🥇 7 Best Latin Dictionaries 2019 (According to the Experts)

🥇 7 Best Latin Dictionaries 2019 (According to the Experts) –

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The Latin dictionary it is certainly an object essential, towards which many generate a real one affection over time.

But sometimes it’s hard to tell which one is the best.

Here then a guide that explains in detail, volume by volume, the various possibilities and peculiarities of each publishing house and helps you to choose the edition best suited to your use.

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The Latin dictionary is fundamental if you study at a high school or even better at university, or if you are just enthusiasts. For example in my case I had a « flashback » with this language just a few years ago at the venerable age of 45, and I immediately bought a new Latin dictionary to go back to extricate myself from this fabulous world and take Virgil back into my hand.

Not all dictionaries, however, are the same.

In modern editions the blue and black colors are predominant to distinguish terms and description.

The invariable parts of the speech will be sought instead as they are found within the text.

The nouns must always be remembered that they must be searched in their version for the singular nominative, otherwise we risk not correctly identifying the lemma.

The page will then be indicated from time to time if the name you are looking for is male or female or neutral, and its genitive declination will be indicated directly.

The real instead, unlike the Italian language and many other languages, should be looked for in the first person singular of the present indicative.

Each dictionary has its own peculiarities that distinguish it and give it a different character, there are real schools of thought among the users of various dictionaries.

An excellent dictionary can ultimately make the student’s job much more enjoyable and also facilitate the translation of very difficult versions.

The best Latin dictionaries of 2018

IL, vocabulary of the Latin language – L. Castiglioni, S. Mariotti – With CD

For some, IL Castiglioni Mariotti is a true synonym of the Latin language dictionary.

How many times have we seen the famous IL logo soar on high schools?

It was a true icon of our youth and remains so for the new generations.

Finally in its fourth edition, even more renewed and perfected over the years.

With over 2300 pages, it translates from both Latin to Italian and from Italian to Latin.

Certainly one of the favorite editions of high schools and academic circles. Equipped with a CD ROM to allow quiet consultation even in digital.

The difference that the cd rom search has with the paper one is that you can insert the word declined according to any case and it will be recognized anyway, while on the book it should be intercepted using the name.

Attached there is also a very convenient guide for the use and also exercises to get rid of this fascinating language.

If it has been years that IL Castiglioni Mariotti is considered almost synonymous with the Latin dictionary there will be a reason.

Latin, G. B. Conte, E. Pianezzolla, G. Ranucci

Here is a very functional new dictionary, perfect for translation support.

Paginated according to a very modern approach, without leaving anything to chance, the lemmas are in fact written with the usual care of classical dictionaries.

There are also several teaching aids to help the student’s translation task.

Several grammar help panels.

Furthermore, in this dictionary there are often indicative quotes and examples, to get into a completely original perspective in the study of the Latin language.

The Flights, R. Bianchi, O. Lelli, excellent value for money

The Voli is without a shadow of doubt an excellent Latin vocabulary.

An excellent middle ground between a pocket dictionary and a large one.

Very easy to consult, there is also an excellent Latin language compendium with several very engaging and effective teaching cards for learning.

The value for money is the strong point of this dictionary.

The graphics are modern but at the same time it is very clear and allows the student to easily navigate.

The project at the base is extremely innovative, this dictionary is designed for those who study in places where Latin is not a fundamental subject, therefore not recommended for high schools.

Instead, it is excellent for those approaching Latin for the first time in their life, as they will be able to discover the classic authors behind the Latin culture.

The grammatical information is not lacking and the pronuncua is also indicated.

Recommended for those at the beginning and looking for an interesting compromise between size, price and quality.

The new Campanini Carboni, another great classic

The Campanini Carboni is another dictionary of classical Latin famous in high schools, and there is a reason why it boasts so many supporters in Italy.

The price is in fact accessible and is recommended by many teachers who prefer it even to IL.

There are cards for the rapid search of the word, a fundamental tool for learning to use the Campanini Carboni in the most manner
painless as possible, thus saving a lot of time and optimizing efforts.

Within the vocabulary there is a series of fascinating images that
make the use of this excellent volume even more interesting and interactive.

There is a whole section dedicated to the history of the Romans, to catapult immediately into the historical context in which this language, so fascinating and fundamental for the cultural development of the entire humanity, was born and evolved.

The design is captivating and modern, without exaggerating.

There is also a version with the CD ROM, in order to always have at hand all the headwords present in the paper counterpart but with all the advantages of the digital, that is a faster consultation and the possibility of making immediate copy paste between the cards.

The cover is very durable, and this is an aspect that is sometimes overlooked but fundamental because we know that Latin dictionaries are used over the years and in the most disparate conditions, sometimes even carried when there is no space in the bag. Therefore, a cover to protect the volume that makes it possible to increase its longevity is fundamental.

It is difficult to find in the versions terms that are not translated by this dictionary, really complete.

Together with IL it is one of the best existing Latin dictionaries.

PRIMUM – paperback

In order to be able to translate and consult a dictionary, it is not necessary to necessarily purchase a complete large version of all (or almost all) the terms of the Latin language.

The Pocket Primum as the name suggests is a very useful dictionary for those in search of something manageable to put in the bag in order to easily consult the basic meanings of Latin.

The price is clearly very low, in relation to its small size, but not for this reason it lacks information and little insights that allow you to always have with you a precious ally for learning this fascinating language.

Even the graphic layout is effective and allows you to never lose sight of the terms you want to consult.

Recommended for « company » with a larger vocabulary.

Dictionary of the Latin language, F. Gaffiot, G. Liotta, L. Rossi

Among the best-selling Latin dictionaries is the Gaffiot Liotta Rossi.

Prepared in two volumes, one for « verso »: Italian-Latin and Latin-Italian. This peculiarity makes it very convenient if you intend to use, for example, only one direction at school and avoid carrying the other volume with you.

Inside there are important news of grammar, syntax and also rich examples of songs already impeccably translated.

In this case, however, a choice of meanings has been preferred, which leaves out the rarer ones, to prefer agility and manageability of the research. Certainly a smart choice to make translations faster and more immediate.

Also in this case there is a CD ROM to be able to use digitally the contents of the vocabulary.

Dictionaries for the school: Latin, Nedda Sacerdoti, very small and very cheap

Latin School Dictionary

For those in search of something pocket-sized and super-cheap, here is Sacertoti Vallardi.

When it is not possible to have access to bulky and complete dictionaries, it is better to rely on something pocket-sized like this little Sarcedoti dictionary.

In addition to providing the basic terms most often encountered in Latin versions, there are also valuable grammatical information, irregularities and exceptions.

Definitely recommended to combine with a larger dictionary, to be used when you don’t have much space available, let’s not forget that the classic dictionaries, besides being large, are also very heavy and not always in folders or in hand we will be able to take our dictionary with us main.

Why still study the Latin language?

Many people ask themselves in these times when the only lingua franca dominant is English, also adopted by all the most technologically advanced realities, and therefore a passpartout in the world of work must be played, what sense does it actually have the study of a language now used only in clerical circles and sometimes even more in those.

Well, I thought of drawing up a list of reasons that could encourage you in the study of a language as fascinating as paradoxically still very close to us.

Don’t believe me? Follow me.

Many now call it a dead language, but it is not.

In fact, Latin first develops logic, that is, it allows the youngest and not only to exercise their logical abilities in a completely natural and enjoyable way.

Then it improves understanding of reality, any new language is learned in fact increases our cognitive faculties and is like developing a new « eye » on one’s head to decipher the world around us.

In a reality as confused and flattened as the current one, what is better than another important tool to try to orientate oneself and thus improve one’s perception of the present and the past?

Furthermore, Latin must not forget that it is the basis of rhetoric, or the science of persuasion through the use of words.

Knowing how to speak and write well is the secret to getting what you want in life, beyond any possible competence you may have.

This prospect undoubtedly goes well with a world in which to be competitive one must know how to « sell » and therefore marketing skills and to speak to vast audiences of people are fundamental, for example let’s think about how these days Ted or various conferences are depopulating webinars and pitches of start-ups.

The rhetoric is unfortunately no longer taught in schools, in my opinion unjustifiably, so the only way to have direct testimony about it and to gain experience is to learn it through the masters of the past.

Latin is also at the base of our Italian culture, as everyone knows, our tradition is largely structured on the Roman and Christian one, as Benedetto Croce emphasized.

By analyzing and knowing our past in depth we can lay the foundations for building a better, more informed future.

Then do not forget that in this Greek and Latin moment they are snubbed by practically everyone except the academics, knowing these two « dead » languages ​​could take you one step ahead of everyone, in fact as you can see from the television even more the ruling and political class succeeds in « Guess » the quotations in Latin …

The whole Italian language is based on the Latin one, if you want to understand why language through the study of Greek and Latin philology you can go back to the base of everything and finally discover this incredible and mysterious cauldron which are the Romance languages.

Even the other « similar » languages ​​to Italian, such as French, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese, are based on Latin. But even the languages ​​of northern Europe have many words derived from our ancestral language, for example English is full of words handed down directly from Latin, given that the Roman empire at the time managed to spread out of all proportion.

In addition there is the not negligible opportunity to be able to have direct access to the great classics of the past that have inspired many of the works of history, for example Virgil, Seneca and Cicero.

A good online Latin player?

If you are looking for a good on-line Latin free translator instead, here is one that can do just for you.

How to choose the perfect Latin dictionary?

There are many different types of Latin dictionaries for various types of needs, some are more suitable for those who already have a classical preparation, others for novices, others are very small and pocket-sized to be carried for example in the backpack without excessively increasing the weight to allow for quick translations.

The latter are obviously not indicated if a version of Latin is to be translated into the classroom. In that case the big model will be needed.

There are also some dictionaries equipped with a splendid tool to facilitate consultation, that is the Cd Rom. Still others are sold in tandem with very convenient reference guides.

The Cd-Rom even if it seems a bit old by now as a medium is very convenient because it allows you to have at hand, for example in two different houses the same dictionary, in paper and digital versions respectively, to always have all the notes on hand which could be used without having to haul the whole big dictionary every time.

The Latin dictionaries cost a little, it is true, but we must not forget that once we have identified the model that we think can do for us, we will carry this text with joy for many years, using it in the most disparate occasions.

Having an excellent source for the translation of Latin will also encourage us to take back the classics, it is not to be underestimated this very important aspect, in fact, that if you have the right tools, even the study of a language becomes more fun and will improve at sight an eye.

In conclusion

A Latin dictionary is not only an excellent tool for studying, it is also an inexhaustible resource of surprises that cannot be missed in any home library.

But of course you can’t choose any dictionary, you need to rely on the best titles currently available on the market.

It is for this reason that we at Pro Contro have decided to draw up this handy guide that is very easy to consult, we believe that knowledge is first and foremost a democratic fact and that, however, the internet has recently been moving in a completely different direction.

The book as an object and vehicle of culture is not to be underestimated, the printed page still beats the digital one, there is no doubt.

Many studies have been done about it and it has been found that learning from paper books is much more effective than ebooks or websites, in fact our brain almost automatically and automatically considers the words written on a sheet as automatically  » relevant « and » important « imprinting them in the memory. It may seem strange but it really is.

No matter how much progress the technology makes today, it will hardly replace a media perfected over the centuries like the book, which in its present form represents a small work of art as a format.

For this reason, we recommend that all of the fast and immediate online tools always be accompanied by paper support, especially when it comes to the humanities, since the book will remain the best way to learn and evolve as human beings for many years to come.

We are sure that this guide has helped you, please read other pages on our site, we are sure you will find other interesting articles to read.

Goodbye friends.


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