtained only through network access.

Equipped with high definition and Shift Recording system to view your favorite programs later. It often happens that you are not in front of the television when you intend to watch a particular program, in that case the best option is to rely on this function and you will have the convenience of looking at and covering the contents of our favorite networks at any time.

The software update is very easy and takes place via USB or over the air.

The sound is surround and there is the Parental Control, very useful for those who have small children at home and do not want to run the risk of running into programs that are unsuitable for them.

The decoder is one of the most appreciated and sold right now, and there will be a reason.

The Tivusat card is included.

It can also record on Pen Drive, you just have to make sure that it has a capacity greater than 64GB since the HD video content normally takes up a lot of space.

The videos saved on the pen can however be viewed only on the decoder itself since it formats it in a proprietary manner before using it for storing video data.

The ignition times are a bit long, but it will be enough to leave it connected to avoid waiting problems.

In the package there is an HDMI cable to connect it directly to the latest generation televisions without losing any of the HD digital quality.

The remote control is included, very comfortable and elegant.

The Tivusat card is present in the box and should only be activated online.

As soon as it is turned on there will be a need to do the complete setup of the device, then the channel search will start, the latter does not require much time and takes place automatically unlike other models that require a completely manual setting.

The channels are seen to perfection and do not give problems of any kind, absolutely recommended.

3. SAT-TN 7000 HD, the cheapest but a bit tricky to install

Here is the cheapest option we want to present to you.

In this case, however, the savings will go a little to affect the fact that to make it work better it will take a little bit of hacking.

The ordering of the channels in fact in this case will not take place automatically, the device must first be updated on the sat-in site and only then can the tuning be performed.

There is no Italian menu, so you need to chew a little English and be ready to intervene directly.

Once configured and installed, however, it works very well and is an excellent low-cost alternative.

It supports up to four thousand channels and is equipped with a system to tune to different satellites according to one’s personal preference.

It is compatible with 4 Tivùsat cards: the HD Tivùsat, the traditional, the Viacess and the Conax.

In the package there is the adapter, the remote control and obviously the decoder itself.

Certainly it is better on the market but at this price it will be very difficult to identify a valid competitor.

In fact, it supports many channels and once installed, the installation is ultimately simple. Certainly not recommended if you are not « geeky ».

The tivusat card must be purchased separately because it is not present in the package.

List of sat tv channels

Here is a list of the complete Tivusat channels on this page.

What is tivùsat?

Tivùsat is the Italian free digital satellite platform created by tivù s.r.l. (investee company Rai, Mediaset, Telecom Italia Media, Local TV Association and Aeranti Corallo).

It was born as a complementary platform to digital terrestrial, as it is able to reach the areas of the territory not covered by it.

Tivùsat allows the coverage of free digital television signals to be brought to 100% of the national territory.

In conclusion

It is not difficult to see the world of Tivusat if you know which decoder to buy, you don’t even need to lighten your wallet because with just a few euros you can take home an excellent device that will allow hours and hours of uninterrupted viewing.

Nowadays it is absolutely not easy to disentangle yourself in the jungle of television offers, and many people who are not particularly well versed in technology find it difficult to choose a product that is right for them.

This is why we often realize the need to write such guides, to lead you by the hand in search of the best product for your pockets.

In fact, sometimes you don’t even notice it but you end up spending a lot of money and take home devices that are no longer the most ideal for price quality, even if they work.

I hope our words as usual have been helpful in identifying the decoder that best suits your needs and invite you to take a look at the other pages of our site, there are reviews and opinions about a large number of products , not only dedicated to the world of TV and technology but also to the home, gaming, cars, etc.

See you soon friends!

Greetings from Dario di ProContro.


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