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different types of workouts at home

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Tips and tricks for staying in shape during containment

how to get fit in 1 week at home

With confinement that lasts, practicing a minimum of physical exercise is recommended. If you can still go out to air or play sports, there are also plenty of ways to get around from home. Many online courses are offered for free right now, and online sports equipment sales are growing in popularity.

ADEP on deck

Since the start of confinement, the teaching staff of ADEPS sports centers have found themselves somewhat idle. Many are therefore mobilizing to offer free sports training on the official YouTube channel of ADEPS (the General Administration of Sport in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation).

More than 50 videos were published in a week and there is really something for all tastes and all levels: from gentle gym for beginners or seniors to cardio sessions for the more seasoned through tutorials to organize orienteering for children or learning to juggle.

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ADEPS offers courses for all ages and all levels © ADEPS

Boost your immune system

Latest initiative, the game « Dé Fit and Fun », a kind of goose game to print at home where each box corresponds to a sporting challenge visible on YouTube: a few pump-ups, a few abs or rope jump.

« The general message is that physical activity at all times is already positive for health and to fight cardiovascular disease, explains Marc Xhonneux, director of communication at ADEPS, but in these particular times it also allows you to boost your immune system a little, provided you do it in a moderate and progressive way. So it’s interesting to do it« .

In general, about 150 minutes of moderate activity a week is recommended, or just over 20 minutes a day. As long as you warm up and stay well hydrated, there is no a priori risk of exercising at home.

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Case 4 of « Dé Fit and Fun », the exercise of « Mountain Climber » © ADEPS

Break the isolation by staying in shape

This is also what the volunteers at Friskis & Svettis think. This non-profit association of Swedish origin gathers large numbers of members every year, and every summer hundreds of additional people join them for outdoor sessions at the Cinquantenaire park in Brussels.

In both cases, obviously difficult to respect social distancing, so they too started online courses on their YouTube channel.

« We always feel the need to help our members, or anyone who wants to follow us, to stay fit and healthy, specifies Alessandro Mascia, volunteer and communication manager for Friskis & Svettis Brussels. It also breaks the isolation they feel and creates a sense of community« .

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© All rights reserved

Increase in sales of sports equipment

Sports brands also offer courses on social networks in particular. This is the case with Decathlon with its #Sportalamaison program. A way for the brand to keep in touch with its customers who can no longer go to the 37 stores of the French group closed since March 16.

The online sales site, which represented around 10% of turnover before the crisis, has seen its traffic increase exponentially. Sales are also increasing, making it sometimes difficult to track for timely deliveries. But the items that sell the most have changed.

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Sports shops also offer free online courses © Decathlon

An unexpected spike on yoga, fitness, Pilates items

« Usually during this Easter period, we sell more bikes, football goals, anything that can be used to play sports in the garden or elsewhere, but outside generally, explains Thomas Lejeune Debarre, communication manager for Decathlon Belgium. But here we have a kind of unexpected spike on yoga, fitness or Pilates items which are obviously practiced at home right now« .

In the top 10 sales, for example, elastics to increase resistance in certain fitness exercises, dumbbells or yoga mats.

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« Get moving at home », a new daily program on La Deux © All rights reserved

New appointment on La Deux

But without any accessories, it is quite possible to perform simple exercises 7 minutes a day, as proposed by a French teacher of physical education and sports.

RTBF is also mobilizing to get you moving. A new meeting is scheduled for each day of the week on La Deux at 11:30 am … It’s called « Move at Home ». 26-minute soft sport capsules offered by the Manzul and Malik brothers and accessible to all.

So no more excuses to stay on the couch … To keep fit, remember to move!

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