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Confinement: Congolese invited to practice sport at home

whole body workout no equipment

« In this period of confinement, dominated by sedentary lifestyles, the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education offers our compatriots a maintenance and maintenance physical education program through active walking and powerlifting exercises « Said Serge Wilfrid Mbouma, director general of the National Institute of Youth and Sports, in an interview.

Led by specialists in gymnastics, fitness, bodybuilding and others, this program will be broadcast every morning around 7 am on Congolese national television. The confined Congolese will only follow the movements and instructions of the coaches. There will, in fact, be muscle building, cardio, stretching and abs exercises

This program will allow Congolese to stay in shape and avoid stress. « Covid-19 is our common enemy, make war on it by stopping its spread, stay at home and do everyday sport at home “, Specifies an audio-visual support on the program. Note that this program is launched not only to avoid the spread of the coronavirus (seventy cases, five deaths and eight cured in the Congo) but also to allow athletes to keep their shape, since practicing physical activity is a way of protect against many cardiovascular diseases and strengthen its immune defenses.


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