🥇5 Secret Reasons to Choose Gearbest Italy? (That No One

🥇5 Secret Reasons to Choose Gearbest Italy? (That No One Will Dare To Tell You) –

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Hi, I’m Pino.

Have you heard of Gearbest Italy and do you want to know if you can trust this platform?

You have the doubts regarding shipping in Italy?

What you see below is a nice video that shows the functionality and shipping efficiency of Gearbest in Italy. How not to start a guide with good news!

Follow me then in this guide! I’ll tell you about mine personal experience with this Chinese online store and you’ll realize, in the end, that it’s really worth it.

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5 Reasons to choose GearBest

  1. GearBest offers Chinese products of best quality to lower prices of the other online stores.
  2. GearBest has a portal entirely dedicated to Italy, with content and technical support in our language, and offers the shipping method Italy Express which avoids customs charges.
  3. With GearBest you can save even more on your purchases if you use the daily offers on the site or if you use i coupon.
  4. GearBest allows you to pay via PayPal in complete safety and the warranty on products is 2 years from the date of delivery.
  5. GearBest has warehouses throughout Europe, Italy included. Shipping times will be short.


My personal experience and my opinion on GearBest Italy

I have been buying online for years and for long periods, maybe I have also been too loyal to certain shops, but the market is growing and even names and curiosity sooner or later leads you to learn more. Especially if these famous Chinese products are at stake, that maybe one thinks they are not that great, but then goes on to discover that they are products of excellent workmanship and have very affordable prices.

Think for a moment only about smartphones and tablets. There are so many exclusive brands on the Chinese market. Xiaomi, Meizu, Honor, Huawei is OnePlus they are only the best known ones and offer mobile phones that have absolutely nothing to envy of their much more famous and sold companions.

best gearbest tablet

For comparison I also show you the best tablets available now on Amazon, you can click on the product to check the price immediately!



TECLAST X4 Tablet PC 2 in 1 11.6 inch Touchscreen Notebook …

Save € 70 , Only in 25/26/27 three days 【Laptop Tablet 2 in 1】 X4 is both a tablet and a laptop with a removable keyboard to go quickly. (the keyboard requires additional purchases.) It has a 1920 x 1080 IPS Full HD screen with a narrow frame of 11.6 inches and the display is colorful and delicate; Full-lamination 10-point touchscreen, it can also be combined with an active stylus to achieve a pressure-sensitive calligraphy at 1024 levels.


Tablet 10 Inch 4G, HD Touch 2 in 1 tablet pc 3GB RAM 64GB …

【Scalable 3GB storage + 64GB】 3Go of RAM for tablets let you run multiple programs in the background, ensuring your computer runs at high speed. The integrated 64 GB memory offers enough space to store music, videos and files. The Micro SD card slot offers up to 128 GB of expandable memory, offering unlimited possibilities.

More than a year ago, I knew GearBest by name, someone told me about it and I became interested. I didn’t buy right away but it definitely caught my attention with the portal in Italian. It was there that I decided to start with a first test. I sent for various items, one after the other, mainly small and not price-demanding.

I broke the earphones on my cell phone, sent them to GearBest immediately. They arrived without any problem. I still use them.

I ordered a drone last year, not those overly large, I honestly don’t know what to do with it. But I had to take off the whim and GearBest’s prices were really good. Accontatato: the drone arrived without a hitch. With Italy Express shipping, which is a godsend for orders located in China or Hong Kong. No customs fees, short delivery times and really low shipping costs.

If you want to compare prices, you will find the same drone on Amazon.

Virhuck Folding Quadrocopter 720P Visuo xs809w, with 2 ...

Virhuck Folding Quadrocopter 720P Visuo xs809w, with 2 …

  • WiFi FPV: 720P camera, give wonderful moments, enjoy the wonderful time. Real-time transmission to make your feelings more real, to offer you a different sensory experience.
  • Long flight time: equipped with a 2PCS 3.7V 900mAh large capacity battery, it gives you more fun. The H / M / L speed options can be changed freely for both beginners and professional players.

After a couple of months and happy with the previous purchases, I decided to take a bigger step. I ordered a OnePlus 5. On everyone’s lips, I absolutely wanted to see what it was.

Obviously given the product I decided to spend on shipping by courier. In 2 weeks the mobile phone arrived. I am sincere, I do not hide my concerns about defects or missing items in the package. After all, I really spent so much compared to what I had sent in the previous months. But it all disappeared in a very short time, everything was in place.

best-smartphone-gearbest "class =" wp-image-2625 "srcset =" http://geeky-mama.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/1574844824_32_🥇5-Secret-Reasons-to-Choose-Gearbest-Italy-That-No-One.jpg 500w, https: / /procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/offerte-gearbest-italia-2-150x150.jpg 150w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/offerte-gearbest- italia-2-192x192.jpg 192w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/offerte-gearbest-italia-2-384x384.jpg 384w, https://procontro.com/wp- content / uploads / 2018/06 / offers-gearbest-italia-2-110x110.jpg 110w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/offerte-gearbest-italia-2-220x220.jpg 220w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/offerte-gearbest-italia-2-364x364.jpg 364w "sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px

For comparison I also show you the best Smartphones available now on Amazon, you can click on the product to immediately check the price!



【2019】 DOOGEE S40 (3GB + 32GB) robust 4G Android 9.0 Rugged …

S40 —- robust and solid // IP68 | IP69K | MIL-STD-810G military standard // Waterproof / shockproof / dustproof // Large 4650mAh battery // 5.5 »18: 9 full screen // Corning Gorilla Glass 4 // Dual 8MP rear camera + 5 million pixels // The latest Android 9.0 cake // Efficient 1.5GHz quad-core processor // Facial unlocking and fingerprint // Network 4G, dual card // NFC //


That phone is now in my brother’s hands. Some time ago he asked me where I had bought it and I told him about GearBest. I also convinced him immediately. I don’t know exactly which shipping method he had chosen, but he waited for something like 40 days. I showed my doubts but he told me it was normal, and that the information at the time of purchase gave exactly these as delivery times. Probably shipping by mail, times are getting longer.

Delivery times were not a problem. When the package arrived he was very happy with his Xiaomi SmartBand Mi Band 2. The beauty is that he ordered two, the other was a gift. For my father, who still today has problems with online purchases, people who are a bit older, you know, are difficult to convince about these things. But just the other day he was in front of the computer browsing the offers section on GearBest. He told me he didn’t want to buy anything. We’ll see…

What I present below is the definitive and complete guide to GearBest.

What is GearBest?

If you are interested in Chinese products of excellent quality, like a smartphone or tablet, you have to rely on GearBest.

GearBest offers a wide selection of items of various kinds at affordable prices, lower than other online stores.

The first advantage of buying on GearBest is that the store is located in the same country where the items are produced. This entails a lower price than other online stores that sell the same brands.

Consumer electronics is the store’s flagship product, and we are talking about China, a country that is making great strides on this front. Just think of the wide range of smartphones, which are competitive from the point of view of the market and excellent for the bill, at affordable prices.

Let it be clear that not only mobile phones are found on GearBest. The choice is varied, the types of products are many.

Honorable mention for the section of the site entirely dedicated to offers. Here you will find all the discounted products of the moment. Also at the bottom of the page you will find the daily offers, divided by category. I recommend you take a ride.

Gearbest OnePlus 7 Pro 4G Phablet International Version

You can also find the same phone on Amazon. You can click below to find out the price right away!

The GearBest Italia portal

For more than a year now, GearBest has opened a portal dedicated to our country, all in Italian and complete with support and assistance in our language.

GearBest offers the possibility of shipping Italy Express, which provides for the absence of very low customs and shipping costs if not even zero in many cases.

In general, products that are in a European warehouse are not subject to customs fees. The latter will be present when the package is shipped from outside Europe. Italy Express meets the customer by reducing this risk, and often the risk is zero.

When you buy, under the heading Shipping costs, you will find the different shipping methods available. To take advantage of the Italy Express method you will need to select Priority Line / Priority Line.

Where are the storehouses of GearBest

Many wonder where GearBest’s storage warehouses are located in Europe.

When you need to purchase a particular object, you are presented with certain Stock Options expressed in codes, which you don’t understand very much about which warehouses they refer to.

After careful online research, I was able to find out where GearBest’s warehouses are located, which sort products directly from Europe, without the need to get items from China. Finally here is the answer in one place.

The G-W-8 code is the one for the Italian warehouse, the others are indicated below:

ENGLAND G-W-3, UK-W, G-W-2, G-W-15
GERMANY G-W-24, G-W-21
POLAND G-W-4, G-W-10
SPAIN G-W-16, G-W-12, G-W-7

As you can see, GearBest has warehouses in various European countries and Italy is one of them. This is very often a guarantee for the buyer, regarding costs and delivery times that are clearly shortened if one relies on a warehouse near home, or a European country not far away, such as France, Spain or Germany.

The Italy Express shipping method

With Italy Express, GearBest finds a compromise between slow shipping and expensive transport by courier.

This shipment is handled directly by the same people at the head of GearBest. Simply put, it is a direct link between you and the store. Without putting yourself in the hands of third parties.

Italy Express works this way: a first courier handles the transport from the warehouse in China to the one in Hong Kong. A second courier then takes charge of the following shipment, that is to transport the package from Hong Kong to the reference warehouse in Europe.

This step is crucial and very important. In Europe there are quite a few GearBest stores, located in different countries, and their location becomes important depending on the type of product that is delivered.

There is no standard way for this phase, it depends strictly on various parameters, such as the category, the weight, the cost, the certifications on the product and sometimes also the period of the year. For example, heavy objects such as a TV will pass through a warehouse located in Eastern Europe, where the shipping costs by air have a cost per kilogram lower than the other warehouses. A mobile phone with all the certifications and the fees paid, will transit through the London warehouse which is the main door in Europe.

Once you reach Europe, the product must be shipped to Italy. At that point, Bartolini will deliver to your home.

Italy Express shipping is really good. GearBest knows what your request is and manages the shipment of the package in the best way.

GearBest knows its products and knows where its stores are, and this also means knowing which is the best shipping method.

GearBest is a store of respect and wants to bring customers the best service at the best price and in the shortest possible time.

Guide to buying on GearBest

Let’s see now step by step how to proceed with the purchase on GearBest and avoid nasty surprises at the time of payment.

The first rule of a good buyer is to check in detail what is written on the opposite page. Leave nothing to chance.

First of all, once on the site, set up the country where you want the shipment to take place and the currency, if it is not automatically set to Italy / EUR.

Let’s take as an example the Xiaomi Mi 5X smartphone, excellent cell phone with impeccable reviews.

gearbest-guide-purchase-smartphone "class =" wp-image-2293 "srcset =" https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-guide-purchase-smartphone.jpg 780w, https : //procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-guide- purchasing-smartphone-768x381.jpg 768w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest- purchase-guide-smartphone-192x96.jpg 192w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-guide-acquisto-smartphone-384x192.jpg 384w, https://procontro.com/ wp-content / uploads / 2018/06 / gearbest-purchase-guide-smartphone-364x181.jpg 364w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-guide- purchase-smartphone-758x376 .jpg 758w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-guide-acquisto-smartphone-608x302.jpg 608w "sizes =" (max-width: 780px) 100vw, 780px

In general, you will have a series of options exclusively related to the product in question. In this case you can choose the color. Keep in mind, however, that this will change the shipping options.

The important items at this stage are:

Here GearBest tells you where the product is physically located. Check the differences between the various warehouse choices. For this smartphone, for example. The shop in China sells it on offer at 30% discount. Changing the warehouse, the types of shipping will change. The G-W wordings always refer to warehouses on European soil. In our case, the phone is also in the warehouse in France (G-W-6) but at full price.

This is where the package departure dates will be shown. I performed the purchase procedure on June 13th.

Here you can, if possible, select different options. As you read in the Italy Express section, when the products are in China or Hong Kong it is always recommended to opt for this mode.

We take advantage of the offer and go ahead choosing the China stock option. Under the item shipping costs there may be other selectable items, but we are interested in Italy Express and then select Priority Line.

Going forward, fill out the delivery address form, being careful to write your phone number which will be used by the courier to contact you and avoid late deliveries.

At this point you are in the shipment window.

gearbest-shipment "class =" wp-image-2297 "srcset =" http://geeky-mama.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/1574844825_321_🥇5-Secret-Reasons-to-Choose-Gearbest-Italy-That-No-One.jpg 780w, https://procontro.com/wp -content / uploads / 2018/06 / gearbest-shipment-768x422.jpg 768w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-spedizione-364x200.jpg 364w, https: // procontro .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/06 / gearbest-shipment-758x417.jpg 758w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-shipping-608x334.jpg 608w "sizes = "(max-width: 780px) 100vw, 780px

Here you have to be careful. You can select different shipping options.

You can choose to insure your package by selecting the appropriate box. The advice I give you is to always proceed with insurance in the case of particularly expensive items, in order to increase security, as in the case of our smartphone.

If you have a coupon, enter the code where it is requested. If you want, you can choose instead to use your points. Check that the discount has been processed in the right section.

Go on.

Here you are faced with a simple window where you can choose the payment method you prefer. My advice is to pay with absolute peace of mind via PayPal. By doing this you will have greater security on the transaction and an extra guarantee, as I explain in the section on payment methods.

Well done. Now you just have to wait.

Gearbest and customs, delivery times

GearBest has an eye on Italy. The introduction, more than a year ago, of the portal entirely in Italian and the Italy Express shipping method are a clear example.

We say that in general the following rule applies: shipments with a value of less than 22 euros do not generally incur customs fees. The customs concerns those products that are shipped from China or Hong Kong. But here comes the Italy Express shipment. By selecting the « Priority Line / Priority Line » shipping method, you will not be charged for the customs fees, to be borne by GearBest. Please note, however, that Italy Express is not always free. You will find yourself paying a minimum shipping charge, but knowing that you are not going to meet customs fees.

When you order items only in the warehouse in China (CHINA) or Hong Kong (HK) the advice is to go for the Priority Line mode.

In the event that the package is shipped from a European warehouse, you will simply consider the best shipping method based on how much it costs and delivery times. Don’t worry about customs charges in these cases, the products on European soil have already been cleared.

Let’s see in detail the different items in the shipping methods:

  1. Priority Line (Priority Line): is the right choice for packages coming from the warehouse in China or Hong Kong. You will benefit from the Italy Express shipment with all the advantages that it entails.
  2. Registered Air Mail (Mail Traceable) or Unregistered Air Mail (Untraceable Mail): shipments by mail, respectively traceable and not traceable, from China or Hong Kong. Traceability is an important factor, but if you have ordered items that are not particularly expensive, you can choose the Unregistered in peace. In the case of shipments from China or Hong Kong of items below 22 euros, shipping costs will be very low and you will not pay customs. The great disadvantage of this modality consists in the long delivery times, it also reaches 40 days of waiting. You can choose to rely on the post offices of specific countries, if available: Azerbaijan, Belgium (Belgium), Netherlands (Netherlands), Sweden (Sweden), SingPost (Singapore). Choose European post, go easy selecting Belgium, Holland or Sweden. In the case of Unregistered Air Mail, you have the option to pay for tracking of the shipment.
  3. Expedited Shipping: Shipping from China or Hong Kong via DHL courier, it is definitely fast but it costs. Furthermore, you will certainly pay the customs fees. To choose if you need to receive the package as soon as possible.
  4. Standard Shipping: economic shipping by courier. In the case of Italy, GLS takes care of deliveries. Once the package reaches Italy, it is possible to contact the Rome DAC directly at +39 0655 06520 to obtain precise information regarding the delivery.
  5. Flat Rate Shipping: shipping via Hungarian post, in this case the product is already on European territory. This shipment is recommended for small items, shipping costs are usually not excessive.

Let’s go now instead to see what the delivery times are.

  1. If purchased from China:
    1. By mail, 15-28 working days
    2. Italy Express, 5-15 working days
    3. Other options, 5-10 working days
  2. If purchased from Hong Kong:
    1. By mail, 10-25 working days
    2. Italy Express, 5-10 working days
    3. Other options, 5-15 working days
  3. If purchased from a European warehouse:
    1. Standard (GLS), 5-7 working days
    2. Expedited (DHL), 2-3 working days

In summary, if you need to have an item shipped from China or Hong Kong, when you can choose Italy Express shipping, choose it without thinking twice. Otherwise, the best solution is Registered Air Mail, in the case of small and cheap items.

If the article is already in Europe, and if possible, it is better to choose G-W-3 (England) and G-W-5 (Czech Republic) as shipping costs are usually lower.

How to track Gearbest shipments?

Once the purchase is made, your product will go to the « Processing » phase. Remember to note down the order number, in case you need to contact GearBest for problems.

If the product is located in China or Hong Kong, processing time usually varies around 3-5 working days. In the case of the European warehouse, we talk about 1-2 working days. These times may be longer and in this case they are specified on the product page.

After being processed, the product will be shipped depending on the shipping method selected on the site at the time of purchase.

If you choose the Unregistered Air Mail shipment, or if the order has an amount less than 40 dollars, you will not receive any traceability code. But you can pay for one, the price is 2 dollars. The choice is yours, but I suggest you always give yourself the opportunity to check the exact position of your package.

Apart from the cases described above, the shipment tracking code is included:

  1. If you have chosen to ship by DHL courier, go to the DHL website and then in the shipment tracking section.
  2. If you have chosen Italy Express, the Bartolini courier will be your contact person. The traceability code is called the Client Neck ID on their site. The code will start with IT and a series of numbers. In some cases, the courier may be GLS, in which case the code will start with DAC (see point 3).
  3. If you have chosen the Standard mode, the courier who will deliver the package is GLS. The traceability code will start with DAC and should end with LHR. For shipping information, please refer to One World Express (OWE), by going to their website www.oneworldexpress.com (in English) or call DAC Rome at +39 0655 06520. GLS will handle the shipment once the parcel reached Italy.
  4. If you have chosen Registered Air Mail shipping, then you can simply go to www.17track.net/it and enter your tracking code.

Assistance, how to open a ticket on GearBest

Let’s start by saying that if you enter the GearBest site and go to the page about your purchases, you can keep an eye on the entire shipping phase of the requested product. In the unfortunate case of excessive and unwelcome delays, you can always go to the GearBest support page and « open a ticket ».

How to open a ticket on GearBest?

When you are on the GearBest website, go to « Support Center » and click on « Send A Message ». In the new page that opens, choose the Italian language.

You will find this screen in front of you.

gearbest-guide-open-ticket "class =" wp-image-2300 "srcset =" https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-guide-aprire-ticket.jpg 1424w, https : //procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-guida-aprire-ticket-768x330.jpg 768w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest- guide-open-ticket-364x156.jpg 364w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-guida-aprire-ticket-758x326.jpg 758w, https://procontro.com/ wp-content / uploads / 2018/06 / gearbest-guide-open-ticket-728x312.jpg 728w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-guida-aprire-ticket-608x261 .jpg 608w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/gearbest-guida-aprire-ticket-1152x495.jpg 1152w "sizes =" (max-width: 1424px) 100vw, 1424px

Now you can open the ticket by filling in the form in front of you. You can be further precise in the request by selecting one of the choices that will appear in the two drop-down menus at the top. This is to better address your request.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the customer who has problems regarding the traceability code. By selecting « Track a package » in the first menu, other sub-categories regarding the main request will appear in the second menu.

In this example the support center will ask us for the order number in a special field that will appear after completing the top selections. The order number is the one assigned to you at the time of purchase. Please do not confuse it with the traceability code! The order number can be found by selecting the item in red « My orders » which is located next to the field to be filled. Or by going directly to the personal order page. Find this number exactly at the purchased product.

Finish filling out the form in its entirety, including the final section concerning the contact details. There is also the possibility of attaching a file, just like an email. This is very useful for those difficult situations in which it is necessary to show photos or particular documents concerning the purchased item.

If, for example, your article arrives at your home damaged, you should open a ticket on GearBest and send a video showing the opening of the package and the damaged object inside.

After submitting the ticket, wait for the reply. GearBest will surely respond via the site itself. He also replies to you with an email, sent to the address you entered, but for security it is a good idea to check the ticket section daily, where you will also find the list of any tickets opened with GearBest.

It is always advisable to pay via PayPal

At the time of purchase you have various choices available. The site does not accept cash on delivery.

You can pay:

  1. Directly with your credit or debit card
  2. Via PayPal
  3. With the postepay card
  4. By Bank transfer
  5. With a credit card via PayPal

The advice I give you is to pay with confidence via PayPal.

This payment method is absolutely secure. PayPal has given you 180 days to submit a claim for an item not received, for example. Another reason to stay calm with PayPal is that in case of return of the product, you will be reimbursed the return costs.

Paying through PayPal is a further guarantee of reliability for you who decide to buy on GearBest.

I remind you that opening an account on PayPal is easy and free.

How GearBest coupons work

The GearBest coupon system offers discounts on specific products. The codes will be valid for a certain period of time and can be found in a limited number.

You will need to regularly check the offers on the GearBest website to have the opportunity to take advantage of one of these discount vouchers.

Let’s see how GearBest coupons work and how to use them.

The GearBest coupon is related to a specific product. When you find one, the first thing to do is to click on the link associated with the product itself. You don’t have to go looking for it on the site. This is important because the discount voucher is on an item that is in a specific warehouse. Clicking on the relative link, you will go to select exactly the product with the discount.

In most cases, coupons will be on products in the warehouse in China or Hong Kong.

Once you have found the coupon, write down the code. Click on the product link and you will be on the relevant page. Add the product to the cart and proceed as indicated in the purchase guide on GearBest.

Here you must enter the code, in the « Use a Coupon » field. After entering it, check to the side that the discount has actually been applied. In this case, proceed with the purchase.

It may happen that your code has been entered correctly and still does not work. Always remember that discount vouchers are limited in use. Può capitare che il vostro codice scadi proprio mentre state procedendo all’acquisto. La soluzione in questo caso è cercare un nuovo coupon.

I coupon di GearBest possono essere utilizzati anche entro 72 ore dall’acquisto. Se il prodotto che avete comprato subisce una variazione di prezzo a causa di un coupon rilasciato entro 72 ore dal vostro acquisto, GearBest vi rimborsa la differenza di prezzo. Per richiederla, dovrete rivolgervi al supporto di GearBest.

Sistema dei punti GearBest

Esiste un sistema di punti GearBest che vi vengono assegnati se comprate o se portate a termine determinate attività sul sito stesso. Per esempio, nel momento in cui vi iscrivete, GearBest vi da 10 punti.

Sulla vostra pagina personale, alla voce “I Miei Punti”, trovate i vostri punti accumulati fino a quel momento.

Ecco alcune delle azioni da completare per guadagnare punti:

  • 10 punti – Iscrizione a GearBest;
  • 10 punti – Recensione di un prodotto acquistato;
  • 20 punti – Upload della foto sul proprio profilo;
  • 20 punti – Recensione con foto di un prodotto acquistato;
  • 50 punti – Registrazione alla newsletter;
  • 50 punti – Recensione con video di un prodotto acquistato;
  • 70 punti – Recensione con foto e video di un prodotto acquistato;
  • 250 punti – Video raccomandato nella video community di GearBest;

Per quanto riguarda gli acquisti, guadagnate un numero di punti pari all’importo in dollari dei prodotti che comprate. 100 dollari di spesa equivalgono a 100 punti GearBest. La conversione dei punti è basata sul dollaro. 50 punti equivalgono ad 1 dollaro (0.85 euro).

Potete usare i punti GearBest al momento dell’acquisto. Nella stessa pagina in cui selezionate l’utilizzo di un coupon, scegliete invece di usare i vostri punti. Notate che l’utilizzo dei punti esclude la possibilità di usufruire di eventuali coupon sul prodotto.

Non potete usare i punti GearBest per avere prodotti gratis. Il sito prevede uno sconto tramite punti fino ad un massimo del 30% del prezzo totale dell’ordine. Per esempio, su un acquisto di 100 euro, il massimo sconto tramite punti possibile è di 30 euro.

Garanzia prodotti

GearBest offre la garanzia Europa di 2 anni dalla data di acquisto su tutti i prodotti (controllate sempre bene sulla pagina del prodotto, la garanzia potrebbe essere diversa per alcune tipologie di prodotti). Entro questi 2 anni, potete restituire l’articolo per eventuali riparazioni completamente gratuite.

GearBest applica la formula “Soddisfatti o Rimborsati”. Avete 30 giorni di tempo dalla data di consegna per restituire il prodotto se non siete contenti dell’acquisto. GearBest vi rimborsa il prezzo pagato per l’ordine.

In generale, il costo a carico del cliente in questi casi è la spedizione del reso, ma se scegliete il pagamento tramite PayPal, questo vi sarà rimborsato. Nel caso di riparazione o sostituzione del prodotto, GearBest si farà carico dei costi di rispedizione.

Nel malaugurato caso che un prodotto vi arrivi danneggiato o rotto, GearBest vi viene incontro. La prima cosa da fare è contattare entro 7 giorni il supporto GearBest aprendo un ticket nell’apposita area sul sito. Vi ricordo che in questi casi è bene inviare foto chiare del prodotto danneggiato o anche video del pacco appena aperto, in modo da documentare la consegna del prodotto danneggiato. Potete scegliere di essere completamente rimborsati oppure di sostituire il prodotto con uno nuovo. In questo caso GearBest rimborsa le spese di reso.

Non spedite mai un prodotto indietro prima di aver aperto un ticket e di aver ricevuto assistenza con GearBest.

Se vi ritrovate con un articolo sbagliato o con oggetti mancanti all’interno del pacco, non preoccupatevi. Nel primo caso, GearBest propone il rimborso completo oppure la spedizione di un nuovo articolo se disponibile (GearBest si prende carico dei costi di spedizione fino a un massimo 50 dollari); potete addirittura scegliere di tenere l’articolo sbagliato, in tal caso GearBest vi offrirà un rimborso parziale. Nel secondo caso, GearBest vi invierà l’oggetto mancante.

Attenzione alle festivitá cinesi!

Ricordatevi sempre che il negozio si trova in Cina e rispetta le festività cinesi. Durante questo arco di tempo, il negozio non sarà operativo, con conseguente stop delle spedizioni.

Di seguito vi riporto le prossime festività più importanti:

  1. Festa delle barche drago (18 Giugno 2018, durata 3 giorni);
  2. Festa di mezzo autunno (24 Settembre 2018, durata 1 giorno);
  3. Festa nazionale (1 Ottobre 2018, durata 7 giorni);
  4. Capodanno (1 Gennaio 2019, durata 3 giorni);
  5. Capodanno cinese (5 Febbraio 2019, durata 7 giorni);
  6. Giornata degli antenati (4 Aprile 2019, durata 3 giorni).

In Conlusione, GearBest è affidabile?

SI, GearBest è assolutamente affidabile.

Gli acquisti su GearBest sono sicuri. Stiamo parlando di un negozio che sta crescendo sempre di più, con milioni di utenti attivi quotidianamente. GearBest è anche quotato in borsa.

L’acquisto su GearBest è sicuro. Come scritto nella guida, fate attenzione ai dettagli nel momento dell’acquisto e non avrete nessun problema. Scegliete con cura il metodo di spedizione per stare tranquilli. Pagate con PayPal e avete tutela completa per quanto riguarda la transazione.

L’interesse al giorno d’oggi verso gli ottimi prodotti cinesi è in crescita e GearBest permette di acquistare direttamente dalla Cina, dal momento che l’azienda ha sede a Shenzen e ha diretto contatto con i grandi produttori cinesi. Per questo motivo i suoi prezzi sono spessissimo molto vantaggiosi.

Il punto forte è assolutamente l’introduzione di Italy Express come metodo di spedizione. Come spiegato sopra, è un collegamento diretto Cina – Italia gestito da GearBest che evita al 100% le spese di dogana.

Gli articoli su GearBest tengono conto del paese di spedizione. Se ordinate uno smartphone dall’Italia, vi arriverà con l’adattatore per il caricabatterie idoneo agli standard italiani.

Concludendo, la mia personalissima esperienza con GearBest è ottima. Non ho mai avuto problemi di nessun tipo. Anche le recensioni ai prodotti sul sito di GearBest sono la prova che parliamo di un negozio assolutamente affidabile.

Buoni Acquisti su GearBest da Pino di Pro Contro.


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