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Looking for the best walking bicycle?

For some years even in Italy some Municipalities have recognized a reimbursement of expenses for those who go to work by bicycle instead of by car.

There has never been a better time to move on to this fabulous medium.

I personally have made my choice for a long time, I only go with the citybike, I feel more free, franked.

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In my opinion this is one of the best bikes now on the market:

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How to choose a walking bike?

Surely you will have asked yourself hundreds and hundreds of times what could be the best bicycle for you, those that are now increasingly called "city bikes".

Would you like to start to be passionate about the bicycle, or do you realize that you need a means of locomotion that does not pollute, that will save you on the petrol that has now reached 2 euros or that allows you to park anywhere without losing time and money to pay for parking? Or would you just like to start doing some physical activity, lose a few pounds and get in better shape?

Well, first of all you have to be clear about why you want to buy it, so if you think you'll need it especially in your free time to take short walks in the city, you will find a type of bicycle useful, or you will use it for many kilometers every day , or to go to work, or to make day trips, you will be advised to buy a different model.

another important thing what you have to evaluate when you buy a bike of this type is on what kind of paths you will use it, in fact, if your city is flat it could be for you a fixed gear bike, that is without gears, very simple to use and with which you will never have problems with the change, otherwise it is necessary to lean towards one bicycle with gears.

If you want the walking bicycle to do many miles every day, it would be important to buy a model that is not too heavy, with mudguards to keep you clean on rainy days and with a very comfortable saddle, so as not to have problems in the private parts, especially if not you're used to riding a bike and have extra kilos.

A bicycle with thinner wheels will undoubtedly allow you to go a little faster by doing less effort, on the contrary, if you are not already an experienced bicycle driver, it will give you less stability and less safety, especially on bends and on days where the asphalt is wet.

How much does a walking bicycle weigh?

A walking bicycle weighs about 15 kg, plus accessories you will mount plus it will increase weight.

How to change a bike?

There have been ways to change, improve and personalize your city bike.

It can be very useful to have the 2 bottle cages mounted, so you can bring some water and some mineral salts to drink, especially in the hottest periods of the year, the bicycle could be a great way to go to the sea.

The bell can be useful in the city to get you noticed by some distracted pedestrians and led lights both front and rear to increase the safety of your bike rides.

In fact, it could be useful, if you use the bicycle to run errands, mount a basket or even a luggage rack, a tripod to better leave it when you have to leave it on the street. In the latter case, I suggest you buy a good chain and a good lock and tie both the wheel and the frame to the place where you decide to park it.

The bicycle can be made more sporty, so removing the basket, the lights, the luggage rack, the fenders, so it can be made lighter, if you want to make trips with mixed routes, or you can make it more comfortable by adding lots of accessories , which unfortunately go to increase its weight.

As for the size of the bicycle, try to get on the vehicle and touch the floor or the road with your toes. This is the right size to pedal, in fact, having your back straight and never stretching your legs while pedaling makes the effort more tiring and less efficient, as well as damaging our health.

The position on the bike is essential, I advise you to have your position checked by your trusted dealer or by a friend who is passionate about cycling.

The accessories that you can buy to enrich your bicycle are so many, for example you can buy a seat to take even a child with you, or an odometer to find out the speed you reach when you're riding your bike. You can even buy a heart rate monitor to keep your heart rate and calorie consumption under control as you pedal.

You will be able to buy travel bags for bicycles, in order to store accessories that can be useful in case of a puncture, such as a new air chamber, small tools to replace it and even food that you may need.

There is nothing more beautiful than personalizing your bicycle, your vehicle, making the bike a unique piece, having your name or a particular phrase or design engraved on the frame, attaching stickers to things that are important to us , or it is also possible to repaint the frame making it even more personalized.

If you use your bicycle almost exclusively for errands, it may be convenient to buy and mount a tripod so that you can leave your bike without any problems.

How are bikes shipped from amazon?

The bikes purchased on Amazon arrive in a few days from the purchase, usually arrive already assembled, or, as regards the larger models, often some components are not mounted, but they are really very simple components to assemble for anyone, such as example the saddle, or the pedals, which otherwise would be very protruding and risk breaking during shipping.

How to choose a walking bike?

The strongest bicycles are definitely steel bicycles. Steel is the only material that continues to resist for the construction of bicycles, while many other materials have alternated, such as aluminum, carbon, titanium and magnesium, materials that have shown greater or less rigidity or steel strength.

Nowadays, steel is a very good material and has been made even lighter, otherwise aluminum is a good alternative, with the carbon fork more cushioning, for example when taking holes. Coal is a softer material.

There F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi (F.I.V. is (acronym) () of Fabbrica Italiana Velocipedi), better known simply as whites, is the oldest (still existing) (bicycle) factory in the world, once also an important Italian car manufacturer, founded in Milan by Edoardo Bianchi. Today it is part of the Swedish group Cycleurope AB((1)) () and mass production no longer takes place in Italy, where part of the design and assembly of high-end models has been maintained.

You can find more suitable bicycles for the female public, for example those with the oblique frame tube, or those with the straight tube, sometimes also called "cannon" which are better suited for male customers.

Here is a very beautiful, very special, women's bicycle from the historic Italian brand "Bianchi". The Bianchi cycles are produced by Edoardo Bianchi's factory, which turns out to be the oldest bicycle factory in the world, founded by Edoardo bianchi in 1885 in Milan. Unfortunately, today it is part of the "Cycleurope" group, a Swedish group, however, the production and much of the design and assembly of high-quality, high-end models has, fortunately, remained in our Italy.

Among the walking bicycles we can also find the timeless "Graziella" magazine revisited in models that are very aesthetically pleasing and very drivable for the needs of our times.

To the common bicycles that we have always known we must also add assisted bicycles, then electric bicycles. Thanks to these bicycles, many people have stopped or limited the use of polluting vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, scooters and buses. In fact, these bicycles have a zero environmental impact and allow even those who are not trained or those who do not want to pedal too much, to use bicycles to reach their workplace, or to meet friends and take pleasant walks enjoying the breeze that can be enjoyed while riding a bicycle.

Best citybike 2019 walking bicycle

Here are two other very interesting models that I especially recommend to women:

This is a very beautiful vintage bicycle, which has a competitive price and also includes accessories such as a basket, a bag, a luggage rack and a tripod. It is a comfortable and elegant bicycle. Definitely advisable for those looking for a bicycle to use especially in the city, in fact, as we said earlier, the quantity of accessories increases the weight of the bicycle and this model really includes many accessories. It is always necessary to evaluate which accessories are actually needed and which are not, both as a matter of weight and as a matter of costs, in fact, each accessory has a cost and it is a pity to have so many accessories that remain unused.

The bicycle is made of aluminum and has a 6-speed Shimano gearbox that lets you move comfortably throughout the city.

Or another model of this kind, but similar is the following

This model is a bit cheaper than the previous one, the quality of the bicycle is practically the same, the front basket is missing, but not everyone uses it. It is available in many different colors and will accompany you without disappointing you in the city without any doubt, it is a perfect traveling companion even on foggy or rainy days, thanks to the front and rear lights and the fenders that will protect your clothes.

Let's move on to a high-quality men's walking bicycle.

This is another bicycle from the historic Bianchi brand, a lightweight aluminum bicycle with a Shimano gearbox that will allow you to choose from 21 different gears. It is a bicycle that has a higher cost than the previous ones, but has better features and qualities, which will allow you to tackle on average demanding and longer routes without encountering any problems.

Bianchi bicycles are synonymous with quality, history and Italy.

For those who want to buy a cheaper bike, Amazon offers a wide range to choose from. We have tried to find for you excellent compromises between quality and price.

This bicycle costs less than 200 euros and is certainly an excellent bicycle, which features a Shimano 18-speed gearbox and 28-inch wheels that help increase speed when traveling on the plains. It was therefore designed to do so many kilometers in the city. The frame is light, made of aluminum and is also accompanied by numerous and useful accessories: chain covers, mudguards, tripod and buzzer. In addition, front and rear lights are included which will allow you to drive safely even in low light conditions. The comfort seat and the raised handlebar promote a comfortable and relaxed ride, ideal for enjoying long walks without having back problems.

The next bike is similar to the previous one, more recommended for a female audience, it's different in style. The price always puts it in economic quality.

The following bicycle, the Bristol for women is a beautiful women's bicycle, very well finished, at a very competitive price, around 130 euros.

It is a Dutch-style bicycle with 26-inch wheels and a completely resistant steel frame. You can add many accessories, of course, to those already standard.

The Moma Bikes is another fairly inexpensive women's bike, very interesting, given that the price already includes many accessories, including the basket, the aluminum luggage rack integrated into the frame, the front and rear lights, the stand, the bell, the chain guard, the mudguards and the saddle with quick release.

The next bike, the Dutch-style unisex Moma Bikes is a very neat, stately bike that features an 18-speed Shimano gearbox, with Shimano controls and Shimano's original sprocket, with a luggage rack built into the chassis and accessory numbers, as in the previous model.

In Italy we are very fortunate in that of bicycle manufacturers, in fact, we have only the embarrassment of the choice among dozens of brands of absolute quality, for all budgets and for all tastes.

Another important company in this field and for this type of bicycle is "Atala".

This stately Atala-marked city bike has only one speed, so it has no gear and gear and is suitable for use in flat cities, has 28 inch wheels, a very comfortable saddle, with shock absorbers, lights both front and rear, the lighting system is dynamo, moreover, this bicycle includes the luggage rack, the mudguards, the stand and the arc lock. We are facing a really nice bicycle to drive, very simple not having the change. A bicycle that will make you spend pleasant days in your city. Much of this bicycle is made of steel, so the bicycle will last many years.

With this model I present to you the β€œtwin” model of the elegant Atala bike just described, but in the women's version, in fact, we can observe the oblique frame of the bicycle that distinguishes the female models. This model, therefore, like the previous one, includes many comforts, many accessories as described in the previous model, which go, therefore, from the front and rear fenders, to the padlock, to the tripod, to the luggage rack, to the lights and not only that will make the your walks in the city. This bicycle is an excellent investment, the materials with which it is made make it absolutely resistant to the test of time.

This bike produced by Atala is a Dutch unisex model with 26 inch wheels. It looks like a mixed bicycle between a city bicycle and a vintage bicycle. It is a very comfortable bicycle for city use and fits into a cheaper price range than the previous model. I recommend this model to all women who want to approach the bicycle to move around the city, to go on errands, to get to work, there is nothing better than pedaling for thirty / sixty minutes a day to always be in shape. This is a particular bicycle that will allow us not to go unnoticed.

This model of bicycle is very different from the one just shown. It is placed in an intermediate price range and at first sight we are not in front of the classic walking bicycle. In reality, this bicycle is designed for city use, but it does not disdain going outside the city and even going to grind kilometers on mixed routes, in fact, this bicycle is equipped with a Shimano 21-speed gearbox and a whole series of mechanical features that make it quick and agile to travel many kilometers in total comfort. The bicycle, in fact, has a rear rack, battery lights, so without using the dynamo, which can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially when reaching high speeds, the dynamo may overheat and cause the bulbs to burn. This bicycle is also equipped with a tripod, a bell and reflective wheels to increase safety when riding your bike. It is a lighter bicycle than the previous ones, in fact, the frame is made of aluminum, as are most of the mechanical components. The Shimano derailleur is synonymous with quality and safety guarantee and will allow you to always choose safely with which gear you prefer to pedal.

Here is an excellent quality Atala city bicycle, which is in a higher price range than the previous ones, we are in fact around 500 euros, 500 euros which I think would be really well spent if I decided to buy this bike.

It is a citybike with 24 speeds, which will allow you to run around practically anywhere, a gritty, sporting bicycle with every detail, with Shimano controls, gear, crankset and front derailleur, with aluminum frame and pedals and 24-inch wheels that they will allow you to go uphill without too many problems and to go off-road. However, this bicycle does not renounce to comfort, it is equipped with numerous accessories, such as the rear luggage rack, the front and rear lights, the chain guard and the fenders that are always indispensable when we talk about a city bicycle.

This is a wonderful city bike from Legnano, another very important Italian company, a real institution when we talk about cycling and bicycles. This bicycle is offered at a price that is not too cheap, but in addition to the bicycle here we are buying a real piece of Italian history. This Legnano bicycle is equipped with 28-inch diameter wheels, the frame is very light, made of aluminum and the sturdy steel fork. The bicycle is equipped with an excellent Shimano gearbox with 21 different speeds that really allows the cyclist a wide choice for any type of route taken. It will be a pleasure every time to get on this beautiful bicycle to tackle the path that will take you to reach friends, relatives, work place or simply to spend some free time in absolute safety and tranquility.

This bicycle is equipped with every comfort, nothing has been left to chance, as you can see from small details such as the chain guard, the luggage rack supplied, the front and rear fenders, the lights supplied and the pedals. The play of colors between silver gray and black makes this bicycle unique, really beautiful, very neat and refined.

Here is an interesting proposal of citynike for lovers of this style, in fact, Moma Bikes with this model presents a city bicycle that recalls the unforgettable "Graziella", therefore a stylistically unmistakable bicycle, with small 20-inch wheels, with the folding handlebar and with the Shimano components both for the 6-speed gearbox and the sprocket set. The frame of the bicycle is made of aluminum, as are the wheels, the pedals are foldable and the fenders also come as standard. The price is really very very interesting. This type of bicycle goes in the ultra-light and is very easy to transport.

Here is another version of the "Graziella", but in an ultra modern version, very suitable for young people who are not afraid to get noticed on their bikes.

This bicycle marked "Coppi" has a foldable steel frame and colored green 16-inch wheels, which together with the black frame create a real shock effect and make the bicycle very visible especially in the times when there is less light. The brake levers are in aluminum and the pedals are foldable, so even this model is very easy to transport. Included in the price is also the battery-powered lighting system.

The bicycle has only one sprocket, so there are no gears, there is no gear, there is no derailleur and all the components that mount bicycles at multiple speeds, making this Graziella of our times very light, very easy and pleasant to drive in city traffic.

This Graziella, on the other hand, is very similar to the city bike model created a few decades ago, aesthetically minimal, very beautiful and sometimes vintage. It comes with pedals and handlebars to assemble, a really simple and fast procedure. Unlike old bicycles of this type, it is not possible to fold it in two so as to facilitate transport. The bicycle is very light, has 20-inch wheels, a single-speed gearbox, a comfortable saddle, mounts the front and rear fenders, the luggage rack and the lights. The combination of the water green of the steel frame with the white parts of the saddle, handlebar and tires is very pleasant. The color of this bicycle, combined with trim and aesthetics, truly reminds of a bicycle of the past transplanted in 2019. The price of this bicycle is very interesting, a price that places this Graziella in an intermediate belt.

Here we are in front of a wonderful Atala bicycle with assisted pedaling, then an electric bicycle. The price of this bicycle is certainly higher than that of all the bicycles we talked about previously, but it is also fair to evaluate this type of bicycle before excluding its purchase from our thoughts. In fact, this convenient Atala city-bike, electric with assisted pedaling, is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox and pedal assistance up to 25 km / h. We are facing a bicycle with 26-inch wheels, a lightweight frame in aluminum and Shimano components, with various aluminum components, to make the bike as light as possible. The bicycle has a motor that can be fully recharged in 4 and a half hours and it is possible to adjust 4 different power levels for assisted pedaling.

The bicycle is obviously equipped with the luggage rack, the lights both in the front and in the rear, of the fenders, of the chain guard and of a comfortable saddle. Thanks to this bicycle you can increase your mileage, increase your range, even with regard to mixed routes, since thanks to assisted pedaling, when you are tired, you can ask your bicycle for help to help you get home or to simply overcome the moment of difficulty or temporary tiredness.

We are faced with a model that is very well done from all points of view, comfort, style, elegance, but with the quality that has always distinguished a β€œBianchi” bicycle, starting from the light blue color that recalls the epic challenges between Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi.

With this bike you can travel in and out of town with confidence, it is a bicycle made of steel, with aluminum parts and a 21-speed Shimano gearbox, which will allow you to tackle routes with climbs and descents without problems , obviously to those flat, without having problems. Some accessories like front and rear lights, mudguards and front luggage rack are already included, others you can add, such as a luggage rack and a tripod.

Instead, as far as past lovers are concerned, they can buy new bicycles, but in the same way of other times, vintage bicycles are bicycles produced with new materials, but inspired by models and colors of the past.

In conclusion

After this roundup of information and bicycles, you just have to decide what kind of city bike you can do for you, I really talked to you about many different types of bicycles, ranging from bicycles from more sporty cities to vintage ones, passing by too for those of the Graziella type, without forgetting the more particular ones and ending, even with an electric model, with pedal assistance.

These bikes are for all budgets, ranging from just over a hundred euros to just over a thousand euros. Depending on the use you want to make of it and the cost you want to pay, you can choose the model that's right for you.

Don't forget that riding a bicycle is good for you, your health, your physical well-being and it will also save you the money you would have spent on petrol, cars, motorcycles and mechanic repairs. Riding a bicycle the views will be much more beautiful and you will discover a city different from the one you know traveling only by car or at high speeds over a motorcycle.

The bicycle is the best way to get around the city, it is certainly the fastest, cheapest, cleanest vehicle in existence and every time you choose to use a bicycle and not the car, it also helps the environment to be less dirty and a little ' Cleaner.

Now all you have to do is decide which bicycle is best for you and start going up there, I am convinced that over time you will decide to go more and more by bicycle and less and less by other means, time is precious, because it does not come back back and I really think that wasting it aboard a car to look for parking is really unintelligent and cheap.

A bicycle, on the other hand, you can park it almost anywhere, you can get to your favorite spot even in areas with limited traffic and park, in order to optimize everything, costs and time, to benefit you, but not only you, it will also benefit you the environment.



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