🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) –

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) –

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I'm Pino.

I have been a passionate video player for years, and when I was asked by the editorial staff to review the best flying for PS4 is XBOX One I literally jumped in the chair.

A good steering wheel can give you strong emotions and big adrenaline spurts.


Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Steering Wheel with Pedals ...
Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Steering Wheel with Pedals …

  • Safety note: It is recommended to connect the steering wheel to the console / PC before switching on. If you have any questions, please contact technical support from the Logitech manufacturing site
  • The racing wheel worthy of a simulator for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3: realistic steering and pedals in racing games

From the first Colin McRae Rally forward, I waited for every driving simulator with anxiety and joy, let's say that for me the word "videogame" was for ten years a unique synonym of "driving game".

Want a taste of pure adrenaline before proceeding with this guide? Play this video and see how beautiful the console steering wheel is.

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The steering wheels for video games and driving games

The evolution of racing games in recent times has exceeded all expectations of the past, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo or the various Need for Speed, have brought the level of light-driving simulators forward, and now driving virtually seems almost like being in a real passenger compartment.

If you are a fan of simracing and driving in general it is possible that you already have a steering wheel for your XBOX or PS4 at home.

Alternatively it is possible that you think of buying one but you are confused by the saturation of the products on the market.

It is normal not to know where to start when we approach a world with such a large offer. We must be careful not to fall into commercial pitfalls, in fact there are in fact steering of poor quality that lasts very little.

These machines must be designed for use in the excitement of a game, and if the materials are not good you risk being able to break them every time.

It is possible that this is the first time you are interested in the world of driving wheels for XBOX and PS4.

The good news is that the market is full of excellent steering wheels, produced for both beginners and more experienced and demanding players.

There are Logitech, Thrustmaster and other famous houses that can boast a catalog of steering wheels to satisfy all tastes, along with other interesting accessory peripherals to improve the gaming experience more and more.

The Pros of driving steering wheels

The steering wheels allow to render the experience of driving even more immersive, to put the player in the center of the action.

Playing only with the keyboard in fact takes away from the charm of racing games.

All the players agree on how a good steering wheel can improve their lap times compared to a bad one or even the keyboard.

They are also great for squeezing if you are a novice in driving cars, in complete safety. Certainly they do not replace driving school, but allow the youngest to begin to become familiar with the world of engines.

I Against driving steering wheels

Sometimes, however, to have a truly immersive and immersive experience it is necessary to buy expensive flying wheels.

In fact, those who are inexpensive have many limitations and are often "plastic". That is, the feeling of driving under the hand does not resemble that of the real steering wheel of a car, but more like a toy.

Today we will help you choose the best steering wheel for XBOX and PS4 among those currently on the market. For your convenience and ease of consultation we will propose a numbered list with the pros and cons of each model.

Without getting lost in talk, let's move on to presenting the best driving wheels for the 2019 XBOX and PS4:

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1. Logitech G29 Driving Force, the choice of ProContro for PS4, PS3 and PC


Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Steering Wheel with Pedals ...
Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Steering Wheel with Pedals …

  • Safety note: It is recommended to connect the steering wheel to the console / PC before switching on. If you have any questions, please contact technical support from the Logitech manufacturing site
  • The racing wheel worthy of a simulator for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3: realistic steering and pedals in racing games
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– One of the best xbox steering wheels in circulation
– Excellent ergonomics
– Nice design

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3769

– The price is relatively high but justified

Let's start this list with the Logitech G29 Driving Force. The G29 is designed for PS4, PS3 and PC, but it exists the fee for XBOX which is the Logitech G920, with the same features. Below is the link.

You must remember that the G29 is part of the elite of the steering wheel models available for xbox. This accessory has class to sell.

The steering wheel itself is very well designed, and also has a certain elegance, the buttons are positioned perfectly, in the most ergonomic and comfortable way you would imagine.
One of the best features of this product is that it can easily adapt to any gaming location, given its small size.

It has a force feedback with two motors, that is to say it senses the listening in case of understeer or oversteer in every type of curve.

The materials of which it is composed are excellent and also allow very long uses without having to worry about wear.

Equipped with helical gears without backlash to simulate those present inside the real cars.

The reviews of the Logitech G29 on amazon are innumerable and enthusiastic, it is a product that never disappoints anyone, at a very reasonable price considering the features it offers.

1b. , the choice of ProContro for XBOX


Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Steering Wheel with Pedals ...
Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Steering Wheel with Pedals …

  • Immersive Gaming Experience: Perfect for Gaming Xbox One and PC, Driving Force simulates the feeling of driving a real car with precision steering and pressure-sensitive pedals
  • Full Gas with Maximum Control: The Logitech steering wheel designed without compromise to guarantee the perfect driving experience; steers silently and gently thanks to Force Feedback technology

It is very very similar to the Logitech G29, with the only difference being the corresponding version for XBOX.

2. Thrustmaster Racing Wheel T300 RS, for PS4, PS3 and PC

Thrustmaster Racing Wheel T300 RS Steering Wheel
Thrustmaster Racing Wheel T300 RS Steering Wheel

  • Steering wheel with officially licensed Sony Ps4, compatible with Ps3 and Pc
  • Industrial class brushless motor, linear and very fluid force feedback effect, double belt mechanism
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– Silent
– Excellent force feedback
– Zero Latency

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Improved pedal board
– Substantial price, like the logitech

There is a sort of online diatribe, some players even considering the logitech G920 / G29 among the best of its kind, tend to prefer the Thrustmaster Racing Wheel T300.

It is a steering wheel that undoubtedly gives great emotions and adrenaline rushes.
The T300 is a replica of the steering wheel of the Ferrari 599xx EVO on an 8:10 scale, officially licensed by the Maranello company, in its hand it looks very solid and durable.

Inside the package you can find a convenient support to hook the steering wheel motor to our game table.
The engine of the T300 is one of the best that exists in circulation. Silent, powerful and has a return of force that if set to the maximum risks hurting your wrists for how strong it is.
Force feedback is fluid and continuous with hyper-realistic effects.
It does not seem to have latency, nor annoying noises.

The pedalboard is fantastic, all in plastic with solid aluminum pedals, behind the brake there is an adjustable rubber rod to set the sensitivity of the brakes. In my opinion this is inferior to Logitech, which has a better-made pedal interface.

Great product for those who are fanatic about simracing.

3. Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback (Xbox One / PC) best value for money

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– Excellent value for money
– Great Force Feedback

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3769

– The feeling is not the best
– Pedals give poor resistance to the foot

There is absolutely no doubt that the force feedback represents the strength of a racing game. Feeling the steering dynamically press against your hands as you collide at great speed against another car really gives you a feeling of unparalleled realism, and can conjure up memories of arcade games like the famous Daytona USA.

But this feedback technology is expensive, and is often expensive.
The Thrustmaster has performed a small miracle by breaking down prices and proposing a truly prodigious entry level steering wheel for the quality-cost ratio.

The included pedals are somewhat plastic, and offer minimal resistance. But they can be replaced with a higher quality set as you become more experienced and demanding.
The steering is not comparable to the most important models, but what really draws the attention and wonder of this mid-range product as we said is the force feedback.

It is not as precise as the leading products, it is clear, but it is impressive and pleasant. The steering wheel also rotates up to 900 degrees.

How good value for money is really excellent.

4. Thrustmaster T-GT, the champion designed for Gran Turismo (PS4, PC)



  • T-DFB technology: Exclusive for GT Sport The combination of this depth feedback and the sophisticated brushless motor feedback enables a realistic 3D perception of the environment
  • Thrustmaster T-GT servo base Linear and T-DFB (40W) depth feedback system + industrial class brushless motor! (50% more dynamic, 4 times greater stall force)
🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Incredible Force Feedback
– Very elegant design
– Super pro performance

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Expensive
– Pedalboard in my opinion not up to the price

The Thrustmaster T-GT is a great racing wheel with a force feedback from fear of particularly exciting performances with Gran Turismo Sport.

The T-GT doesn't have an incredible pedal, considering the price is a little high, but the steering itself is really sensational.

Vibration in fact emulates the feeling of different types of road surfaces, replicating the same effect they have on our body.
This adds another level of immersion, I can assure you that there is no time when the engines of the Thrustmaster T-GT are not doing their job.

It is a steering wheel designed for Gran Turismo, a game on which it provides the best performance.

Force Feedback is the strong point of this product. It is more powerful than the T300 and gives a unique driving feeling.

The TG-T is a steering wheel for those looking for an accurate and exciting experience.

5. Thrustmaster T80 RW, the cheapest (PS4, PS3, PC)


Thrustmaster T80 RW Volante - Classics - PS4 / PS3
Thrustmaster T80 RW Volante – Classics – PS4 / PS3

  • The first steering wheel cpon officially licensed Sony PS4; Compatible PS4, PS3 and PC, 2 sequential shifters on the steering wheel
  • 11 action buttons +1 multidirectional dpad, large pedal with adjustable inclination
🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Cheap
– Resistant

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Standard driving feeling, not comparable to more expensive models

Here is the economic alternative for those who are tired of playing racing games with the gamepad but do not want to invest too much money in this passion.

Or even better for those who want to start squeezing themselves with a steering wheel before moving on to more challenging models.

The Thrustmaster T80 is a good model for novices, certainly nothing impressive, but at this price you can't expect too much.

It is perfect for taking the first steps in this world, equipped with 13 buttons and a surprising rotation of 1080 degrees, where the normal steering wheels ensure only 900.

6. Thrustmaster Ferrari F458 Spider, economical alternative to XBOX


Thrustmaster Ferrari F458 Spider Volante - Xbox One
Thrustmaster Ferrari F458 Spider Volante – Xbox One

  • Official Ferrari and Microsoft Xbox One licenses; Replica of the Ferrari 458 SPIDER steering wheel; 28 cm in diameter
  • 2 metal Up & Down metal gearshift levers; 9 replication action buttons including View and Menu
🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Built in excellent materials
– Good value for money

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Limited steering angle

For those who have an XBOX and are looking for something cheap but not cheap, the Thrustmaster has a good steering wheel model: the Ferrari F458.

The steering wheel is a 7:10 replica of that of the FERRARI 458 SPIDER, made from 100% metal, very durable and reliable.

It is an excellent alternative for those who want to spend a little less without sacrificing quality.

Force feedback is not present, it has only a spring return that centers the steering and offers resistance.

The pedal board is completely made of plastic, but it seems resistant and opposes the right resistance.

The steering angle is only 240 degrees, perhaps a bit of a limit for those who play rally games.

7. Hori RWA Racing Wheel Apex, PS4 PS3 and PC

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– Excellent value for money
– Really sensitive
– 3 meters long cable

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3769

– There is no force feeback
– Pedestal too plasticky

Here is another nice steering wheel at a reasonable price, performance is egregious if we compare it to what it actually costs.

The steering wheel itself is very sensitive and precise, compatible with the major driving titles currently on the market.

Sometimes the steering wheel tends to lose connection with the playstation, due to a false contact probably from the pedal, in which case it is enough to disconnect and then reconnect the connector again to return to the track.

It is certainly a simple no-frills entry level steering wheel, for those who want to enter the world of driving video games from the front door without fainting. A good compromise after all.

In case you want to play GT sport, be careful because it is not plug and play in that case, you have to configure it carefully to be able to use it, but it will take less than a minute to deal with it.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line steering wheel, look elsewhere, if you want an honest steering wheel it could be the right choice for you.

There is no force feedback, but the materials are quite good, light and durable.

Even the design is good, elegant and minimal, to resemble that of a real car, unlike other models that tend to favor an "arcade" look, this Hori PS4-052E focuses on the most simulative aspect, it will seem to staying in the passenger compartment of a car.

Compatible with both playstation 3 and 4 and PC of course. Compact and handy.

The pedal board perhaps leaves something to be desired, made up of two pedals and very easy to assemble and configure, but it is a bit plasticky, unlike the steering wheel, which is very powerful, could have done better and created a practically perfect budget product.

Equipped with a 3-meter cable to connect in any location and at any distance, not bad for a cheap product. Very ergonomic USB interface and rubber grips, the basic simulation experience is practically assured, sometimes you will have the feeling of not needing a high-end product.

The only minus point as I have already said is the pedalboard, a bit woody, but at this price you can't ask for anything better, it is all in all a great product definitely worth considering if you are like me fans of racing games and you don't have a big budget to invest right now.

Give it a chance, you might even fall in love with it.

8. Thrustmaster TX RW, leather steering wheel

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Made in steel
– Possibility of applying the sequential change
– Handbrake function
– Force feedback

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3769

– It costs a little
– Goes to sleep mode if you don't use it

Here is a steering wheel as beautiful as "extreme", in fact it places a strong resistance that can even cause a little pain in the arms given the force that opposes it.

Made almost entirely of steel except for some very small plastic parts.
Very versatile, perfect to hold on the table or fixed to a driving position.

The price travels on rather sustained figures, but it should not intimidate those who are looking for a pure and direct driving experience.

Fascinating then is the function of Shifter H 7 + 1.
There is also the sequential gearbox, it will simply be necessary to unscrew the knob with the screws that immobilize the shifter's steel grille, and then apply the sequential gearbox.

There is also the handbrake function, a little hidden, but if you look closely at the instruction manual, it comes around easily.

For purists there is the possibility of replacing the basic knob with one of a real car, to have an even more realistic and personalized experience.

But if you don't use the Thrustmaster Tx Rw steering wheel this will tend to "fall asleep" and will have to be awakened via usb, a bit annoying for some …

The force feedback is great and the steering wheel is very solid in the hands.

The pedalboard is clearly up to the rest even though not beautiful in my modest parry.

All in all though a great product.

9. Speedlink DRIFT O.Z. Racing Wheel, steering wheel for PS3

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Excellent value for money
– 16 customizable keys
– Excellent driving feeling

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Pedal a little poor

Here is a very good value-for-money steering wheel, in fact I could not forget those who want a good driving experience but not too serious on their wallets, especially in these times …

Equipped with as many as 16 customizable keys, for those who want an immersive gaming experience and at the same time want total control of the parameters and options present in their simracing games.

It's a great PS3 steering wheel, but it can also be purchased in a version for other consoles, depending on availability on the site.

Adherence is sensational.

Unfortunately, the pedal board leaves something to be desired, and I think you could do a little better. The pedals are in fact a bit too close to each other and sometimes to push them inside the game you have to press a little too far …

A purchase, however, that can be satisfactory for those who do not want to overdo it and still take home a driving device of all respect.

The steering wheel vibrates and gives a unique driving feeling, but the response of the steering to some users is not too linear, making the driving not exactly very precise.

10. Thrustmaster Gte F458 add on, the Formula 1 flyer

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Super driving feeling
– Force thrilling feedback

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3769

With this add on for steering wheel you will feel like driving a real Ferrari single-seater …

The feeling is incredible, it has a balanced weight that makes the forcefeedback a cool and even the keys are beautiful to press

However, the wheels are recognized by the playstation as directional arrows and therefore cannot be programmed in depth.

It really seems to have a real Formula 1 steering wheel in my hands. I felt like a real pilot while I was using it.

Perfect for simracing fanatics!

11. Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel ADD-ON steering wheel

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Feedback without comparisons
– Incredible design
– For formula one fanatics

🥇 11 Best Flying PS4 Exciting 2019? (Reviews) "class =" wp-image-3769

Here is another beautiful Ferrari Formula 1 add-on.

I am sure that among you there are many fanatics of the prancing horse, after all we live in Italy and the Imola brand is undoubtedly one of the most popular, certainly many of you have grown up with this myth.

So what's better than buying a nice Ferrari add-on steering wheel to go with your Thrustmaster TX for a truly formidable and realistic gaming experience.

In fact, the feel in this case is incredible, it will seem to be inside a flaming red single-seater. The alcantare is indescribably fantastic and thanks to the weight of the steering wheel combined with our Thrustmaster it will seem to us to have a more realistic and engaging feedback.

At this price it is difficult to find better. Absolutely promoted across the board. Also because the design is crazy and it is in my opinion a collector's item not to be missed.

12. Playseat Challenge, car seat


Playseat RC.00002 Challenge Car Seat for Gaming, Black
Playseat RC.00002 Challenge Car Seat for Gaming, Black

  • Compatible with PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS2, Wii, Wii U, Mac, Windows, PC
  • Compatible with all wheel sets and steering pedals on the market

For those who take their video game driving experience seriously, you can't miss a nice Playseat car seat, we are faced with something state-of-the-art that will not betray the expectations of most simracing gamers anyway. demanding.

But let's see together because it is an object worthy of our attention and above all worthy of being present on this list.

It is an exceptional chair, ergonomic, adjustable at all levels even if you have very particular preferences, for adults and for children without any problem.

The posture in this case will be absolutely comfortable and correct to finally allow you to improve to the thousandth of a second all your times.

There is no annoying pole in the middle of your legs, it looks very solid, so I imagine that it is unlikely to break and above all it is incredibly customizable, to simulate any driving position of any game.

A real pearl in this environment.

The cost is limited for such an object and then it is very light and easy to move when not playing.

It seems to me that it is understood that I am a real fan of this Playseat RC.00002.

If you are looking for "something more" that allows you to complete 100%, but I would also say at 110% your gaming experience, well, look no further because here you will have bread for your teeth.

We find ourselves in the presence of a very beautiful, robust and supercomodo object that will all agree, without distinction, I am sure.

Well, what are you waiting for to order it?

I personally own two, a home and an office, which I use in a special leisure area, to keep my steering wheel and pedals always at hand and at the same time without giving up the ergonomics that keep my back in a correct position without tiring it.

13. Playseat Evolution racing chair


Playseat Evolution Black - New model
Playseat Evolution Black – New model

  • Compatible with PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Wii
  • Playseat Evolution is the ultimate solution for an ultra-realistic driving simulation right in your living room.

The last product on our list is not a gaming steering but a simracing chair: the Playseat Evolution.

For those who want to make the gaming experience truly complete and have the luck of having enough space at home for a complete driving interface, this is the ideal solution. (although it must be specified that the chair in question can close on itself and become just 30 cm!).
Designed to be compatible for all models of steering wheel and pedals on the market.

Many reviewers agree with me that this is the best chair on the market for racing simulation fanatics.

Playseat Evolution is the ultimate solution for an ultra-realistic driving simulation right in your living room.
The seat is similar to that of a car, upholstered in imitation leather with a strong and sturdy steel structure.
Support for the steering wheel and pedals fixing system.

The quality of the materials used is excellent and is felt from the first contact.
Assembly is simple and can be adjusted to your body in a short time.

Stability is the strong point of this product, which despite having to bear the weight of your body plus that of the device with its relative vibrations and movements, seems to do an excellent job.

Furthermore, it is possible, if necessary, to close everything on itself, taking up just 30cm.

PS 4 steering wheel

When I was little I loved the world of cars, my dad every two months came home with a Burrago model, do you remember them?

Those fantastic models of cars that were so fashionable years ago.

I was an avid Ferrari fan, I didn't miss a great prize in front of the television, I loved my idol Schumacher.

Those years were beautiful, too bad that the racing games at that time were not very evolved, I loved to settle in my chair as if I were in a single-seater and my imagination did the rest.

I dreamed of being on board a car or a rally car and becoming a world champion.

Only to write these lines the same emotion of that time resurfaces me and I have like a shiver to run me along the back.

Finally, however, we are in a world where the experience of racing games is extremely immersive and engaging, we no longer find ourselves having to deal with huge and ridiculous 8bit pixels, when we find ourselves looking at a modern game of machines in front of the monitor it seems to be on board a passenger compartment, only the smell of asphalt lashed by our wheels is missing.

I wonder how long it will actually take for the "miracle" to take place to witness a total driving simulation, including water splashing you on the helmet and the smell of pitstop gasoline.

That would be cool, right?

For the moment, however, we can "settle" with these PS4 XBOX steering wheels and PCs that guarantee us, thanks to their fantastic vibrations, an unparalleled driving experience.

The steering wheels are made of different materials, some manufacturing companies opt for a very realistic fake leather while others try to emulate the real control cloche typical of Formula 1 single-seaters.

It is an incredible thrill to play an F1 game aboard a Ferrari with a steering wheel that resembles the original one.

The part where the hands are placed is usually made of rubber to ensure a secure grip and to avoid losing no overtaking.

The cheaper models instead of plastic steering wheels, we try to save money … It is for this reason that I advise you to fall back on the models a little more expensive but nevertheless lasting over time.

The pedals are also usually made of plastic for the cheaper models, but going up in price we find more interesting and realistic objects, it will seem to press the accelerator of a real car, with all the emotions that follow …

The steering wheel is usually powered via USB to avoid the hassle of having to use a wall power supply. In this way there is more mobility, and the possibility of positioning our steering wheel where we consider it appropriate, without too many distractions.

In recent years, however, giant strides have been made in the field of PS4 steering wheels, I remember not even a decade ago (and yet it seems to have been a lot more time …) how ridiculous and limited the steering wheels for PCs were, I had two, my grandfather had given them to me, these had no feedback whatsoever, it seemed to drive a Gig Nikko car, an experience I can assure you absolutely frustrating.

I had to wait until I turned 18 to be able to finally drive a real car and live the full driving experience, had I been a teenager nowadays, it would have been much easier to squeeze in, even for driving lessons, on a car virtual, given that the current video game steering wheels are incredibly more responsive and simulative.

But let's look calmly at the characteristics that distinguish a steering wheel for PC, PS4 and XBOX.

I volanti di solito pesano tra i 2 e i 20 kilogrammi, quando si parla di volanti pro estremamente simili all’esperienza realistica di guida.
E’ molto facile trovare una sistemazione all’interno delle nostre stanze, perché a differenza delle vere e proprie cabine di comando per giochi di guida che trovate nelle sale giochi, in cui ci si può letteralmente sedere all’interno, il volante e i pedali dei kit che sono in vendita necessitano di pochissimo spazio e possono essere adattati alla conformazione del nostro corpo e della sedia su cui decideremo di giocare.

Comodo, no?

Chiaramente se opterete per un’esperienza di guida semi-realistica è meglio dotarsi di una postazione di gioco adeguata…

Questi volanti sono progettati tenendo costantemente presenti le loro controparti del mondo reale, anche nel design esteriore, affinché l’utente possa rivivere un’esperienza di gioco quanto più vicina alla realtà.

Non so come comunicarvi la felicità di assistere a questo mondo così in veloce evoluzione, non vedo l’ora che arrivi la realtà virtuale più a portata di portafogli per garantire un’esperienza di gioco ancora più viva e pulsante.

Fino al giorno almeno in cui potrò permettermi un’auto da rally o una monoposto da formula 1… scherzo ovviamente 😀

I volanti per videogiocare inoltre sono dotati solitamente di pulsanti per avere rapido accesso a tutte le funzioni dei giochi senza togliere mai le mani dalla guida. Sono finiti i tempi in cui tra una partita e l’altra bisognava scorrere nel menu opzioni con la tastiera o col gamepad, un particolare apparentemente di marginale importanza ma che nella realtà dei fatti impediva una effettiva immersione all’interno del gioco.

Il colore spesso usato dalle ditte produttrici di volanti è il nero, ma si trovano volanti molto belli in edizioni speciali o particolari, ad esempio c’è quello tutto rosso dedicato alla Ferrari, oppure ci sono altri modelli in simil pelle di un bellissimo color marrone, per chi ama sentirsi a bordo di un auto sportiva alla Need for Speed.

Oramai c’è l’imbarazzo per la scelta quando si parla di giochi di macchine, sono riusciti ad emulare davvero qualunque esperienza di guida, dai rally alla formula 1 passando per la guida di auto normali utilitarie o sportive, o addirittura camion e tir.

E’ facile adesso trovare anche volanti usati e a prezzo basso, c’è gamestop che è dotata di una vasta gamma di volanti da provare e tra cui scegliere, ma parliamoci chiaro la convenienza che si trova su internet è difficile trovarla altrove, è per questo che ho deciso di redarre questa guida molto approfondita di offerte per voi, elencando ed evidenziando pro e contro di ciascun modello per aiutarvi a fare la scelta giusta in piena consapevolezza, riservandovi però i migliori prezzi attualmente presenti sul mercato.

Dato che sappiamo oramai tutti quanto sia molto più conveniente acquistare su internet piuttosto che nei normali negozi.

I joystick normali a cui siamo abituati sin da piccoli purtroppo non sono il mezzo adatto per accedere al favoloso mondo dei giochi di macchine.
Il motivo? Sono apparecchi pensati per giocare a platforms, sparatutto o comunque giochi che prevedano spostamenti segmentati in un mondo 3d o 2d.

La guida di un’auto prevede invece completamente un altro tipo di movimenti, infatti c’è un volante che deve muoversi a destra e sinistra in senso orario o antiorario tenendo conto di accelerazione del moto, resistenza dello sterzo in determinate condizioni, eccetera… insomma non è proprio facile vivere quelle stesse emozioni e sensazioni di quando ci si siede alla guida di un abitacolo tramite un comune gamepad.

Uno dei “trick” che si sono inventati gli ingegneri delle case produttrici di videogames è il cosiddetto “force feedback”.

Ma andiamo bene assieme a vedere di che cosa si tratta.

I volanti per PC, PS4 e XBOX sono dotati all’interno di potenti motori che permetteranno di ricreare l’esperienza di guida di una macchina reale.

Anche gli urti, gli attriti e gli impatti vengono resi con un senso di realismo che fa quasi paura, anzi colgo l’occasione per ricordarvi che se siete dei soggetti facilmente impressionabili è meglio disattivare quest’opzione simulativa e godervi una molto più tranquilla guida senza “spigolosità”…

Ovviamene non si corre nessun pericolo quando si maneggia un volante del genere, sono assolutamente sicuri, e potrete anche fare spettacolari incidenti e testacoda, non succederà niente, vi godrete solo l’effetto scenico della collisione in totale sicurezza.

Inoltre pensate al netto vantaggio che potrete avere contro gli avversari nelle gare online, se avrete tra le mani un volante realistico sarete capaci di approfittare delle piccole minuzie e sottigliezze della guida, assaporando per bene il percorso e guadagnando preziosissimi secondi sugli altri.

Per scegliere il migliore volante per ps4 bisogna innanzitutto valutare quali sono le nostre aspettative rispetto al mondo di gioco, ovvero se siamo dei videogiocatori casual oppure pro.

Nel primo caso vi consiglio di ripiegare su qualcosa di più economico, magari non siete ancora sicuri di un acquisto del genere e volete prima spratichirvi col mondo delle auto da corsa… be’ ci può stare, il mercato offre tantissime alternative ottime presenti in questa guida.

Ci sono inoltre modelli utilizzabili su tutte le piattaforme di gioco quali PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE e PC, e altri invece dedicati per consoles particolari.

Il force feedback è la prima caratteristica da tenere in considerazione, perché è quella che regala la vera esperienza di guida.

Esistono anche volanti di forme diverse, che si adattano ad esempio a mani più grandi o più piccole a seconda dei casi, i volanti pro inoltre possono nuotare fino a 1080 gradi, una rotazione letteralmente da far girar la testa… 🙂 Questa rotazione se apparentemente mi rendo conto possa risultare “eccessiva”, in realtà è fondamentale per garantire un’esperienza di guida assolutamente realistica e coinvolgente. Chiaramente questa rotazione è opzionale, è possibile rendere il volante meno sensibile all’occorrenza.

Ovviamente quando si acquista un volante non si può lasciare in secondo piano la pedaliera.

Perché vi chiederete…

Ovviamente il volante da solo non basta a garantire un’esperienza di guida adeguata, è per questo che la maggior parte dei kit più seri sono ovviamente forniti di pedali. Anche questi estremamente sensibili e ottimizzati per un’esperienza di guida alla grande.

Per i completisti, o meglio coloro che credono in una guida “maschia” e dove nulla è lasciato a caso, possono prendere in considerazione l’acquisto di un cambio manuale. Non c’è infatti un’esperienza di guida di auto granturismo che non includa anche questo importantissimo particolare.

Esistono volanti innanzitutto in cui la fattura è nettamente superiore, non è tanto fondamentale il materiale in cui sono assemblate le parti quanto più COME queste sono assemblate tra di loro.

Ci sono molti volanti cinesi che sembrano evoluti e simili a quelli originali ma dopo un po’ di tempo rivelano tutti i loro limiti, INNANZITUTTO l’esperienza di guida non è mai identica a quella di prodotti di marche più importanti, e poi dopo pochi utilizzi cominciano letteralmente a cascarvi in mano… Di sicuro non è qualcosa di auspicabile.

E’ per questo che consiglio sempre e comunque quando si tratta di periferiche da utilizzare spesso di spendere qualche euro in più pur di avere una tecnologia ottimizzata tra le mani, materiali allo stato dell’arte e una grande architettura costruttiva che garantisca sicurezza e durata.

Fondamentali sono i pulsanti programmabili sulla nostra cloche di comando. Questi garantiscono una grandissima versatilità di controllo, infatti permetteranno di adattare di volta in volta il volante ai giochi che andremo ad affrontare.
Non tutti i giochi infatti sono uguali, altri richiedono una selezione di parametri nel corso dell’azione, ad esempio poter comunicare con la propria scuderia durante un gran premio di formula uno, o chieder e un cambio gomme, guardare nel finestrino posteriore, e così via.

Ci sono dei giochi di avventura inoltre che a parte richiedere la guida richiedono anche altre azioni tra cui sparare ai nemici mentre si è in corsa, o mettersi in contatto con i propri alleati, ecco dove giungono in aiuto i pulsanti programmabili.

La sensibilità del volante è qualcosa da tenere super in considerazione quando si sta per acquistare un volante da interfacciare ai videogiochi, perché?

Be’, facile da capire, questa è la funzione con cui ci si troverà a confrontarsi tutto il tempo, e quindi è fondamentale che sia di prim’ordine, anche più importante se vogliamo della fattura stessa dei materiali che compongono in volante.

Di norma un aumento del prezzo è proporzionale a un aumento della sensibilità del volante, il motivo è logico e chiaro per tutti, un costo superiore permette una maggiore accuratezza a livello ingegneristico della scheda elettronica e dei motori presenti all’interno dell’apparecchio. Anche la latenza sarà ovviamente condizionata da questo, è importante avere un ritardo quanto più possibile vicino allo zero per garantire una tenuta di strada e una responsività solide e affidabili.

In conclusion

I volanti al giorno d’oggi hanno fatto sicuramente dei passai da gigante incredibili. E’ facile lasciarsi sedurre nel vortice meraviglioso dei giochi da guida, altrettanto facile però è dimenticare che si tratta solo di simulazione e sentirsi motivati dalla fantasia videoludica a dover provare le stesse cose anche nella vita reale con della auto vere.

E’ questo ciò che sconsiglio assolutamente, è bene tenere da parte le proprie peripezie alla guida solo nel campo digitale.

Se sapete fare una derapata sul bagnato o sulla neve alla perfezione nel vostro simulatore di guida, per quanto questo possa essere affidabile, non significa assolutamente che sarete in grado di riprodurla con una macchina da corsa su un vero circuito, o ancor peggio con la vostra utilitaria.

Su queste cose è bene non scherzare e riporre sempre la massima attenzione.

Per il resto credo e spero con tutto il mio cuore che la simulazione di guida continui ad evolversi a grandissimi passi come già sta facendo, perché fra qualche anno voglio davvero disporre di un veicolo virtuale pilotabile come uno vero, magari con un casco che simuli anche il battere del vento sulla faccia, le gocce d’acqua che cadono sul parabrezza, voglio sentire tutto e potermi divertire a briglia sciolta su tutti i maggiori circuiti mondiali sfidando i miei amici in gare sempre più realistiche.

Perché i videogiochi permettono di sognare, di essere liberi.

Vi ringrazio di aver letto questa mia guida e vi rimando alla prossima.

In confronto al passato, il mercato delle periferiche di gioco è adesso pieno di offerte. Sono finiti i tempi in cui le uniche due alternative erano Sony o Microsoft.
Sul mercato si affacciano sempre più concorrenti e produttori cercando di inserire innovazioni tecnologiche nei loro prodotti per rendere sempre più vero-simile l’esperienza di guida. Posso dire con certezza dopo questi miei test, che siamo molto vicini alla simulazione totale e completa della guida di un auto.

E’ facile perdersi tra tutte le offerte, ma è questo il motivo per cui ho stilato la lista sopra. Per darvi una guida accurata ed esaustiva di quelli che sono i prodotti più rilevanti e aggiornati in questo momento sul mercato.

E’ importante farsi un’idea precisa di cosa si acquista essendo questo un mercato in continua espansione, ma ricco di soddisfazioni e sorprese. Spero di esservi stato d’aiuto nella scelta del miglior volante per XBOX e PS4.

Vi auguro buona guida amici, alla prossima!

Pine tree.


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