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I’m marco.

You will agree with me when I say:

the scale is an infernal device, but it also has its undeniable and great advantages!

In fact, if I hadn’t weighed myself every morning for 6 months when I was overweight 20 kilos, I would never have been able to appreciate the efforts I made every day in the gym, so I wouldn’t have taken the right motivation to continue consistently, until finally reaching my weight and feeling enthusiastic about the results obtained.

A joy that continues today.

Sometimes able to measure our improvements it’s the perfect way to keep our weight under control, and with this guide to the best smart scale, I want to give all the readers of Pro and Against valuable tips to make the best use of the tools that allow us to keep fit and lose weight. Stopping associating them with frustrating experiences and making them instead precious allies for a healthier and more balanced life.

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Since health is the fitness they are beginning to be more and more closely connected, it makes sense to see more and more smart devices appear in our homes.

The best reason to buy a smart scale is that it allows not only to accurately monitor your weight, but also to keep track of other important parameters for your health through impedance-free technology, such as bone composition, water present in the body and the index of fat mass. Fundamental factors to know to understand if that kilo that has been lost is all liquid or if the diet we are following in a certain period is actually good and is helping us to lose fat.

Being aware of your progress is the first step to a healthier and happier life.

Best 2019 smart weighing scales and scales – Guide

1. Qardio Qardiobase 2, an excellent smart top class scale


Qardiobase 2 wireless Smart scales and body ...

Qardiobase 2 wireless Smart scales and body …

  • Smart feedback – qardiobase makes it easier to reach your goal with smileys by replacing numbers with Smart feedback that don’t evaluate progress, numbers.
  • Track more weight – qardiobase measures more weight. It automatically calculates BMI and excerpts modifications in its fat body composition (muscle mass // water / Bone).
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– Beautiful design
– Bluetooth and Wifi
– Mode pregnant women

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– The scale base tends to wobble

To start I want to point out a possible weight modality with this scale in my opinion fantastic: it will have happened to everyone a period in one’s life in which one felt at ease with his weight and was afraid to look at the scale measurement.

Well, the QardioBase avoids the frustration of feeling overweight every day with a function that allows you to weigh yourself and save your weight without having to be forced to read it on the monitor.

The only feedback shown will be a cheerful, sad or serious face depending on whether or not we are approaching the weight previously set by us.

I tested this scale for a whole week, setting the android app to send me every morning as soon as I wake up, notifying me to weigh myself.

The QardioBase measures weight, body fat percentage, and water in the body, adding an estimate of the body mass index and the percentage of muscle present.

Due to its round shape, it tends to wobble if you are not careful to lay it over your feet well. Operates via 8 AAA batteries and can weigh up to 250 kilos.

Super accurate reading per gram.

It easily interfaces with the Qardio app for smartphones, the wifi mode allows all the updated data to be transmitted to the mobile phone even when it is not in the scale’s bluetooth range, thus ensuring constant measurement and monitoring of the results.

Another fantastic modality is that of « Pregnancy », that is dedicated to pregnant women, which allows automatic avoidance of impedance measurements so as not to allow the balance to send the tiny electrical impulses in the body necessary for example to measure body mass.

This mode also allows you to monitor changes in your weight during pregnancy, taking into account the natural and physiological increase and the subsequent weight loss that occurs once the birth is performed.

2. 1byone, the cheapest TOP alternative

1byone bluetooth digital scale, app for IOS and ...

1byone bluetooth digital scale, app for IOS and …

  • Comprehensive data analysis: thanks to the BIA technology it collects information on weight, fat mass, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass and abdominal fat.
  • Auto-Sync of data with the Smartphone: the free App 1byone Health synchronizes data with Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit to save them in a simple way. It supports IOS 8.0 / Android 4.3 or higher smartphones and is compatible with Samsung, Apple, Huawei or any other smartphone brand.
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– Excellent value for money
– Includes more measurements than competitors

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– Lack of Wi-Fi connection
– The iWellness application is good but a little awkward at times

The 1byone is perhaps the best among smart economic scales, for those who want to spend little without giving up the tracking features of more hi-tech and expensive models.

It has a very particular measurement system that goes well beyond the BMI, or body mass index.

In fact it measures a total of 10 body characteristics such as visceral fat, muscle mass, basal metabolic index and bone mass.

The app also presents its progress through a graph, allowing at a glance where you are in your personal evolution of fitness and health.

Use 4 AA batteries to operate and support up to 10 different user profiles. It means that it can be used by the whole family to keep track of the data of each of the components.

It works very well with the Iwellness app to download for your mobile phone.

For the price, this 1byone is really good and accurate, it really represents an excellent alternative to the most important and expensive cousins.

The design is good, it doesn’t reach the beauty of the more expensive models, but at this price you can’t really ask for better. It’s a nice balance.

3. FitBit Aria 2, elegant and with a very readable monitor

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– Elegant design
– Perfect monitor readability, large numbers
– The FitBit Ultra app is very good

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– Does not read the percentage of water in the body

To use this scale it is best to walk barefoot, the display will automatically alert you when it’s time to get on.

Also this scale is equipped with Wi-Fi and bluetooth connection and the usual measurements of body mass and fat mass, the thing that is inexplicably missing is the measurement of the percentage of water present in the body.

FitBit Ultra
The FitBit Ultra app is very well made and integrates beautifully with the FitBit Aria, especially for this price it can be a decisive factor for choosing it compared to other brands.

4. Nokia Body +, an excellent balance


Nokia Body + - Wi-Fi Scale with Composition Indication ...

Nokia Body + – Wi-Fi Scale with Composition Indication …

  • Analysis of complete body composition: monitors weight (kg, lb, st lb), body fat and% water, as well as muscle and bone mass. A screen with the weight trend provides instant feedback
  • Automatic synchronization: the data of each weight check appears automatically in the Health Mate app via Wi-Fi (iOS and Android)
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– Very attractive design
– Ability to view weather information

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– The Nokia Health Mate app is not the best

When you first turn it on, you will be asked to download the Nokia Health Mate application, at which point you need to register and pair the scale with your smartphone via Bluetooth, or you can avoid this step and use the Wi-Fi connection as an alternative.

Nokia Body + can also be used by multiple family members at the same time in order to share the same account but track different data.

Actually, the Nokia Health Mate app is a bit lacking compared to the competing applications of other scale models on the market.

The scale is very easy to use, you can climb on it without even first turning it on and you will immediately receive your own weight measurement.

Weight is always measured precisely, also because if the center of gravity of your body is not centered, small arrows will show you the direction in which to move.

It recognizes the family member who is using it depending on its weight.
And everyone can choose a personalization of the information shown on the display, being able even to opt for the current day’s weather forecast.

As usual, it measures weight, BMI (IMC), fat mass, muscle mass, bone build and water content in the body. Given the impedance, these measurements must be strictly done barefoot, to allow the very small and imperceptible electric discharges to pass through one’s body and provide the data corresponding to the scale.

The materials in which it is made are plastic and glass, unfortunately the scale does not have non-slip rubber pads so you should always use it on safe surfaces.

5. Withings Body +, the favorite of the Americans


Withings Body + - Wi Fi balance for body composition

Withings Body + – Wi Fi balance for body composition

  • Complete body composition analysis: monitors weight (kg, lb, st lb), body fat and% water, as well as muscle and bone mass. A screen with the weight trend provides instant feedback
  • Automatic synchronization: the data of each weight check appears automatically in the Health Mate app via Wi-Fi (iOS and Android)
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– Great design
– It also measures the air quality of the room

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– A little too much data on the screen

Here is a scale that is highly reviewed and loved by the English-speaking public.

Personally I felt good about it but I think it is a bit overrated, because it certainly seemed to me to be at the level of the competitors, but not far superior as they often say.

Like the other scales previously reviewed, it offers weight measurement, body composition, fat mass, muscle mass and composition.

The particular design is what sets it apart, it is in fact made of tempered glass and really offers an excellent display on which to read your data.

To begin the set-up process, simply remove the plastic and place the batteries in the compartment.

Then just press the two power buttons for two seconds after which a phone icon will appear on the display. This is the time to combine it with your smartphone or any other Bluetooth accessory you want.

From there it is then then install the Withings app for iOS or Android.

It will be possible to add users, and start tracking your data.

All measurements are automatically synchronized with your online account.

At the end of each miserable period the Smart Body Analyzer will also display the room air temperature and the level of carbon dioxide present on the display.

It is a nice additional feature proposed by Withings to increase the health of your home, in fact if the carbon dioxide is too high it is better to let some fresh air enter the room.

A complete reading of all data takes almost a minute. First, it will show the body weight, then the fat percentage, the heart rate, and finally the air quality.

The Inline interface provides a lot of information, and sometimes it can even seem exaggerated. Fortunately, there are tips provided by the manufacturer to learn how to interpret these data and in a short time it will be easy to extricate oneself from reading.

The app has a very clean look and all the information presented is very simple to digest.

All the measurements are proposed using well designed graphs and it is possible to configure the specific ranges to adapt them as you wish to your physical and health condition and to indicate the desired results.

The web interface is a bit tricky, but there will be no need to use it, since through the app you can do everything quickly and easily.

A recent software firmware update has added additional information shown on screen. For example, it is now possible to see the weather forecast for the current day, to know the number of steps and to re-order the information on the display according to one’s needs.

For example it is possible to set the weather information before the fat percentage and the heart rate measurement.

The weather forecast is limited to temperature and general conditions, but it is a nice implementation to have in front of the eyes along with the rest. Especially if you consult these data generally in the morning as soon as you wake up.

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer is an excellent balance in conclusion, equipped with many features that could confuse the user looking for a quiet and non-confusing weight and tracking experience.

I believe that although it is an excellent balance, certainly at the level of its competing cousins, it does not justify the hype that has developed around American and UK sites. It is not a cut above the others, but this does not mean that I do not recommend it, indeed.

6. Tanita BC-545N impedance meter, a perfect but not smart scale

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– Perfect
– Colorful display complete with all necessary information

🥇 Best Smart Scale 2019 To Lose Weight? (Final Guide) "class =" wp-image-3769

Here is a scale that is not completely « smart » because it cannot be interfaced with smartphones but is actually extremely intelligent and allows you to know lots of data on your body.

The values ​​are faithfully reported, we are not at the level of professional impedance scales, but the results are very reliable and constitute an excellent base from which to start to engage and build your own pyramid of well-being.

The display is extremely interesting and multicolored, it is very easy to understand the various measurements and get a complete picture of your body.

It is also possible to measure the percentage of fat mass of specific areas of the body.

Furthermore it is possible to measure the body mass index, or BMI and visceral fat, the data are stored and can incorporate up to five different profiles.

One of the best models of impedance scale currently on the market.

The measurement takes only about fifteen seconds, the electrodes are finally detachable, thus ensuring great versatility.

Unfortunately, clearly as we said since it is not a properly smart scale it will not be possible to interface it with iPhone or Android phones or with tablets, if you are interested in similar functions you will unfortunately have to fall back on one of the other models on this list, while if this function does not interest you. or you don’t need it, you should definitely consider buying this Tanita BC-545N scale, certainly one of the best impedance meters on the market right now.

What is the impedance balance?

Impedance measurement is a cross method that is used to understand the actual composition of what is in the body of a living being, in this case of a human body.

Our body is obviously an electric conductor and this prerogative allows us to know its internal composition without the need for invasive instruments.

Technology in recent years has made great strides, and clearly the devices that measure weight have also adapted to the discoveries of science, becoming not only much more precise but also capable of measuring much more in-depth aspects to assess our actual health.

There are very specific medical devices for assessing impedance, usually electrodes are used that are applied to hands and feet, between these is passed the current that is hampered by our bone and muscle structure, the result of this « journey » inside the body it is analyzed by the machine to make the appropriate measurements flow.

Lean fabrics rich in water can easily carry the current while fatty ones obviously offer resistance.
It is therefore easy to take a measurement of the composition of our body.

It is therefore possible to measure:

  • FM = fat mass
  • FFM = lean mass
  • TBW = percentage of total water
  • ECW = percentage of extracellular water
  • ICW = percentage of intracellular water

The bioimpedentiometers used by sports doctors and professionals can measure these parameters with incredible precision, but obviously these are very complex devices that cannot be purchased by a common citizen.

This means that we must give up the impedance measurement by giving up knowing important parameters that affect our health and can make us aware of where we are with the care of our body and maybe help us improve our performance, in addition to simply losing weight.

Sometimes it is believed that simply losing weight is a positive thing in itself, unfortunately it is not, since one could be losing only muscle mass, for example, while what we should focus on is the fat one.

The impedance balance must be used precisely for this, it is true that household instruments are clearly much less precise than professional ones because they are equipped with inferior technology, but still manage to provide us with very interesting data today and with an excellent approximation for make us realize our state of greeting and the composition of our body.

Under no circumstances should a home-made impedance measurement replace a careful visit by a nutritionist with appropriate equipment and knowledge, but if we want to constantly monitor our progress day by day one of these modern scales with the ability to measure this data can definitely do for us.

Then, depending on the results obtained, there are various types of categories in which you can trace your body status:

The latent obese is one who has a lot of fat and little bone and muscle passes. However, latent obese people have a thin physical structure that allows them to keep a low weight and therefore do not feel « fat », this is potentially even more dangerous because people in this state will never run for cover, continuing to accumulate mass fat « hidden ». This is the advantage of using an advanced and intelligent scale, realizing cases of this kind in time and starting to pursue a more correct lifestyle.

The real obesity is instead when the musculature and bone structure are on average, while the fat is contained and is therefore only overweight.

The robust obese are also those similar to the normal obese but showing a more robust skeleton, which further magnifies the bodily “frame” and therefore makes them even fatter than they actually are. The so-called people with « big bones ».

Then there are people with weak musculature who have a limited weight, they are called in the common jargon: « false thin ».

It has a regular body structure when fat and muscles are well balanced, and even visually the body appears harmonious, we think of the Greek ideal so well handed down in the statues of this ancient people.

Then there are the muscolosi, that is those who have a muscle mass that exceeds the fat mass and show muscles well in evidence.

The lean ones have a limited fat mass and however also a modest musculature, their physique is presented as very thin and weak.

There are lean muscular men who have an excellent musculature and little fat on the body.

Dulcis in fundo we find those who have a body-builder physique with very little fat on them and enviable muscles.

Tracking through android apps

Not surprisingly, the best smart scales are compatible with the best fitness tracking apps. When you pair a scale via Wi-Fi or bluetooth with an Android or iPhone app you can have all the evolution data of our fitness path under control, crossing our physical efforts with the results obtained.

Just add to this a tool for monitoring your heart rate and a pressure measurement device and you can have a very complete and sophisticated picture of our body performance, without having to keep accounts by pen and paper.

There is also the possibility that you do not want to take your evolutions into account and instead want to rely on an expert like a dietician, a doctor, or a personal trainer, or rather a member of your family. The smart scales in this case allow you to share your data with anyone you want, with the ability to simultaneously monitor multiple people at the same time and generate real customized reports to send directly to your trusted expert.

When you start using a smart scale, your weight is automatically saved every time you step on it. Some of the most advanced and technological scales also measure body fat and bone density and water percentage.

Some even come astonishingly to be able to measure the heartbeat by bare feet resting on the base.

The balance as a fitness support

While there are several people who want to track their weight and the number of steps they take in one day to better understand what is wrong or correct in their habits and then modify them accordingly, others are more scrupulous and love to control your weight even twice a day.

Athletes and those who like to train consistently and are passionate about taking care of their bodies will want not only a scale with excellent features and precision, but also apps that can help them in their adventure.

We report for example the Flow application that provides the user with specific suggestions every day to help him or her pursue his own results. For example, eat a slice of square less or keep running for another 20 minutes.

Flow is one of the best fitness and body care apps, it allows you to calculate your training intensity day after day, taking into account your VO2Max and lactic acid threshold, and much more …

It is not clearly recommended for those who are easily intimidated, but it is an excellent support for those who take physical activity seriously.

At the same time, there are excellent smart scales that are much easier to use and do not require too much attention to be used. Here in this list presented the best of 2018.

Wi-Fi Vs. Bluetooth, the Pros and Cons

Smart scales are usually compatible only with the Bluetooth platform, or for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standards.

Wi-Fi scales usually cost more, because they need more components inside to be able to interface with your home connection, but at the same time they are much cheaper.

To be constantly updated on your own weight developments it is good to have with you a smartphone that supports Bluetooth technology, and it is good practice to carry it with you when weighing yourself. In fact, this type of technology has the defect of being functional only at short distances.

A Wi-Fi scale does not have this problem. It synchronizes automatically on the home network, all you need is the classic connected home modem-router and it will do everything by itself. Synchronization via wi-fi is much more secure and reliable, but I often have problems with the bluetooth one, which I do not recommend directly.

Mode for pregnant women

Pregnant women or women who are about to become pregnant have very special needs regarding body weight measurement.

Some prefer not to use impedance technology, which, to measure data such as the body’s composition of fat, bone density and water percentage, must send very small electrical discharges, which, however tiny and harmless, could somehow interfere with the fetus.

Better not to risk it. The same rule applies to people who have pacemakers or other types of artificial implants installed in their bodies, impedance scales are usually not recommended for them by the doctors themselves.

While some smart scales have a specific option to disable the impedance function, only one: the QardioBase has a mode for pregnant women. When this is active, the scale monitor shows a smiley face as soon as you step on it, instead of the weight expressed in numbers.

The Quardio mobile app also helps new mothers to slowly return to their ideal weight, if they wish.


Having personally tested a large number of smart scales, I was not surprised at all to see how price and quality are often directly proportional. The best scales cost more.

What makes them more expensive to produce is Wi-Fi support and the difficulty in creating an experience that integrates in a pleasant and easy to use way for the user.

In conclusion

If you are about to buy a new scale for the house, I advise you without a shadow of a doubt to opt for a smart one.

Classic scales sometimes tend to be inaccurate, smart ones are more technological and fun to use.

Even for the little ones it will be a pleasure to know your weight, so it happened with my children, who are competing now to weigh themselves every night.

The world of smart scales is very fascinating, until recently we went to pharmacies to use the classic coin scales that provided different parameters in addition to body weight.

Now we have the great opportunity to use the most advanced devices at a modest price directly at home.

I hope this list of the best 2018 smart scales has been helpful, and I hope you keep fit if you already are and become one as soon as possible otherwise.

And don’t forget: you can buy all the most advanced scales and apps on the market but without a personal effort, a good control of what you eat every day and without doing the right physical activity, it is very difficult to lose weight. It is good to help yourself with intelligent tools, but the first effort must start from yourself.

Good luck!



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