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My dose of sport: « These dear enemies », the France-England rivalry in rugby told with accuracy and poetry

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These dear enemies

On February 2, 2020, France defeated England at the opening of the VI Nations Tournament. A competition which, coronavirus requires, has still not found its epilogue and which the two countries can still win. This Franco-English rivalry, its oval history and its great dates, this is what is discussed in Our dear enemies, 64-minute documentary directed by Maxime Boilon.

Daniel Herrero and violence

An hour during which we revisit with poetry certain mythical confrontations between the XV of the Rooster and that of the Rose. But the reflection goes beyond the simple framework of rugby. “On one side of the Channel we produce wine, on the other side beer; in England we drive on the left, in France on the right. Each strives to do differently from the other, ”underlines one of the interlocutors in the introduction.

And then there is Daniel Herrero, the former Toulon coach whose inimitable phrasing recites the history of violence in rugby. A cult sequence that gives relief to a documentary that watches itself.

Antonin Bisson


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