🥇 Best Electric Shaver Guide 2019? (For Real Men) –

🥇 Best Electric Shaver Guide 2019? (For Real Men) –

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Hi, I'm Tony.

For years I used an electric razor bought at the stall.

Then I finally decided, I took the big step.

And do you know what I'm telling you?

I will never go back again.

A quality electric razor guarantees an unparalleled shave that leaves the skin smooth and does not cause redness. My skin is relatively delicate, now I can finally shave every morning without having to worry about looking irritated in the face.

Before thinking of buying the best electric razor for our needs, we need to consider multiple factors such as the quality of the blade that our device will mount, the type of heads, the life of the batteries, the ergonomics of the system, in fact we would not like get tired or use incorrect posture while using it.

However, the market is full of pitfalls and devices that can seriously damage the skin of our face.

If you want to know more about how to cure your beard, read this interesting article of mine.

Chinese electric razors are struggling to cope with harsh beards, because their limited power does not allow you to cut deeply if you are dealing with particularly tough hairs.
Sometimes the economic models tend to irritate the skin or even worse to flake it and over time can be extremely harmful to our skin.

When I don't use the electric razor, I go free.

Do you want to know how? cultivate a nice hipster beard?

How to choose an electric shaver?

Each razor has some precise characteristics that make it unique, and not every device is obviously suited to our needs, we must succeed in the jungle of products proposed to identify the one best suited to us in order to bring home an object that lasts over time.

Some razors do not work via battery but only electric cable connected directly to the power supply.

But most razors currently sold on the market are powered by a built-in battery, which means that you have to be very careful and check the charge status of the battery before and after each use, making sure to keep it operational every time.

There are razors that can be used in Wet mode, even while taking a shower. This is an excellent feature that must be taken into consideration especially if you have a very sensitive skin and you don't want to run the risk of damaging it with too aggressive shaving.

Over the years, neglecting the health of your skin can lead to very serious consequences, so it is better to be careful and buy a quality product.

Some razors are able to signal completely automatically via a convenient integrated display when the time has come to replace the heads or to clean them.

It is also essential if you are always traveling and counting on bringing your own razor for shaving and always being in order and impeccable, it is good to consider the presence or absence of a case in which to store it. Some models have integrated it directly into the kit inside the box, while for others there is a need to purchase it separately.

It may seem like a detail, but it is these small to be very expensive in the long term, better to get right now a model that allows you to be ready from the first shave then having to take care of acquiring expensive accessories apart. This will also be useful so as not to damage the razor when, for example, it is placed inside a drawer or in a suitcase.

The blade is the sine qua non of the razor, its fundamental part, the one that operates all the time and carries out the cut itself.

It is very important that the materials of which it is composed are of the highest quality and certified according to the most current and high European standards. If you do not pay attention in choosing a quality blade you run the risk of irritation or wrong cuts, distorted and aesthetically unpleasant.

The best materials on the market are without a doubt stainless steel or titanium, which lightens the razor making it more comfortable and ergonomic.

Obviously the best razors will cost more and will weigh on your budget, while a cheap razor will have fewer features. Virtue, as always, is in the middle, seeking the best price quality compromise and taking home a great product at a relatively low price. This guide comes to your aid just for this reason.

The razors are clearly not all the same, God forbid, such a vast market over the years has developed going to fill any kind of need, developing products with the most technological and advanced features. A lot of people today wonder how many types of razors actually exist, so let's try together to clear our minds a little and get on top of this.

There are some models that will be more comfortable and effective for some, while others may find them not too suited to their needs.

There are characteristics that may seem excessive and perhaps confuse the average user, while the expert one may find himself uncomfortable with a device that is not very advanced, equipped only with simple shaving options.

There are head razors, which have heads that can be adapted to the shape of the face, to make the cut obviously easier and more correct. Which will also look good to look at, a factor not to be underestimated when buying an item that will be used directly on the skin of your face.

We are all well aware of how much importance the face plays in the game of seduction, just a millimeter out of place to destroy the impression we are giving to the outside world. We cannot afford to be superficial when confronted with everyday devices that can be the hands of the balance when we talk about our social life.

The structure of the heads is the following: there are small elements in different material destined to the cut of a circular shape inside which rotate some blades, also of circular shape. Philips tends to prefer rotating heads, while Braun prefers fixed ones. I wonder why.

In the blade razors the heads do not adapt to the shape of our face, they are practically fixed.

There are laminae with small holes on the surface, in these holes the relative hair destined to be cut will fit together, as in a sort of small guillotine.

This type of electric razors should be used as if you were holding a disposable razor bic, those made of plastic that are found everywhere, even in common haberdashery. The reason is that due to its particular conformation the foil razor should be used with linear moments, being very careful not to miss the cut.

The safety razorezza represents a possible alternative to the electric razor.

13 Best Electric Shavers 2019, Final Guide

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Finally, here is the cream of the cream, the top of the range, the non plus ultra of the world of electric shaving.
I present to you three very advanced, practically professional models that can provide unique results, worthy of the best barber you can ever turn to.

Braun Series 9 9296CC

The Braun could not miss even in this top class part of our guide, it is normal, given that this company in addition to having produced excellent entry level razors has been able to juggle even in the world of high level shaving, and with this model Series 9 9296cc he can show his teeth and exhibit all the power he is capable of.

Let's see why.

Shaving is impeccable as always, very fast and deep, without ever leaving the skin irritated.

The technological novelty in this round is the SyncroSonic, a technology that guarantees an effective and definitive shave already at the first pass.
You will be surprised to find that a simple pass will be enough to have a face as smooth as a child's. At certain price ranges we no longer mess around, we talk about perfection.

Shaving is perfect even on uncultivated or difficult beards, the head is in fact equipped with 4 cutting elements, each dedicated to a particular phase and time of shaving, to leave nothing to chance.

There is a part that aligns and cuts the hair that grows out of control in different directions, another that raises and cuts the hair of the most difficult areas of the face.

There is an integrated precision trimmer, to be able to model the best whiskers, sideburns and goatee. This is present inside the razor itself, which can be activated with the push of a simple button, so it will not be necessary to carry around complicated devices to be connected to our razor, because this will already have everything you need for a beard cut that goes far beyond shaving. Here we talk about a complete cut worthy of the best barbers in the world.

The Clean & Charge system can be used with 5 different settings, just place the razor on its dedicated base.
These settings are not only designed to clean the head of our razor, book it and dry the blades, they can also recognize the best recharging program for the razor at that time and implement it. Just the push of a simple button to start the complete maintenance cycle, you won't have to do anything at all.

The design is always the Braun one, very ergonomic so that it can be used by any male hand without any problem even during long sessions.

The materials with which it is built are obviously of the highest quality, the same that Kronberg's German company has been accustomed to for years.
The grip is made of rubber, the result of decades of studies in Japanese laboratories, to ensure maximum grip and pleasantness to the touch, here we are talking about the series of razors, it is not a joke, it is obvious that every detail is studied down to the smallest detail to ensure a perfect experience.

The battery can be recharged in one hour, yes I know, it is the same time as the lower price models, unfortunately the portable battery technology has not yet managed to take the same steps forward that have given us the edges instead, more and more evolved from year to year, there goes the time that goes, as Paolo Conte loved to sing, so arm yourself with patience and leave your razor alone for an hour, you will find it loaded and ready for dozens and dozens of shaves.

The price is that of a top of the range, but the money spent will be worth all, trust me, euro for euro.

Philips Series 9000 S9161 / 42

One of the most technologically advanced razors in the world.
The Philips Series 9000 S9161 / 42 is in fact designed to guarantee that extra edge that is normally required by a top of the range razor.

Through the Contour Detect technology you can perform a practically flawless shave, no part of the face will be difficult or inaccessible. The VTrack instead gently guides the hair towards the best cutting position in order to minimize, or rather we would completely cancel, the risks of a wrong cut that would run the risk of damaging our skin.

Wet & Dry is obviously included, we are talking about a highly advanced Philips product and such a function could never have been missing.
It can therefore be used in the shower and also in situations where an abundant presence of foam is required.

But there are also several accessories inside the package, such as the inevitable precision trimmer, which allows you to go far beyond cutting the small hairs of the beard to venture even on mustaches, goatees and sideburns.

The usual display indicates the status of the battery, the level of internal cleaning and the state of wear of the heads.
Never forget to take care of cleaning if this is the minimum, it is the best way to make our Series 9000 razor S9161 / 42 last in time.

The complete charge of the battery is reached in an hour also in this case, but if you want you can make a quick charge that will allow a shave on the fly in case you have very little time available. Battery life is 50 minutes.

An excellent alternative to the Braun world, there are two schools of thought in fact, in fact, some undoubtedly prefer Philips over Braun, I personally have been a Braun user for years, and you? All you have to do is find out. It is clear that whatever your final choice is, the result of your shaving will always be of a professional level since we are in the gotha ​​of electric razors here.

Panasonic ES-LV9N-S803

The flagship of this model is the Multi-Flex 3D head, a real gem, a system of 5 blades that allow you to find and cut the hair even in the most difficult points of our lives.

The Panasonic is an excellent alternative to the overpowering Philips / Braun, also thanks to the flexibility of the razor design.

But let's go together to see clearly what are the specific tasks of these blades:

There is the finishing touch that allows you to accurately capture even the toughest hairs.
There is that of rapid lifting, to cut the beard under the chin. Anyone who has ever shaved at least once in a lifetime knows how difficult it is to act in this area, a real nightmare.
The comb blade is specifically dedicated to longer hairs that are left to run away from the outer blades.
Then there are the internal and close blades.

Another aspect not to be forgotten that places this razor among the most sold and appreciated outside of Braun and Philips is that linked to the detection of the density of the beard, based on the type of hair that the razor will meet will intelligently adapt the job of the head, so as to make it more decisive or delicate depending on the circumstances.

The Panasonic has not forgotten the design, which is practically worthy of 2050, we are already in the future with this object, ergonomics is also highly evolved and studied in detail.

The battery is charged in an hour and there is a dedicated display to read all the information we need for proper razor maintenance. Even if it is obviously a high-end device, there will be no need to perform a manual cleaning every time you use it, but the charging base is also responsible for automatic head cleaning.

Philips S9531 / 26 SmartClick Series 9000

Here's another razor deluxe for the man who must never ask. 🙂

The other day, a friend of mine in the office gave me the so-called "capa tanta", that is, it was all morning to praise me for this razor, so I felt the ethical and moral duty to add it to this list, bringing back his words, his direct experience.

Fabio says that the Philips S9531 / 26 SmartClick has a shave greater than that of the hand razor he was using a few months ago, when he sought for a while the joys of manual shaving.
Then, as he works, he decided to go back to electric shaving, he needed a device to use every morning before coming to the office, which would guarantee reliability and fast results, since he didn't even have a minute to lose.

It is necessary to pass several times in order to have a smooth shave, but we still proceed with speed compared to normal razors.

Perfect if used with water, the skin is never irritated, even if the hand is positioned "badly", so perfect also for those who are decidedly clumsy.
Better if not used with shaving foam, since in that case it ends up sliding too much on the skin and it is not clear if in that case you need to go back or not.

It acts on the greatest even on the three-day beard.

The battery allows performing for about 9-10 shaves.

The washing kit allows the razor to be completely disinfected in 4 hours, obviously everything happens automatically, and in the end the razor is perfectly clean.

The custody does not exist, and it is a pity, "otherwise it would be very perfect" these words of Fabio.

If you have the sideburns you need to change the head.

Fabio is extremely demanding when it comes to shaving, so if he's satisfied, this Philips S9531 / 26 SmartClick Series 9000 can really satisfy anyone.

Philips RQ1250 / 17 SensoTouch 3D

Philips shavers are often the top of the range, we are talking about a brand that has been at the top for shaving for decades, and this Philips RQ1250 / 17 SensoTouch 3D, with such a captivating and futuristic name, could certainly be outdone.

Some users believe that philips razors are more durable than brauns, I personally have not found any great differences in terms of duration, but at the same time I have not had the time and money to do in-depth tests 20 years long 😀

This Philips has a nice cleaning system.

Lightweight, very compact, with a nice elegant design, it can be a great gift if you want to look good. It also has an excellent ergonomic handle.

Plus he is extremely quiet and shaves in an instant. Zaaak!
You almost don't realize it and you find yourself the clean and smooth skin like that of a child.

Perfect on short hair, good on long hair.

The battery lasts about 140 minutes.

It is very sweet on the skin, even if you have a hard beard that tends to redden, there will be no problems of any kind.

I advise to moisten the skin before use and to put some talcum powder, to create a layer so as to make the shave better.

Excellent quality cut.

It can be cleaned under the tap after each use.

There are people who would be ready to give their lives for this razor, without doubt one of the best in the world. And I must say that I also like it very much, despite not being my favorite.

Promoted then with full marks.

While low-end razors are designed to meet the needs of those who simply need a shave but are not addicted to order and do not aim for completely professional results, the mid-range ones are not far from the work they might be able to do. a great barber if he decided to dedicate himself to sculpting our beard.

Braun Series 5 5030s


Braun Series 5 5030s Electric Shaving Razor, Rechargeable, a ...
Braun Series 5 5030s Electric Shaving Razor, Rechargeable, a …

  • Electric shaving razor with technology suitable for sensitive skin, for high performance and a feeling of comfort on the skin
  • Flexible 8-way head for a gentle shave that keeps constant contact with the skin even in areas that are difficult to reach

The Braun is the undisputed queen of electric razors, which is why it returns to the top spot even in this ranking of mid-range razors, the reason is simple, the products it manages to design are certainly among the best for a full compromise satisfactory between the quality of the materials and the cut and the final price to which it is sold to the consumer in the shop or on amazon.

This Series 5 5030s works wonderfully on every type of beard, even on the most difficult ones on which normal razors would have much more of a problem, and at the same time manages not to be aggressive and therefore not damage the most sensitive skins.

The Braun 5 series is dedicated to those who want to approach the world of shaving but it is not yet ready for a demanding purchase, this does not mean that the quality is inferior, they are simply devices with fewer functions, but the quality of the cut is the indisputable one that has been able to ensure this brand for decades.

In terms of design, this product is very similar to a common razor blade, but it is only a minimal marketing idea, because the final effect will be much higher than that of normal razor blades.
The speed at which this Braun is able to operate is impressive, neither does it have time to place the razor on the face that we will already see and we will feel the hair begin to fall into the sink, and in the twinkling of an eye the shaving will come to an end. All without ever irritating the skin, as if by magic.

The FlexMotionTec technology has mobile foils that oscillate up to 40 degrees, guaranteeing an absurd mobility for a product of this range, which in this way can afford an unparalleled adherence to the skin, this is the trick that allows this Braun razor to be so fast and flawless.
The UltraActiveLift function acts directly on the hardest hairs that are raised and then cut, to avoid any kind of abrasions or irritations, all this happens even in the most complicated corners of the face, where normal razors would have a hard life and most likely would fail.
I'm obviously talking about the neck and chin, positions that have always given a hard time during shaving.
Even the adherence of the device to the skin is fully adjustable, thus ensuring unparalleled customization.

The Braun Series 5 5030s also has other interesting features and functions, such as a total impermeability that allows it to be washed in any condition without having to worry about the internal components.
He is able to finish the whiskers and sideburns with great precision with the accessories included in the package.
It is entirely made with cutting-edge materials to ensure a precision never seen before for such a razor, even ergonomics is something special, in fact in hand it will seem to elegantly hold a brush, and to be painters who are giving life. to a wonderful picture on our face. I'm not exaggerating, trying to believe.
The first time I used this device I could hardly believe there was actually such an advanced razor that would allow a shave so simple and precise, and instead I had to change my mind.

The autonomy is a full 45 minutes, it does not excel on this level, but it is not possible to desire so much from a product of the kind that we remember being simply mid-range.
There is therefore the usual fast recharge in case you want to make a single shave and you are short of charge.

The price is obviously low and for this reason a vast range of accessories cannot be guaranteed, such as the travel bag that is present in other models of the same level.

Definitely a highly recommended product.

Panasonic ES-LV65-S803, for demanding shaves

This model from Panasonic is designed for those who face shaving with a very demanding spirit. You can understand it right away: already from the fact that it mounts 5 different blades, to guarantee an extremely precise and controlled shave.
The engine, on the other hand, travels at a good 14,000 revolutions per minute, so very powerful.

Also in this case we see the presence of the Wet & Dry function that allows use in the shower or with the use of a lot of foam. The device will not present any kind of malfunction, nothing to worry about then, since it is extremely waterproof.

There is then mounted on a futuristic sensor designed to be able to accurately detect the various differences in length and density of our beard, yes, in areas where the size is thicker and harder the blade will become like magic a lot more powerful, always taking care not to damage or irritate our skin, while in areas where the beard is softer and less demanding it will become soft.

The battery life is 45 minutes, while for a full charge it will be necessary to wait an hour, a good time.

The display is excellent for immediately detecting the state of charge of the battery and realizing if it is necessary to immediately clean the blades. It is important not to underestimate this step, as it will be fundamental for the longevity of the product.

There is also a pop-up trimmer, a useful accessory to cut or define whiskers and sideburns, without having to resort to the help of a barber.

Philips S9031 / 13 Shaver Series 9000

The blades of this Philips are a work of art, equipped with V-Track technology to cut the hair to perfection.
The blades naturally guide the hair to channel itself in predefined guides to promote the best possible shaving.

The heads instead of Contour Detect are able to move in 8 different directions in order to be able to follow the sharp or less contours of our face.
As always you can take advantage of the shaving of this Philips as it happens with the other razors in this guide, in the shower, without having to worry about it at all.

Inside the box in which it is sold there is a very comfortable trimmer to define the lines as you wish, almost like an artist's tool. You can choose whether to opt for the classic 3-day beard, an effect sought after by other mono-shaving razors specialized in exactly this type of cut, or opt for something longer, but not over the top.

The razor can also be used without a cable for a good 50 minutes, excellent durability, on the display it will be possible to read all the data related to the remaining battery and the available shaving levels. But not only that, you can also set the block to be used during any movement, for example during a trip, to prevent our device from being activated against our will inside the suitcase or beauty case.
The display also shows the cleaning status of the appliance and whether or not the time to replace the heads has arrived.

We remind you that if proper maintenance is carried out, cleaning the razor well after each washing and changing the heads when indicated, this will last for many years to come, avoiding premature replacements ahead of time.

The quality electric razors seem in fact designed specifically to last, unlike other modern electronic objects instead designed according to the concept of planned obsolescence, or made to break after a few months forcing a purchase of a new model.

Braun 799 Wet and Dry, a legend

Braun 799cc-7 Wet & Dry Series 7 Electric Shaver with ...
Braun 799cc-7 Wet & Dry Series 7 Electric Shaver with …

  • Sonica Smart technology automatically increases power in areas that are difficult to reach and with more hair, depending on the length of the beard
  • Braun electric razors are equipped with the only alcohol-based Clean & Charge system in the world with 5 functions: sanitize, refill, lubricate, select the cleaning program and dry at the touch of a button

A legend, again Braun has been able to satisfy the tastes of its public and create a product worthy of praise.

One of the best-selling razors ever, and there will be a reason no?

This Braun 7 succeeds in resolving the problem of shaving with so little past that afflicts those who for years, like me, have been looking for a device capable of shaving without irritation. The strength of this model is in fact its delicacy on the skin, it manages to be effective without ever damaging the pores.

The sonic technology with which it is equipped allows it to cut even the thinnest hairs to the best, being able in any case to adapt to the type of beard that is cutting at that moment and not only, also to the type of face.

It allows you to choose between three different types of shaving: intense, sensitive or normal.

Once you have learned the differences between these three styles it will be very easy to alternate them with ease depending on the area of ​​the face you are facing.

This razor also manages to capture all flat hairs without problems, arrives where the other razors normally have some problems, in fact it easily reaches even the deepest hairs because it has special ergonomic holes on its surface.

The oscillating heads allow a shave that is shaped to the profile of the face on which it will work.

The design is innovative and very pleasant to see and hold. Very comfortable even for long shaves.

The handle is designed to slip, to avoid uncomfortable falls of the object during use.
The materials with which it is produced are of the highest quality, it also manages to be silent during operation.

The display is very legible and contains all the information on how the appliance works.

In the purchase kit it will be possible to find some accessories that will enrich even more the possibilities of this model of Braun 7.
In fact we will find the cleaning brush, the travel case and the excellent base to enable the automatic razor cleaning function after each use.

Well, what to say, after such a review I think my opinion on this little gem is very clear. If you have an average budget, this is certainly a model to be taken into great consideration.

La fascia di prezzo senza dubbio più frequentata per quanto riguarda questo tipo di prodotti è quella sotto i 100 euro, il motivo è ovvio e scontato, quando si va ad acquistare un oggetto del genere non si vuole spendere un capitale, dato che si pone per scontata l’idea che tale dispositivo non durerà nel tempo e dovrà essere sostituito dopo qualche anno. Quindi perché acquistare qualcosa di costoso se a breve ci troveremmo a ricomprarla? Be’, il discorso non fa una grinza, se non fosse che esistono modelli costosi che promettono e mantengono l’idea di durare tantissimi anni, sono praticamente indistruttibili, ho ancora un modello Braun top della gamma che uso da almeno 10 anni. Non mi crederete.

Certo è che se non si è dotati di un portafogli voluminoso non farà male optare per qualcosa sotto i 100 euro, in questa fascia di prezzo è sicuramente possibile riscontrare la presenza di prodotti utilizzabili in tutta sicurezza e con risultati semi-professionali quando non professionali al 100%.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Wet & Dry

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Rasoio da Barba Elettrico a Lamina...
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Rasoio da Barba Elettrico a Lamina…

  • I 3 elementi di rasatura oscillanti indipendenti si adattano ai contorni del viso offrendo un ottimale comfort
  • Lo speciale sistema Micro Comb cattura più peli a ogni passata per una rasatura più veloce e delicata; rispetto al rasoio da barba elettrico Series 3 precedente; testato su barbe di 3 giorni

La Braun, si sa, è produttrice di alcuni dei migliori rasoi presenti sul mercato. Per alcuni è addirittura sinonimo diretto di rasoio elettrico, grazie al massiccio bombardamento pubblicitario che questa azienda ha saputo egregiamente impiegare in questi ultimi decenni, ma non solo, sicuramente anche grazie all’altissima qualità portata sul mercato, inaugurando spesso praticamente degli standard nuovi che hanno alzato ogni anno di volta in volta l’asticella costringendo le società concorrenti a mettersi al passo con questa folle corsa tecnologica verso la rasatura perfetta.

Se siete in cerca di un rasio elettrico economico, il Braun Series 3 potrebbe essere il modello da acquistare, ma andiamo a vedere bene con calma quali sono i pregi e i difetti di questo prodotto.
Innanzitutto il primo pregio è il fatto che assicura un ottimo compromesso tra prezzo e prestazioni.
Il design è semplice quanto elegante, il taglio è esteticamente gradevole, facile da tenere in mano e molto delicato anche sulle pelli più sensibili.
Cosa si potrebbe chiedere di più ad un rasoio di questa fascia di presso?

E’ anche uno dei più venduti su amazon, e be’ dovrà esserci un buon motivo per questo successo.

Tutti gli elementi strutturali sono disegnati per essere sensibilissimi alla pressione e modellare la barba secondo il movimento della nostra mano, muovendosi sulla nostra pelle come un pennello.
Il sistema di rasatura del Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s è composto da ben due elementi, ovvero due testine a lamina e un rifinitore centrale, per ottenere un taglio precisissimo e che si riesce ad adattare alla forma di qualunque viso.

Questo rasoio può essere addirittura utilizzato mentre ci si fa la doccia, è dotato infatti dell’avveniristica funzione Wet&Dry, questa gli permette di venire utilizzato anche con gel e schiuma da barba, cosa comodissima per chi è dotato di pelle sensibile e non riesce ad effettuare una rasatura a secco.

Il sistema SensoFoil poi garantisce una rasatura precisa, profonda e accurata, ma allo stesso tempo delicatissima, grazie ai 3 elementi indipendenti di rasatura. Si possono catturare i peli più lunghi con la prima passata del dispositivo, la rasatura è rapidissima, quasi impressionante, grazie a questa velocità e al sistema di lame indipendenti si evitano irritazioni della pelle e una volta effettuato il taglio la nostra pelle apparirà come se niente l’avesse appena toccata.

Funziona con una batteria al Litio che ha un’ottima autonomia di ben 50 minuti, il tempo necessario per effettuare almeno 4-5 rasature senza alcun bisogno di collegare il Braun alla presa elettrica, comodissimo.
C’è la possibilità se si desidera e nel caso si trovasse il rasoio totalmente scarico ma con la necessità impellente di effettuare una rasatura perché magari si sta per uscire per un appuntamento di lavoro o un incontro galante, di effettuare una ricarica molto rapida, serviranno infatti solo 5 minuti per poter
portare energia sufficiente a garantire una rasatura completa.

Questo chiaramente è un ottimo aiuto per chi dovesse dimenticare di ricaricare nel momento giusto il proprio fido rasoio.
Lo stato della ricarica è comunque sempre verificabile sul display led che avvisa con largo anticipo se c’è bisogno di provvedere a collegare il nostro rasoio alla corrente per una ricarica completa.

Si può inoltre collegare un rifinitore di precisione extra-large per modellare le nostre basette e rifinire i peli lunghi della barba poco prima di procedere alla rasatura di precisione. Uno strumento senza ombra di dubbio utilissimo, che ci permetterà una precisione degna di un salone moderno di barbiere.

E’ un oggetto unico, semplicissimo da usare, economico, comodo e buono in parecchie situazioni differenti. Non lascia scontento nessuno. La rasatura è precisa e ideale per le pelli sensibili, la batteria anche spicca per durata.

Philips OneBlade QP2520/25

Ecco un modello che è economico solo nel prezzo, infatti non ci troviamo di fronte ad un rasoio tradizionale, è un prodotto molto particolare con una tecnologia proprietaria del tutto innovativa pensata da Philips.

Oltre a radere è capace anche di rifinire e regolare.
L’obiettivo di questo prodotto è praticamente di radere la barba come se si avesse in mano una vera e propria lamette. E’ vero che esistono rasoi di fascia alta che promettono gli stessi risultati del One Blade, ma costano almeno 10 volte il prezzo di questo.

It is equipped with a mixture of the classic serrated blades of the beard and a razor blade.

Also perfect for shaving the hair on the cheekbones or to define the goatee.

E’ leggero con un’ottima impugnatura, è possibile utilizzarlo con la schiuma o sotto la doccia.

Ma ecco qui un video esplicativo molto completo che vi farà capire di cosa è capace questo apparecchio:

FLYCO, Rasoio Elettrico economico silenzioso


FLYCO Rasoio Elettrico Barba Uomo Ricaricabile con 3 Testine...
FLYCO Rasoio Elettrico Barba Uomo Ricaricabile con 3 Testine…

  • 【Rasoio Elettrico Barba Uomo con 3 Testine Fluttuanti】 – 3 testa di rasatura fluttuante a 360 gradi vicino alla pelle, si adatta perfettamente alla curva del viso e del collo. La lamina con tracciatura incrementale aumenta la superficie di contatto, in una singola passata catturerai più barba, risparmiando molto tempo per la rasatura.
  • 【Taglio Dettagliato con Trimmer Pop-up】 -Il trimmer pop-up incorporato nel FLYCO rasoio elettrico da barba ti aiuta a radere le basette, i baffi ei baffi. Puoi pulire il viso in soli 3 minuti al giorno. Fresco rasoio elettrico barba ha un sistema intelligente a prova di pizzicotto in grado di rilevare lo stato della batteria. Previene efficacemente la rasatura indisciplinata e la pelle del viso dannosa quando la batteria è scarica.

Il Flyco è un bel rasoio economico, perfetto come regalo ad un adolescente come uso primo rasoio.

L’ho regalato a mio nipote per la sua cresima, ed è felicissimo, dice che adesso si sente un vero uomo. 🙂

Mi fa sempre piacere essere artefice di queste piccole felicità quotidiane.

Rispetto ad altri rasoi elettrici economici è decisamente silenzioso.

Molto semplice da utilizzare, proprio perché economico e spartano, è dotato di 3 lame rotanti e cattura velocemente tutti i peli.

Ha anche una bella scatola, quindi si fa bella figura se lo si sceglie come regalo.

Nella confezione ci sono svariati accessori che lo rendono praticamente plug-and-play, subito pronto all’uso.
E’ presente una presa per ricaricarlo, un pennellino per pulirlo, il libretto d’istruzioni e il copri testina in plastica trasparente che da un’idea di eleganza.

Il rasoio flyco è made in china, ma non per questo sinonimo di scarsa qualità, diciamo una pecora bianca in un ammasso di pecore nere 😀

Non consigliato però con chi vuole fare sul serio. Ottimo per gli adolescenti.

Panasonic ES-LT2N-S803

Il Panasonic qui proposto, ovvero il modello ES-LT2N-S803 è dotato di 3 lame che seguono perfettamente tutti i contorni, anche quelli più ostici, del nostro viso.

Ritorna la funzione wet&dry che permette una rasatura perfetta anche sotto la doccia senza nessun rischio.

Il fiore all’occhiello di questo modello è il rilevatore di densità della barba, di che cosa si tratta? Capiamolo assieme.

Ogni barba è dotata di una densità differente, anche a seconda di quale zona del viso stiamo andando a trattare, i baffi ad esempio presenteranno un tipo di densità completamente diversa dalle basette.
Il motore di questo Panasonic è in grado di cogliere da solo la differenza e di regolare la potenza del suo motore interno, che può arrivare a ben 13mila giri al minuto.

Va da sé che anche i possessori di barbe molto folte, e stiamo parlando ad esempio di chi partecipa a gare per la migliore barba, non resteranno delusi da un prodotto del genere.

Il rasoio Panasonic è inoltre facilissimo da pulire, monta una tecnologia a micro vibrazioni che permette una pulitura totale espellendo i peli, anche quelli più minuscoli e impercettibili, a fine rasatura.

Nella scatola dell’ES-LT2N-S803 è presente una custodia per il trasporto in viaggio. Comoda per chi si muove molto e non vuole il disturbo di doverla acquistare separatamente.

Remington PR1230, l’alternativa super economica

Ecco un rasoio elettrico tradizionale molto economico, la vera alternativa per chi dispone di un budget limitatissimo ma non vuole rinunciare a una qualità base che permetta rasature affidabili.

Certo ci troviamo ben lontani dalle marche più blasonata, ma per chi utilizza il rasoio una tantum e si affida normalmente ad altri metodi questa potrebbe essere l’alternativa perfetta.

E’ molto facile da utilizzare e da pulire infatti, veloce sulle barbe dure, strano a dirsi per un prodotto tanto economico.

La grande pecca è però che funziona solo a corrente elettrica e non si può utilizzare a batterie. Per alcuni questo non sarà un grande deterrente. Il cavo c’è da dire che è lunghissimo, quindi l’utilizzo resta comodo anche collegato alla presa.

La testina del Remington PR1230 è pensata per essere orientata in due posizioni, verso l’alto o verso il basso, aderisce ai contorni del viso e permette una buona rasatura.

La pulizia è facile, c’è solo da rimuovere la testa del rasoio e immergerla in acqua tiepida. Fatto.

A questo prezzo è difficile trovare di meglio, se si intende ovviamente possedere un rasoio più serio e affidabile da usare tutti i giorni meglio puntare su altre marche, se ci si accontenta dell’essenziale invece è un prodotto da tenere in grande considerazione.

Philips AquaTouch S5420/06

La Philips affronta la rasatura secondo un altro punto di vista, è per questo che il suo modello AquaTouch monta una differente tipologia di lame.

Le testine rotanti di questo modello sono capaci di muoversi in ben 5 direzioni differenti, in modo da poter seguire con precisione e disinvoltura tutto il contorno del nostro viso e del collo.
Un approccio di sicuro differente rispetto quello dei rasoi a lamina, ma la Philips si sa è la diretta concorrente della Braun, per alcuni addirittura superiore, e ci sarà un motivo se è così. Ma andiamo bene insieme ad esaminare

I profili delle testine sono ricoperti di una guaina particolare molto avanzata progettata da tecnici giapponesi, il paese in cui sono state prodotte nei secoli le migliori lame del mondo.
Questa tecnologia all’avanguardia permette di evitare tagli e arrossamenti alla pelle del viso.

Anche in questo caso vediamo presente la funzione per utilizzare il rasoio comodamente sotto la doccia senza doversi preoccupare di eventuali corti circuito dell’apparecchio o problemi tecnici di qualunque tipo.
Si potrà utilizzare senza problema anche la schiuma da barba.

La batteria è anche in questo caso al litio, però a differenza del modello Braun permette una rasatura di 45 minuti, sono 5 minuti in meno che certamente non costituiscono una differenza preponderante.

La ricarica completa richiede solo un’ora, come il Braun questo Philips AquaTouch S5420/06 è dotato della possibilità di effettuare una velocissima ricarica turbo di soli 5 minuti per poter procedere a una rasatura completa nel caso ci si fosse dimenticati di ricaricarlo precedentemente.

Il display a led ricorda in questo caso anche quando è il momento finalmente di sostituire tutte le testine di rasatura, oppure quando è il momento di pulire gli interni del rasoio. Convenient.

Di sicuro il miglior modello economico con testine rotanti, promosso a pieni voti.

Moser Primat 1233

No products found.

Il Moser Primat non è un rasoio tagliabarba, bensì un taglia capelli, ma data la qualità eccelsa di questo prodotto e la sua appartenenza a questa fascia di prezzo contenuta, non potevamo evitare di inserirlo in questa guida che si propone di completa.

Il Moser è eccellente sia per chi ha bisogno di tagliare spesso i capelli e non vuole rivolgersi ad un barbiere, sia per chi vuole radere i peli presenti sul corpo.

Conosco di persone che sono molto infastidite dalla presenza di mani estranee sul proprio cuoio capelluto e che fanno fatica ad accettare il lavoro del barbiere sulla propria testa, per costoro un dispositivo del genere è altamente consigliato, infatti i risultati sono comparabili a quelli di un taglio professionale.

Il Primat 1233 permette di rinnovarsi come un’araba fenice, rinascendo dalle proprie ceneri, se si compie la semplicissima operazione di sostituire la testina. Infatti basterà rivolgersi ad un rivenditore e cambiare questa piccolissima parte del nostro Moser per avere un rasoio praticamente nuovo.

Un apparecchio pensato per durare decenni.
L’unica avvertenza è che quando la testina non sembrerà più tagliare come prima, bensì si comincerà ad avere quella sgradevole sensazione di “strappo” dei peli, bisognerà in quel momento procedere a sostituirla.

In conclusion

Esistono tantissimi apparecchi sul mercato, a volte questa possibilità infinita di scelta ci procura confusione, quasi un capogiro, è per questa ragione che esistono guide come quella che avete appena letto.

Non è facile vivere da consumatori, coniugare la nostra missione di esseri umani con le nostre necessità quotidiane. Come uomini e donne del terzo millennio ci dobbiamo proporre la missione di mediare tra una dimensione che vede le macchine sempre più protagoniste e l’affermazione della nostra umanità.

Anche se è vero che abbiamo bisogno di elettrodomestici e apparecchi elettronici per vivere una vita comoda non dobbiamo perdere di vista la poesia del mondo che ci circonda, e cercare di restituire a questo mondo il cuore che forse un po’ ha perso.

Pro Contro è per prima cosa questo, un posto dove creare comunità, avvicinarci come consumatori, discutere, esprimere le nostre individualità, ma soprattutto evolverci e dirigerci assieme verso una nuova umanità più libera, pacifica e bella.

Scusate la divagazioni amici, ma oggi mi sentivo di scrivervi questo mio pensiero conclusivo supplementare.

Spero che grazie ai miei consigli troviate finalmente il rasoio che fa per voi.

Il vostro Tony di Pro Contro


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