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Sarabia at AFP: « Beating the pandemic would be the real victory of the season »

Sarabia at AFP:

« Defeating the coronavirus pandemic would be the real victory of the season, » said PSG striker Pablo Sarabia, Saturday in an interview with AFP, while the resumption of the Champions League, a major objective of the French club, remains suspended to the health crisis.

If footballers must « help » their clubs to overcome the difficulties through a drop in wages, the Spanish rookie (27) also believes « that we must thank all the doctors, health workers, police, and all others , who are fighting on the front lines « against Covid-19 worldwide.

QUESTION: How do you live your confinement in Paris?

ANSWER: « I’m fine, I try to do a lot of things to avoid being all day watching TV and being too sedentary. I try to study, play games with my partner, or cook, to pass the time. ”

Q: Do you take the opportunity to study French?

A: « Yes, to improve my adaptation. I like to communicate and if I don’t understand the language and I can’t speak, it frustrates me a little. I try to make the most of these days at home to study and get out with a better level of French. ”

Q: On Instagram, you also posted a photo reading Harry Potter … in Spanish!

A: « Yes (laughs)! I love to read, I have a lot of books at home. ”

Q: What do you do to keep fit?

A: “The club has sent us a program to follow. If you do not move all day and eat a little more than usual, problems arise, not only physical but also on a mental level. Even if there are days when you are more motivated than others. (At the material level) I had things at home but the club brought me everything I didn’t have. ”

Q: How do you stay in touch with the staff and your teammates?

A: “We have a WhatsApp group with the whole team. It’s a bit strange to stay so long without seeing each other … « 

Q: Who particularly sets the mood in this group?

A: « If I have to choose, I would say Ander (Herrera), Leo (Paredes), (Presnel) Kimpembe (laughs). They are very funny players, who create a good atmosphere. They helped me integrate well when I arrived (at the start of the season from Sevilla FC, note). ”

Q: Unfortunately for you, football stopped when you had established yourself as one of the most decisive players in PSG with 14 goals scored in all competitions …

A: “From a football point of view, I am very happy with the way my first year is going. But it is true that at the moment I am not thinking about it. It is a very complicated situation and we should not think about football, but rather focus on improving this very serious situation … « 

Q: You also managed to qualify for the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time since 2016. How did you experience this closed-door rematch against Dortmund?

A: « It was a very, very special evening. First, because we couldn’t play in front of our supporters. It is rare and strange! And then we were able to celebrate with all the supporters who were outside the stadium. It was impressive. The team had a great game. « 

Q: Do you think this qualification can serve as a trigger to aim for the final victory?

A: « I don’t know … There is still a long way to go before the final, and as I said before, I don’t think we should think about it right away. We need to focus on going through this ordeal and having a responsible attitude: staying at home and not getting the virus … I hope everything is restored as soon as possible so that we can all get back to normal. « 

Q: Are you afraid that the European season will end and that you will not be able to go to the end in C1?

A: « Thinking if the season is over or not, these are just hypotheses. Our real common goal is to fight the pandemic, to overcome it. It would be the real victory of the season (…) I think we have to thank all the doctors, health workers, police officers, civil servants and all the others who are fighting on the front lines around the world. ”

Interview by Yassine KHIRI.


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