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free home workout apps
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Sports at home: programs to lose weight and build muscles …

free at home workout apps

sport at home

Do you have little time to train? Playing sports at home is one of the best solutions to reach your goals quickly! With a minimum of organization and motivation, you can sculpt your dream figure in just a few minutes a day. Discover our tips and training programs to lose weight and build muscle at home.

6 good reasons to do sport at home

Playing sports at home is not necessarily less effective than in a gym. With a minimum of equipment, a lot of motivation and an adapted program, you can reach your goal in a few weeks. Especially since playing sports at home offers many advantages:

1. Save time

No more time wasted in transport to the gym, thanks to home sports you save time!

2. Flexible hours

Playing indoor sports is often time-consuming: you depend on the club’s opening hours and group lessons are offered on fixed slots which are not necessarily compatible with your schedule. The possibilities are endless! Early in the morning before going to work, during the day between 2 appointments, late at night … you can do your training whenever you want and are also completely free for the duration of your session (Only 20 minutes is enough to train effectively). Doing sport at home thus offers the possibility of training more regularly and therefore obtaining results more quickly.

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3. Tailor-made program

When you take a group lesson the exercises and the intensity are not necessarily adapted to your own capacities and objectives. At home you can do the training of your choice. To support you and benefit from a tailor-made program, do not hesitate to call on a personal sports coach. They will be able to offer you online coaching and even travel in person to your home. Find your home sports coach

4. Comfort of your home

What could be better than being able to do sports at home, with your equipment and on your own gym mat, the possibility of listening to the music of your choice and being able to take a good shower in a clean space as soon as your session?

5. The peace of mind of training at home alone

Exit the eyes of others, at home you can train without complex. No matter the extra pounds, the dress, the halos of sweating under the arms … you can focus 100% on your exercises.

6. Minimal cost

No subscription to pay, no travel costs … the only investment to make when practicing sport at home is a suitable outfit and a minimum of equipment.

Equipment needed for sports at home

To train at home, a simple gym mat is enough if you are a beginner. Then, to further vary your training, you can invest in small equipment such as:

For a hundred euros, you will be able to equip yourself with a minimum of equipment which will allow you to diversify your exercises but also to intensify your training in order to continue to progress.

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Home training programs

Weight loss session at home

weight loss program at home

This session is an example of workout training.about twenty minutes you can do at home as part of a weight loss program. It is based on poly-articular exercises and a HIIT type protocol in order to burn as many calories as possible. In order to be easily carried out at home, we have selected only exercises without equipment:

In practice, the 6 exercises offered must be linked in the form of circuit training. So, perform the first exercise for 30 seconds, recover 15 seconds, then go to the next, etc. until the 6th exercise. Repeat this sequence 5 times. For maximum efficiency, perform each exercise at maximum intensity. Depending on your level, the effort and recovery times can be adjusted. If you manage to complete the 5 laps but you could not have done one more, it is that your protocol was well adapted! In an approach of progression, think of increasing the difficulty each week.

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To lose weight, remember that diet is a key factor. Choose quality food and limit excess.

Strength training at home

weight training program at home

Toning your body or even gaining muscle by training at home, it’s possible! With small equipment, you will be able to work your pectoral muscles, your arms, your shoulders, your legs as well as your abs.

The session offered here consists of a set of exercises that will allow you to build your whole body at home by maximum 45 minutes :

In practice, perform 4 sets of 12 repetitions for each exercise (except the plank which is done in static), taking 1 minute and 15 seconds of recovery between each set. Do not hesitate to add loads or perform variations so that you cannot do more than 12 repetitions, and regularly increase the difficulty to continue to progress.

Combined with quality food, this session will allow you to draw your figure. Training alone is not enough to quickly reach your goal. Remember that food is an integral part of your physical transformation.

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Doing sports at home with a coach is even better!

If playing sports at home is easy to set up, you should not train anyway! To progress, stay motivated, and reach your goals quickly, do not hesitate to call on a home sports coach. He will be able to offer you a 100% tailor-made training program and will support you in achieving your goals. Find your home coach

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