πŸ₯‡ 7 Best 2019 (Powerful) Hair Supplements –

πŸ₯‡ 7 Best 2019 (Powerful) Hair Supplements –

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I’m Antonella!

Do you also have weak or falling hair problems?

Do you think your hair is very thin?

Follow me then.

Did you know that hair loss can be closely related to one unbalanced diet?

You could come to the aid of a food supplement for hair.

If your problem is to do thicken and regrow hair quickly this can be the guide for you.

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The guide to dietary supplements for hair

The health of the hair is influenced by our hormonal levels, in a very general line the hair responds better to a high level of estrogen and worse at a high level of androgens.

Hair loss is very often hereditary but just as often it is caused by factors such as stress or great emotional trauma, factors that can contribute to significantly weakening the hair.

In autumn it is also easier to see hair loss, compared to summer instead, which is the period in which growth is fastest.

Also it can happen many times that the hair is weakened by bad habits, for example if very aggressive treatments for the health of the leather are carried out such as bleaching, dyeing, permanent etc.

Feeding and hair loss

Try to make one Proper nutrition and hand in hand an integration of the « friendly » nutrients of the hair can constitute a important intervention on our part to reinvigorate our hair and make it resume after a difficult period.

The hair consists of keratin, a protein particularly rich in sulfur amino acids. A respectable hair supplement therefore will provide a correct protein intake. Thus methionine, cysteine ​​and its derivative (cystine), taurine and arginine. But flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid should not be missing.

I remind you that some hair-friendly foods are citrus fruits, green tea, broccoli and fresh vegetables.

A diet vegan may contribute to hair loss and weakening, especially if supplements are not provided to compensate for deficiencies in sulfur amino acids.

In general, however, it is recommended as always eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Why Is Hair Biotin Important?

There biotin it is an essential vitamin for the health of our hair and our skin.

In fact, its deficiency can lead to an uncontrolled loss of hair far superior to the physiological loss to which we are accustomed.

Biotin is a vitamin, called by the scientific name of coenzyme R, vitamin B7 or vitamin H. It plays a fundamental role in the activity of many enzymes that regulate the metabolism of fatty acids and carbohydrates.

It is normal to lose some hair, the scalp is vital and in continuous renewal, as new hair grows, others fall and are replaced.

Biotin can also lead to lack of appetite, weakness, depression and various inflammations.

You can take biotin naturally by ingesting foods that contain it in large doses like liver, milk, egg yolk and yeast.

Several scientific studies have shown how fundamental this is for the hair growth.

We talk about it in this article as many hair treatments contain biotin.

Through this vitamin the hair becomes more combable and strong.
Through its integration it is possible in some cases to stop hair loss and promote growth.

There are cases in which the biotin taken through food is already sufficient for daily needs but it can happen that some clinical conditions or certain foods can hinder their absorption, thus making the intake vain.

Do hair supplements work?

Let’s start by saying that hair supplements certainly they are not miraculous elixirs, but certainly they can give a very consistent hand to keep their hair healthy or even to put them back on their feet.

It is however necessary to provide for one overall care of the scalp through the use of natural and delicate shampoo and conditioner. In fact, prolonged use of aggressive products often risks damaging the hair, making it brittle, dull and dry. In addition, pores are likely to become clogged over time and growth can be compromised or slowed.

It is also essential to correct one’s diet and try to keep stress levels to a minimum. By following these simple guidelines and

How to keep hair healthy?

  • We must first wash them with products that are as delicate as possible, our skin is in fact very sensitive and certain aggressive shampoos, for example, could damage it.
  • The plate should always be used at controlled temperatures.
  • Avoid using the hair dryer when natural drying is possible.
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Minimize stress.
    Although on this point there are conflicting opinions, some in fact believe that the relationship between stress and hair loss is not demonstrated, I personally have experienced many times in my life how much the health of my hair is instead partly dependent on my mental state .

Best powerful hair supplements for women and men (Opinions)

1. Phyto Phytophanere for hair and nails

Here we are in the presence of an excellent supplement, in addition to taking care of our hair, in fact, it also aims to solve many problems related to weak nails.

It is what I personally use when I feel that my hair is starting to lose its vigor and tone. It is not always easy during the year to take care of your nutrition in an unexceptionable way, especially if like me you are very busy during the day, an integrator is what it takes to solve the problem intelligently.

As always, better not to wait for miracles from products of this kind, but the network is full of enthusiastic reviews that recommend the use of this product.

The Phyto Phytophanere helps especially in those periods of the year during which the hair is weaker, such as autumn.

It is very easy to take, in fact it is presented in convenient capsules that can be swallowed together with a glass of water or a hot drink.

As always, when this type of product is the case, you need to be a little patient as the results will begin to be noticed within a few weeks.

Your hair will begin to thicken and you will notice the first improvements.

The ingredients are natural, in fact we pass from wheat germ oil (Vitamin E-Alpha Tocopherol), borage oil (gamma-linolenic acid), fish oil (EPA and DHA), Vitamins B2, B6, B8 and Zinc , a real explosive mix of health for your nails and hair.

In the pack there are 90 plus 90 capsules, for a total treatment of 3 months, what is enough to begin to actually realize the results and eventually continue the integration.

As always I remind you how fundamental it is to never rely 100% on these products expecting them to solve our problems from scratch, we need a proactive attitude on our part to make them work. In the particular case it is important to adapt our diet a little by avoiding to exaggerate with the so-called « crap » and crunch more often instead of fruit and vegetables.

The effect is anti-hair loss and invigorating.

The only cons of this product is the smell not exactly the best. But despite this aspect it is an extremely valid supplement with which I have always found good and I have often recommended it to my friends.

The price is also very interesting.

2. Biotin Vegavero – Vegan and Great


BIOTINA Vegavero | 10,000 mcg | with ZINCO | WITHOUT ADDITIVES ...

BIOTINA Vegavero | 10,000 mcg | with ZINCO | WITHOUT ADDITIVES …

  • NEW: we have reduced the size of the capsules to facilitate their intake and, consequently, also the size of the pack. The number of capsules remains unchanged. To eliminate any artificial additives, the new product contains rice seed flour. This additive is completely natural and, given its composition, the effect on the organism is similar to that of dietary fiber.
  • HIGH DOSAGE: Our supplement stimulates the growth of hair, nails and beard. 180 capsules of 10,000 mcg (Biotin) + 15 mg (Zinc) in a practical resealable pack with indications in Italian. Without addition of artificial additives (we use flaxseed flour). Supplement suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Recommended dosage: 1 capsule per day.

For those who want a product with natural ingredients, Biotina Vegavero could be the right choice.

As it suggests, in fact, this product is one hundred percent vegetable and guarantees sufficient vitamins and minerals to protect and reinvigorate hair, beards, nails and skin.

Just a simple capsule a day is enough, so you won’t have any problems because the packaging suggested by us guarantees 3 months of treatment without having to worry about buying the product back. At the end of the 180 days you can decide whether to continue or not, and at such a low cost it is really worth a try.

These capsules are totally vegan and of good quality.

The capsules are rich in Biotin and Zinc, which makes Biotina Vegaro a supplement indicated for hair loss, but also to strengthen the skin and nails.

The company ensures that there are no animal traces of any kind in the product.

3. Nu U Nutrition – generic supplement for body and hair

Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplement | 365 Tablets ...

Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplement | 365 Tablets …

  • USEFUL SOURCE OF 24 VITAMINS AND MINERALS – The benefits of 24 vitamins and minerals in a single tablet easy to swallow. Each tablet contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Chromium, Molybdenum, Iodine and Lutein.
  • MAXIMUM PEACE OF MIND WITH OUR PRODUCTS MADE IN UK – Many vitamin and mineral supplements are imported from other countries, such as Asia or the USA, and often only packaging takes place in the UK. Ours are born COMPLETELY in the UK, so we can guarantee the highest quality standards in the world. It is suitable for vegetarians and DOES NOT CONTAIN milk, lactose, soy, gluten or wheat.

Another product that could not miss in this guide because it is sold and appreciated by consumers and consumers.

In fact, it is considered a very effective product on the net that can help integrate the nutrients that are lacking in our diet to guarantee better health for our hair.

The basis of integration in this case is turmeric. It is not only indicated for hair but for the general well-being of our body.

Inside the pack there are 365 tablets to consume one a day for a treatment virtually a whole year long if you wish.

Extremely complete, however rich in Vitamins B7 to promote hair and nail growth, even in this case, although this aspect is not strongly highlighted by the seller as in the previous case.

If we take care to live in a healthy way avoiding to subject the scalp to unnecessary stress caused by very aggressive treatments, Nu U Nutrition is without a doubt an excellent and cheap ally for our hair bulbs.

Furthermore the packaging is very convenient because it can be used by a person for a whole year, the savings seem clear to me in this case.

The tablets are designed to be extremely easy to swallow, so even those who normally have trouble swallowing such supplements will feel at ease.

Some complain marginally of the smell, considering it similar to that of yeast, but all in all it is not too bad, and in any case it should be felt for very few moments while it is sent down. Definitely tolerable.

4. Swisse – high in biotin

A great product designed specifically for nails and hair.

If in this period you happen to lose more hair than you think is your average, then you could be in front of the product that is right for you.

After a couple of weeks you can already begin to notice the first results.

Also excellent for improving skin health.

It is a complete supplement, certainly among the best of this type.

The pack contains sixty tablets.

Excellent product as regards the quality-price ratio.

A friend of mine lost a lot of hair before using it, assured me that already after three weeks the hair had bought new sap and the number of fallen hair had been reduced by a lot.

5. Tudimo Vitamin C – XXL pack

Vitamin C 1000 mg 300 pcs (Escort 10 Months) of Capsules a ...

Vitamin C 1000 mg 300 pcs (Escort 10 Months) of Capsules a …

  • SOLVED THE PROBLEM N Β° 1 OF LARGE PILLS: We bring the solution to the well-known headache caused by hard-to-digest tablets. We allow you to enjoy your daily dose of the most popular vitamins in the world along with the fantastic taste of your favorite drink. How? Simply open our capsule and mix the powder in the glass with your favorite beverage. Very simple!
  • 3600 ORANGES AT YOUR HOME: Imagine all the freshness and health contained in all those oranges. Try a source of this kind of vitamins in a convenient pocket pack! One capsule provides the same amount of vitamin C as an average of 12 oranges without effort. And with 300 capsules, there’s enough for everyone! They are 300 days of escort for a person or 100 days of escort for a family of three individuals.

Another complete supplement in XXL version to never run out of tablets.

Take one capsule once a day to get your body revitalized.

Simple, inexpensive, but above all rich in Vitamin C, just as the name indicates.

6. Ganassini MiglioCres, designed for men

Miglio Cres is another product to keep an eye on if you are interested in taking care of your hair.

Especially if the problem is having thin hair that tends to fall out.

The strength of this product is Selenium and Zinc, in fact it is thanks to the strength of these two very important minerals that the Miglio Cres represents from some points of view a step forward compared to other apparently similar supplements.

The contribution to counteract the presence of nefarious free radicals is fundamental.

Other fundamental ingredients are Mile and Nettle, which stimulate the circulation and make the skin more shiny and elastic.

Designed primarily for men but can be used without problems even by women with excellent results.

7. Best in Gellule, complete dedicated line

Migliorin 90 Gellule 835 Mg Food Supplement For ...

Migliorin 90 Gellule 835 Mg Food Supplement For …

  • Dietary supplement of Swiss origin in gellule to nourish the hair and, at the same time, strengthen the nails.
  • It is based on sulphurated amino acids, Vitamin E, Horsetail, Keratin, Calcium Pantothenate containing Vitamin B, Golden Millet extract and Wheat germ oil;

A great product to use if desired together with the dedicated shampoo of the same line, counteracts hair loss and revitalizes nails

There are 90 Gellule 835 Milligrams designed to favor the natural hair growth process in a completely natural way and strengthen it so that it can withstand even future stresses.

You will notice very soon the effect on the trunk of the new hair, which will grow larger and stronger. Seeing is believing.

Without a shadow of a doubt a great ally for hair care, and is part of a line of excellent products to consider if you intend to take your scalp health seriously.

What do food supplements for hair generally contain?

Fundamental Vitamin of which we have abundantly spoken at the beginning of the article

Helps moisturize the skin and scalp.

It makes the hair stronger and brighter, especially indicated to supplement diets of those with thin hair.

Another mineral essential for the shine of our hair.

B vitamins
Essential for skin, hair and nails.

C vitamin
Key point for the creation of collagen and to reinvigorate tissues.

Vitamin E
Helps build new tissues and improve blood circulation.

B vitamins
It allows, when possible, to regrow lost hair.

In conclusion

It is not easy to choose when it comes to the health of one’s hair, there are many products on the market and most of them look like copies of one another.

It is for this reason that such a guide is essential to extricate oneself from the complicated jungle of hair products.

It is essential to remember that there are no magic potions and that it is good practice to defend oneself from those who try to sell products by pretending to be miraculous.

As I have said many times in this article: taking food supplements does not spare us from paying attention to what we eat and the way we live.

In fact, many times our problems are caused by psychophysical imbalances in our body, which for some reason are not 100% functional.

It can happen for example that you are passing a bad time because it is winter, the weather is not the most favorable and maybe you are experiencing some problems at work or at home, this is the typical situation in which an integrator can provide an excellent initial help to push us to improve what can be improved in our lives, and thus begin a path of reinvigoration not only of our hair bulbs but also of our body in general.

I hope I helped you again this time, I greet you affectionately.

Your Antonella.

The contents of this article are informative in nature and do not in any way replace doctors, dieticians or specialized nutritionists or therapies in place. Pro Contro does not assume responsibility for the contents listed above, they do not in any way replace the opinion of your own doctor. Always remember to consult a doctor before taking any medicine or product and always read the leaflet. In compliance with the Code of Conduct prescribed by Legislative Decree 70 of 9/4/2003, the information included in this article must be considered cultural and informative.


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