🥇 5 Best Resistant Selfie Sticks 2019 (Recommended by Experts)

🥇 5 Best Resistant Selfie Sticks 2019 (Recommended by Experts) –

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Hi, I’m Tony.

You will certainly agree with me on one thing:

THE selfies taken alone are a little sad. See the arm that stretches inside the photo is not exactly the best …

If you want to avoid theembarrassment and the discomfort to take pictures of yourself by hand supporting your mobile phone and want to solve this distressing problem once and for all, here is finally the definitive Italian guide to selfie stick, also known as a selfie rod.

Follow me in this guide or click here to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST SELFIE STICKS.

The guide to selfie sticks and Go Pro

Easy you say, just go by Chinese under the house and with a few euros you take home a cheap tool that does its job.

So I thought, until one day … Iphone X fell on the ground.

Well yes, it still hurts me to remember it now but the selfie stick I bought for 3 euros at the small Chinese shop in the corner had unfortunately failed, despite all my care to better adjust the phone inside its grip.

I don’t tell you my face right now.

I felt like I was betrayed by someone dear to me.

Think what a tragedy, luckily I had Apple insurance and I managed miraculously to have it replaced, but think if this was not the case …

From that day I promised to stay well away from the Chinese and buy only certified products, there will be a reason why the European Union has decided that we must respect certain standards, no?

Buy a brand selfie stick it is important as never before since the market is submerged by poorly made Chinese devices that are extremely dangerous for the safety of our mobile phones.

And I guarantee you that my misadventure is not isolated, try to take a look at the various online forums, or ask this friend, I am sure that in a short time you will go back to similar episodes …

So be careful before buying that the object in question is sturdy and durable.

What is the selfie stick?

The selfie stick is an accessory you are widespread initially in Japan and the United States to be quickly imported into the European Union and then into Italy.

In a few months we have witnessed the increasingly frequent use of this very comfortable tool in urban spaces, where young and not only have begun to exploit the innumerable possibilities provided by this tool.

The selfie auction makes it possible to take photos as if there was a person on the other side of the « target », in this case of the smartphone, taking them, not allowing the viewer to deduce in any way that this has been realized in manual self-timer, and guaranteeing greater mobility and the possibility of new and unpredictable breathtaking shots.

For example, you can place it very high where not even a tripod could arrive, or imagine yourself holding it suspended on the end of a bridge for a photo or an exciting video shoot.

Whether it’s a photo or a video or even a vlog in case you are an aspiring youtuber, the selfie stick is an object without a shadow of a doubt inevitable in the arsenal of a respectable millenial.

The selfie stick works as a « prosthesis » of our arms, a very simple yet ingenious tool.

At the end of the stick there is in fact a comfortable mini-vise in which to position our smartphone in safety.

As I told you at the beginning of this article and I would like to repeat it, it is this grip that is often lacking in the objects sold at stalls or by the Chinese, so it is always better to rely on objects produced within the European Union with all the certifications of the case.

But let’s proceed in order and see together which are the most interesting selfie sticks on the market right now.

Let us first understand what the substantial differences are between one auction and another, and if it is actually worthwhile, spend a few euros more for the more advanced functions.

How to choose the selfie stick?

Selfie sticks are pretty cheap, even branded ones, so there is no reason to opt for super cheap solutions at bargain prices.

A small fee of a handful of euros will in fact ensure you a durable object that will bring you great satisfaction.

The level of extensibility of the arm of our selfie stick is fundamental to check.

Even the vise in which our smartphone will be housed must be compatible with the device in our possession. You should therefore always check on the model page that we wish to purchase the possible compatibility.

There are some super-technologically advanced poles, and steps are being taken each day to try to optimize an already brilliant object in itself.

There are selfie rods with bluetooth remote control to allow you to click on your smartphone even when the stick itself is physically away from us, just think of it!

But let’s not get lost in talk now and let’s analyze the model by model all the options available to choose the one that will best meet your needs.

Best Selfie Sticks and for Go Pro

1. Foneso Selfie Stick Bluetooth, my photo buddy

Foneso, Bluetooth Selfie Stick, with tripod for Smartphone and ...

Foneso, Bluetooth Selfie Stick, with tripod for Smartphone and …

  • 【More than a Selfie Stick】: greet the images of « upper body » or « big head ». Simply combine with the metal tripod, hold the handle and the remote control in your hand. Now, pose a style and start recording in another way
  • 【Excellent Quality Material】: every selfie stick you received has 45 operating procedures. Made of high quality material — antirust anodized aluminum rod with non-slip rubber grip and metal tripod. We have also combined the remote control with IOS and the Android standard before shipping. It’s worth it

This is the selfie stick I have been using for a year for my forays into the art cities of Italy and Europe, I took it everywhere and it was an excellent travel companion.

Equipped with Bluetooth technology, one of the best at the moment on the market.

Very light, in fact it weighs only 340 grams, has a clip with adjustable size from 5.5 to well 7.5 cm, so measure your mobile phone model to be sure it is suitable for this stick before making the purchase.

Also compatible with Go Pro and a huge number of mobile phones and small cameras.

The material used by Foneso for the realization of this selfie stick is a solid aluminum alloy, very resistant, with an extension capacity of 22 to 83 centimeters, certainly the one that is enough to obtain very interesting shots from positions unthinkable for your arm.

The game at the end allows it to rotate well by 270 degrees.

The rod is in turn of excellent quality and has a reliable and tenacious grip

In the package there is also a wrist strap to tie the handle well to our body and avoid problems such as wind or other annoying atmospheric agents.

There is also clearly a bluetooth remote control for remote shooting, very convenient.

It is also possible to connect it to a tripod by means of the special cavity.

2. Arespark with Bluetooth, professional

Selfie Stick Arespark Stick Selfie with Bluetooth Wireless ...

Selfie Stick Arespark Stick Selfie with Bluetooth Wireless …

  • 【Strong and Safe】 The exclusive club locking system secures mobile phones or cameras in a stable way. Made of aluminum alloy. The wrist strap lets you feel more secure with your phone or cameras.
  • Perfetto Perfect angle】 180 degrees of rotation to find the perfect angle, extendable from 16 inches to a maximum of 50 inches.

Another great selfie stick is this Arespark, very robust and resistant, recommended also for professionals.

The difference can be seen immediately with the selfie sticks sold by the Chinese, just take it in your hand and you realize you are in front of a product where every detail is carefully studied and where nothing is left to chance.

The handle is made in an elliptical shape to immediately understand the position of the lens with respect to the handle and move the frame to suit your needs without ever taking a shot, and without losing any opportunity.

Another very interesting detail and the mirror positioned at the top that lets you figure out, obviously not perfectly because this will depend on many other factors, the framing of our room.

Also in this case we see the presence of an excellent bluetooth remote control that will allow us to take photos right away even without having to physically press the button.

The closed stick is a bit long, in fact it measures 40cm even before extending it, a characteristic that will be uncomfortable for those who intend to carry it for example inside little jackets or small bags.

The maximum extension is 120 cm and the clamp can hold smartphones up to a size of 8.5 cm, just not bad, therefore, good even for phones a bit bigger.

The handle is excellent and fall proof.

3. TaoTronics and VAVA, 3 in 1, perfect for travelers

Another interesting model is this proposed by TaoTronics, which has often accustomed us to excellent products and this time too it does not fall short of expectations.

Alternatively there is that of VAVA which is also of excellent quality.

Extendable up to 60 centimeters, the clip can accommodate smartphones, Go Pro and can also be used, opening it, with a tripod. For this they are 3 in 1 models.

It can be used via Bluetooth without any problem.

The bar can rotate 360 ​​° and can be recharged via USB.

Highly recommended for those who travel a lot and want a resistant object that can withstand different stresses typical of situations in which we move a lot.

The bluetooth connection unlike the Chinese models is durable and constant and there is no need to continuously reinitialize it, in fact I would like to warn less experienced users that Chinese bluetooth models are often only mirrors for larks as this function is not nearly never fully usable.

Certainly an excellent alternative to far-making and inexpensive products.

4. Luxebell telescopic, Go Pro Stick for sportsmen

Here is a stick designed primarily to accompany Go Pro and action cams in general.

The material of which it is composed is a precious anti-rust aluminum, designed therefore specifically for those who expect right away to subject the stick to different atmospheric stresses, perfect therefore for those who do outdoor sports.

It extends from 19 to 49 centimeters, certainly a good extension that can meet the most basic needs.

It is also waterproof and very light, the handle is non-slip.

Recommended for those who love adventure and want a compact and durable rod.

5. Spigen, robust and pocket-sized

The Spigen is not inferior and immediately shows interesting features that attract our attention, that’s why I decided to put it on this list without hesitation.

It connects via a universal 3.5 mm connector, with the simple push of a button, so you start the dance by triggering the magic click that immortalises us and delivers us to history.

Closed it is 20 centimeters large, a very small and interesting dimension that makes it virtually pocket-sized. Therefore great to be transported around the city.

Open it can stretch up to 73 centimeters.

The material is plastic and aluminum, the plastic ensures a nice grip on the handle, while the aluminum guarantees lightness and versatility.

The support is also made of rubber, to avoid scratching smartphones, cameras, Go Pro or other action cams.

To make it work you will need to set the volume button as a shutter button, a very small configuration that can be easily obtained.

At this price you will hardly find better, recommended.

In conclusion

It is never too easy to find the best item to buy, the one that will respond fully to our needs, when you are in the presence of models all so similar to each other.

There are certainly objects, for example we think of cars, which immediately communicate something with their own design, it almost seems as if they talk to us, and it is not really difficult to choose the one « made just for us », to identify with a particular brand and do the perfect choice for us.

It is clear that the selfie sticks, although they are great as an idea, have limited functionality, in fact, on balance their only task is to « click » on the smartphone. But don’t let these small devices mislead you.

Before buying one I was normally less inclined to take pictures, and I can assure you that I sacrificed lots of shots that would otherwise have been real works of art, portraits with my face in the foreground, which they would have seen in the background fantastic scenery.

And I still regret those times, I wish I could go back and fix it.

But as we all know there is no way to travel through time, and then I will have to « settle » with the photos I can take now and that I can definitely take in the future.

Whether you want to use it for your smartphone, or for your small camera or for your Go Pro, the selfie stick is certainly a great travel and adventure companion.

If you feel brave, I challenge you to take the best photo with the help of your trusted selfie stick and send it to our editorial email address: redazioneprocontro@gmail.com (provided, however, that you understand that you have used this tool to create it, « normal » photos will be taken)

As you may have noticed, even a simple product like the selfie stick is not that easy to buy if you want a quality product.

Even the selfie sticks in fact have their essential characteristics and it is always good to evaluate all aspects before buying one, that’s why we decided to come and meet you and we hope with this guide to have clarified your ideas and helped you find the right product for you.

I will judge what I think will best embody the spirit of adventure that characterizes this object and will post it on this page as an example of what I can accomplish by using the selfie sticks.

I wish you to make good use of it and to make exciting shots that over time will be able to excite you and your friends.

Greetings from your Tony Pro Pros

Until next time!


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