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I’m Antonella.

You never get a food out of the oven convinced that it is cooked and instead to the test of taste you discover that in the center is remained raw? 😭

You will be sure to agree with me that it is an experience terrible and mortifying.

There is a way to remedy this drama kitchen thermometer, also said food thermometer.

I cooked for years thinking I didn’t need it, then one day I bought it and my life in the kitchen has changed.

But let’s go together to discover all the secrets of this fantastic kitchen tool. You can click here to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST THERMOMETERS.

What is the kitchen thermometer for?

Kitchen thermometers are used to be able to check the internal temperature of the food and in this way cook it perfectly leaving nothing to chance.

It may happen, for example, to believe that you have cooked food by observing the crust that seems perhaps already toasted, and then you realize that unfortunately it is not so, and sometimes it is not enough to put it back in the oven, because doing so will inevitably compromise cooking.

Food thermometers today are practically indispensable if you cook chocolate, caramel or even better if you make bread, then not only for professional use but also for home use.

There are also techniques to do without kitchen thermometers, handed down from generation to generation, these can be useful when unfortunately you do not have a good thermometer at hand but they are obviously approximate and sometimes lead to totally wrong estimates.

Some, for example, recommend to stick toothpicks or knives in the food to make sure it is cooked.

Unfortunately, the temperature inside the oven is never actually constant therefore it is difficult to realize β€œby eye” if the time selected on the timer is actually sufficient or not for an adequate cooking of our food.

In fact, not everyone knows that the temperature in the oven changes constantly. It starts with a higher temperature than the selected one and then decreases with time and so on, goes back up and down over time with relative oscillations.

This is why it is often recommended to heat the oven for an hour before baking, in order to obtain more or less homogeneous heat in all areas.

An excellent thermometer can therefore also be useful for check the actual oven temperature.

Best 2018 kitchen thermometer

1. Leifheit, my favorite

Here is a very interesting digital thermometer, probably one of the best on the market right now in Italy.

The probe is 12cm long in stainless steel and the tip is made particularly sharp to penetrate into whatever food you decide to test.

The display is very clear even for those who do not see us very well.

The battery comes already included and ensures a very long life.

After 45 minutes of inactivity it switches off automatically, this function is particularly useful for those like me who are a little careless and tend to forget the appliances being switched on or in permanent standby.

Professionals tend to prefer models with rigid probes and not those that can be folded because they maintain that it guarantees longer life and moreover they are easier to penetrate inside foods.

It takes a few seconds to process the temperature, so don’t be afraid if you have to wait a while.

Excellent workmanship and excellent price, recommended without a shadow of a doubt to those who are serious about cooking and are looking for a versatile appliance to continuously monitor the state of cooking of their food.

It is sometimes a little difficult when you have to keep the temperature of the fried foods under control which, as you know, tends to vary enormously, only in those situations probably its reading times could be a bit uncomfortable because those who risk breaking the smoke point without notice.

For the rest it’s a great product and it’s my favorite cooking thermometer right now.

Very practical and handy, however, it is not suitable for being in the oven.

It can monitor a wide range of temperatures, from below and above zero from -45 Β° C to as much as 200 Β° C.

Extremely precise.

Inside the manual there are also effective instructions for the ideal temperatures of the various foods, certainly an excellent starting point to begin to disentangle in this fascinating and complex world.

2. Habor, Double Probe perfect for Barbecue

Habor Kitchen Double Timer, Digital Thermometer Large LCD Display ...

Habor Kitchen Double Timer, Digital Thermometer Large LCD Display …

  • Double probe with wires: double probe in stainless steel allow to measure 2 types of food, it can measure the 2 foods in the oven at the same time, the probes with wires allow to measure the internal temperature of the oven and refrigerator
  • Wide measurement instantaneous reading: measuring range from -10 ℃ to 300 ℃ (14 ℉ to 572 ℉), ideal for measuring the temperature of roasted meat, hot water, milk and above all the oil temperature during frying; it quickly shows the reading on the big LCD screen; with blue backlighting, you can read clearly from landan, life in the kitchen would be more comfortable

Here is an interesting double probe thermometer, very suitable for the barbecue.

On the display are in fact indicated directly the animals that are being cooked to be able to choose the cooking that best suits the type of meat in question.

The double probe is useful if you are cooking two completely different dishes at the same time and you do not want or cannot move the probe from one food to another to check them.

Or there is the possibility of using them ingeniously, for example if you are cooking a large piece of meat, in this case it is good to monitor two areas of the roast at the same time for maximum control and really good cooking. art.

It is certainly an indispensable object for those who like to barbecue in the garden behind the house or in the open countryside, in fact this appliance allows you to give something extra to the meat or fish you intend to cook.

There is the main timer shown on the display extremely clear to interpret, even for novices.

Behind has two magnets to be attached to any metal surface near the cooking plate or for example directly on the barbecue, to be very close to the foods that will have to « follow ».

The probes are in stainless steel and should not be washed in the washing machine for any reason, I recommend.

The batteries are supplied and they really last a lot so you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing them, a nice comfort. In fact, I do not like electronic devices that are continuously discharged and impose the stress of replacing batteries.

The instruction manual is very comprehensive and clear, but the part translated into Italian is lacking.

Operation is extremely easy and it will also be clear to those who for the first time, like me at the time, use a probe thermometer for the barbecue.

Just choose the type of meat, which as we said is indicated directly by the shape of the animal in question, and then just wait and the timer will warn us with a very clear sound when the temperature is reached.

3. TFA 14.1024

Here is another great digital kitchen thermometer, perfect for constantly keeping the cooking temperature of fried and meat under control, so as to be able to make perfect and convincing cooking, without ever making mistakes.

The measurement range is from 20 to 300 degrees.

We all know how much frying can actually give an edge to food, I know friends who would also eat pears and apples, as much as they are fanatics of this cooking technique!

But it is essential to never reach the smoking point, otherwise you risk making the frying in question harmful to your health.

Keeping the temperature of the frying oil tightly under control can improve the digestibility of the foods that will be immersed, and the final result will be surprising.

This thermometer is made of metal and can also be used in the oven to take into account all the temperature variations that, as we said above, within this guide, are practically inevitable, even in the ovens of the best brands. And if you don’t believe me, give it a try, I’m ready to be denied in the case.

This thermometer has a hook, so you can « hang » it to the pans to stay immersed, for example, in the cooking oil.

The only drawback to this thermometer is the fact that it tends to become hot, so extreme care must be taken when using it, to avoid very unpleasant skin burns.

4. Digiflex, very economical

An economic thermometer is this of Digiflex, an alternative for those who want to spend less and take home something functional, certainly less precise and reliable than the other models listed in this list, but all in all a good product to consider, maybe as a second thermometer, in case you cook for large families where you often find yourself having to navigate between several pans and saucepans.

The measurement range is from minus 50 to 300 degrees above zero, of course celsius.

It will be enough to insert the tip inside the food or substance you want to measure, wait for the right one, and you will have the measurement on the display.

It is sold in a nice protective case and there is a lace that allows you to tie it for example to some hook in the kitchen, so as to always have it in front of your eyes and not lose it. These little objects are easily lost, for example I had to buy them back twice already!

Since the handle is made of plastic you will not be able to use it inside the oven to monitor temperature changes.

The quality / price ratio is good and you certainly can’t expect too much in this range of products.

The ease of use is the flagship of such a thermometer, which also allows the use to measure liquids and beverages.

Since it costs little then you can use it lightly even for applications other than the food there, for example to perform small DIY experiments at home.

The probe is in stainless steel.

At this price it is fast enough to reveal the temperature.

If you are looking for a professional kitchen thermometer, obviously stay away from these two economic models and refer to one of the slightly more expensive models shown above, better spend a little more and find yourself at home an object destined to last and accompany us in the years.

If, on the other hand, you want to have fun and try the « joke » of having a kitchen thermometer in your hands, this Digiflex is definitely a good buying idea.

5. HQ, extremely economical but versatile

If you are looking for a simple and very inexpensive model, perhaps to be used for the second or third house, then something that if it were lost or broken would not be a drama at all, you can think of opting for this HQ digital thermometer.

It is very modest, it is clear, but for this price you can have nothing better.

It is the thermometer for those who want to experiment a little in the kitchen and don’t want to think about whether or not they can ruin the digital device to detect the temperature they are using.

This cute pocket thermometer can also be used for non-food purposes, clearly it is not as precise as the more expensive counterparts but as we said is practically a gift so we cannot complain.

The temperature range is between minus 50 and 300 degrees, but clearly the nuances of temperature variations cannot be grasped.

The probe is made of metal and can read inside solids or liquids.

The display is very clear for a thermometer in this price range, but don’t think you can lay it inside the oven, because in this case you would practically melt it …

It is a nice object to keep inside your kitchen, but clearly it is not indicated if you intend to use the kitchen thermometer every week for accurate measurements.

Very easy to use because it consists of just two buttons.

However, it is very slow in detecting the temperature.

As we said recommended for those who really are only vaguely curious about this world and want to try to measure the temperature of their food to get a generic idea.

At this price, however, it is certainly a good product and I don’t feel like rejecting it in any way.

How to use the kitchen thermometer?

There are many preparations and techniques in which it is essential to use the thermometer, for example in frying, in melting sugar for caramel, leavening and yoghurt.

But also to serve the wine at the right temperature.

There are contact thermometers and infrared thermometers (without contact).

The contact thermometers are then divided into:

Roast thermometers

Excellent for those who have never owned a thermometer before.

They have a probe that allows you to get to the center of the food and check its cooking.

The sensitivity of these thermometers travels between 50 and 140 degrees centigrade.

Probe thermometer, excellent for barbecues

It is a type of digital thermometer that provides warning through an audible signal when the temperature has reached the desired level.

It can also be used inside the lit oven to check with a probe whether the temperature of the food core has reached the right level or not.

The range of temperatures that they can measure is decidedly more vast and for this reason they are certainly more versatile, safe and advanced.

Excellent also for the barbecue.

Oil thermometer

Not everyone uses the fryer, so there is no alternative if you want to make a fried artfully using a frying thermometer.

This is in fact an art that is recently being rediscovered, because it is understood that fried foods can be tasty without hurting their health, as long as they are done in a workmanlike manner.

Controlling the temperature means keeping the nutritional principles of food intact without overdoing it and risking to sacrifice its taste and make it even harmful to health.

The oil thermometers have a clip that allows you to apply them to the edge of the pans in which you intend to fry.

Sugar thermometer (or caramelometer)

In the form it resembles the traditional body thermometer, but in reality it serves to measure the temperature of the sugar to prepare the caramel.

In fact, sugar is extremely delicate and a few degrees Celsius difference is enough to alter its state.

How do you clean kitchen thermometers?

It is very easy to keep kitchen thermometers in order and sanitized.

It is essential after every use to thoroughly wash the metal part of the thermometer with soap and water.

Instead, sugar thermometers should be washed in boiling water to release any sugary micro-residues.

In conclusion

If you are looking for more practical information on digital food thermometers, take a look at this food page.

Cooking is a real art, when you then have to deal with barbecues and fries then it becomes a real science.

Apparently frying may seem simple, especially for novice cooks, in reality it is very complicated to bring out the flavor of fried foods by frying them without making them too fatty, greasy and heavy but at the same time to prevent them from being disheveled.

A digital food thermometer is therefore just what we need at a time when people have become much more demanding on the palate than they were a few years ago.

Also the numerous television programs that have placed the accent on the review of cooks and places where we eat are also accomplices.

Nowadays even our most naive friends have begun to pay more attention to food and to worry about their own food.

It is important to never leave anything to chance in the kitchen if you want to improve your culinary skills and thus amaze your family and your group of friends.

I hope this guide has been helpful as usual and I refer you to the next episode.

Your Antonella from Pro Contro



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