πŸ₯‡5 Best Clean Language? (Very Fresh Breath) –

πŸ₯‡5 Best Clean Language? (Very Fresh Breath) –

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I'm Antonella.

You will agree with me on one thing:

It's terrible interact socially and perhaps to realize only through the comments of a friend particularly sincere that the own breath is terrible


You want to sink.

Just what often happened to me.

Then I discovered the tongue cleaner, a simple object as essential.
Excellent ally against halitosis.

Are you looking for a baby tongue cleaner? There he is.

Oral hygiene is very complex and a toothbrush is not enough, I discovered this at my expense, in fact I didn't understand how it was possible that despite using a toothbrush and toothpaste religiously after each meal as we are taught from an early age, I had a few days a tremendous breath.

Then my dentist friend Sergio gave me a tongue-cleaning scraper.

After using it, you will feel a pleasantly fresh taste in your mouth.

It allows to eliminate the toxins that form on the back of the tongue, removing them before they are re-ingested, especially in the morning.

Even the Indian Ayurvedic tradition recommends attention to the cleanliness of one's tongue and the elimination of the patina of dirt that normally forms there.

The tongue cleaner is a simple object made up of multiple blades with bristles that remove residues of food and bacteria lodged by the back of the tongue. Its operation is extremely simple, it rests on the bottom of the tongue (without going TOO at the bottom, to avoid gagging) and is pulled upwards, towards the outside we say, gently.

It automatically carries the dirt behind, even the one we can't see, gently scraping the back of the tongue and leaving it clean.

Obviously the tongue cleaner must always be accompanied by the use of the toothbrush, mouthwash and dental floss, if necessary.

Proper use of the tongue cleaner can help prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and tooth decay.

The tongue cleaner and the bad breath

One of the main reasons the tongue cleaner is used is that it helps to counteract bad breath.

The tongue is rough and naturally tends to attract the presence of very annoying bacteria, which are not visible to the naked eye but cause terrible consequences inside our mouth. They are the ones that attack teeth and cause cavities and numerous other problems, for example.

THE bacteria they feed on the decomposition of food and generate odor molecules.
There patina which is formed on the tongue is the first responsible for halitosis, or caactive smell of our breath.

Believe me, I know something, until I started using the language cleaner I suffered from this problem.

Not everyone is susceptible to halitosis, there are also people who never use the language cleaner and do not develop this problem, but in my family we have unfortunately perhaps genetically this bad trend.

Now everyone in the family makes regular use of the tongue cleaner, which has become an integrated part of our daily dental hygiene routine.

What is the language cleaner for?

We learn as a child to worry about the health of our teeth, but nobody tells us how important it is to clean our tongue every day.

The bacteria that lurk inside the mouth can lead to inflammations that are very annoying and in some cases dangerous.

But not only that, they are also a direct cause of tooth decay, gingivitis, granulomas and dental abscesses.

One of the main reasons the tongue cleaner is used is that this helps to have a more fragrant breath, eliminating bad smells. Perfect therefore for those suffering from halitosis.

The tongue cleaners are objects with a flat surface equipped with grooves that work on our tongue to remove the bacteria that normally settle there.

It is good to remember that the tongue cleaner is used with a movement from the bottom of the tongue forward, and never in reverse.

Some people, when they put a foreign object in their mouth, experience a sensation of vomiting, which can easily be avoided by never exaggerating with the pressure exerted on the tongue itself.

How to clean the tongue without vomiting?

Some people find it really hard to clean their tongue on their own, as this directly brings an annoying feeling of vomiting.

If you try gods too retching whenever you insert a foreign object into the oral cavity that can clean the tongue, I will explain to you with this simple guide how to avoid gagging when cleaning the tongue.

First you need to keep in mind that the vomiting reflex it is a simple reflex, or a reaction of the nerves to a stimulus. Natural when a very deep area of ​​the mouth is touched.

This is why when someone wants to stimulate vomiting, perhaps to save his life because he has ingested something harmful, or to solve an incredible hangover, fingers are put into his mouth.

But what we want in our case is exactly the opposite, that is to completely avoid these retching.

It is therefore good to avoid the deepest part of the throat.

You can start by simply starting from the tip of the tongue, and proceeding gradually, always with movements from the bottom towards the opening of the mouth and never the opposite, until you perceive even a single slight sensation of annoyance.

The vomiting reflex is simply a natural instinct that the body has to avoid choking, which is why one of the tricks could simply be to get distracted while cleaning the tongue.

I recommend trying for example with a slight dolorino, which will not hurt you but simply keep the mind occupied in another part of the body. For example, squeezing your fingers into a fist by pressing the nails into the palm. Obviously without exaggerating, but what is enough to send a short circuit to the mind and convince her that most of the action is actually taking place in the hand and not on the tongue.

The tongue cleaner scraper it is much less invasive than the brushes that are normally used for cleaning teeth, it is also for this reason that the cleaning of the tongue is conceived as separate from the dental one, and another tool is required.

The tongue cleaner removes plaque residues on the tongue, just avoid going too far as a starting point.

If the tongue-cleaning scraper is too tight and you cannot tolerate it in any way, the best solution in this case is to simply clean your tongue with a very simple wet cloth.

In this case it will be enough to wet it with a little warm water, wrap it around a finger and then rub the upper surface of the tongue.
In this way the retching will be avoided.

As a last resort, you can simply fall back on the use of the mouthwash, this if the mere thought of sticking something even very small on the tip of the tongue can induce you to retch.

The mouthwash it is a very precious ally to kill the bacteria that lurk inside the mouth, it is certainly not as effective as the tongue cleaner, but if used consistently every day is a good alternative. Certainly better than nothing πŸ˜€

What is tongue cleaning?

The tongue cleaner looks like a toothbrush, it should be kept in the hand practically the same way, with the difference however that instead of the head there is a small arch, or a surface with protrusions.

These serve to scrape invisible or unseen debris from the tongue that inevitably collects during the day, especially after meals.

Some more advanced tongue cleaners have two sets of lamellas, alternating, the former being used for surface dirt, the latter for cleaning the taste buds.

To allow us to get to the bottom (relative to where our vomit reflexes allow us), tongue cleaners have a slightly curved head.

The bristles can be synthetic or natural.

Best Cleaner 2019

Meridol Language cleaner, pack of 2 pieces, the one I use at home

Here is the cleaner I use at home, I have a great time there, and I bought one for each of my family.

It is practically perfect, of the right dimensions, it does not bother the tongue, and in addition it avoids the annoying retching.

It is more expensive than other products in this guide but at the same time more effective.

A small additional cost without a shadow of a doubt justified by the excellent quality.

Promoted with full marks, for daily use.

MitButy Toothbrush, Set of 4, beautiful and environmentally friendly

MitButy Tongue Cleaning Brush, Set of 4 Cleaners for Language ...
MitButy Tongue Cleaning Brush, Set of 4 Cleaners for Language …

  • BEST ORAL AND MORE FRESH BREATHING HYGIENE: The MitButy tongue cleaner helps you to remove white tongue, residues and bacteria, reduces bad breath and improves the sense of taste. More importantly, it gives you a cleaner mouth and will increase your confidence in being with others.
  • DELICATE AND EFFECTIVE: Equipped with a flat head with soft bristles to remove residues in the deep fissures of the tongue in a more comfortable and effective way compared to a stainless steel tongue cleaner scraper.

This time, to clean the tongue of toothbrushes, for those who love nature. Since the product is completely ecological, the box is entirely made of recycled cardboard and the handle is biodegradable in bamboo, without BPA.

Also excellent as a gift pack, maybe an excellent idea to start even some of our friends or relatives with tongue cleaning πŸ™‚

These toothbrushes come in a set of 4, aesthetically they are very beautiful, in fact they make a great figure in the bathroom. Made very well, excellent manufacture and very effective in cleaning the tongue.

The box when it opens smells of bamboo, there is nothing to say, really a great surprise.


Nettalingua in copper – from the Ayurvedic tradition!

Copper Nectal Tongue for Halitosis - Clean Language of Medicine ...
Copper Nectal Tongue for Halitosis – Clean Language of Medicine …

  • WHAT IT IS: Our nettalingua is certified as a class I medical device. Beware of products not registered as medical devices! Copper ayurvedic nectalingua to cleanse the tongue by eliminating the toxins that our internal organs release during the night; promotes oral hygiene and the health of the complete organism. Pack of 2 pieces
  • BAD BREATH: Our nectal is a remedy for bad breath. Bad breath often depends on the bacteria that accumulate on the tongue. Using the morning and evening nectal, you will have a clean tongue without bacteria. Copper is also a natural antibacterial

For those who want to try something different from the common raschialingua, well this copper nectal is a must.

Directly from the Indian Ayurvedic tradition.

It allows to eliminate the toxins that form on the back of the tongue, removing them before they are reingerite, especially in the morning.

Reliable and easy to use, plus the copper has a charm all its own, the object of other times, that's why I always keep one in the bathroom.

First of all the shape is very curious, an essential design, in a material almost forgotten, but valuable, copper.

Precisely because of the fact that it is made of copper, it must always be cleaned and dried carefully, because it tends to oxidize, so it is not a product for those who are in a hurry and do not even have a few seconds to dedicate to their "tools of the trade".

GUM 760 Double Acci language cleaner, inexpensive

For those who want to spend a little less, even if obviously given the intrinsic characteristics of this object we talk about a few euro game-strength, the GUM 760 is a good alternative.

In fact, this is a good inexpensive tongue cleaner, which on one side has spatulas similar to those of the common toothbrush, on the other side the scraper.

For two different types of pass.

A particularly delicate tool for the most sensitive languages.

Baby tongue cleaning

For those who have children and need help to encourage them to take care of their teeth, here is the ideal product.

The baby tongue cleanser is colorful and appealing, in the shape of a lollipop, to encourage children to clean their tongue.

I bought this for my 3 year old daughter. She already liked to brush her teeth but after having seen me use a toothbrush she asked for one too, what to say? I have a wise daughter πŸ˜€

Since I didn't want him to choke, I searched online for a smaller language cleaner specially designed for children and I found this.

The shape is the same as a lollipop, therefore particularly attractive for the little ones.

In conclusion

When we are young, we do not give much importance to the indications of our parents who are repeating to us that they never neglect oral hygiene.

We see our teeth so beautiful, white, healthy, and we believe that after a couple of days without a toothbrush they are not so serious …

Then we start drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and age begins to compromise the health of our teeth, if we don't take care of them, in fact, over time they start to turn yellow, small cavities form … which then become bigger and bigger … there are dental pains, gingival, and so on …

It is for this reason that we must start right away to take care of the health of our mouth at 360 degrees, leaving nothing to chance.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss are not the only allies of our dental hygiene, even the tongue-cleaning scraper is essential, because it is thanks to it that we avoid the formation of patinas on our tongue that over time give rise to the halitosis and bacteria take root.

I have learned to my thick what it means to omit oral hygiene for a period of my life, and I never want to go back, because the halitosis I assure you is a terrible disorder, which compromises our self-confidence.

I hope that this guide has been of great help to you as usual and I refer you to the next,

your Antonella.


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