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Do sports at home with the Dance of Social Distancing – Le Courrier du Vietnam

To comply with government directives, nothing like a good dance of social distancing thanks to the third video of the program proposed by Dr. Alexander Tu.

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Simple and fun choreographies to sensitize the greatest number of spectators to social distancing during this COVID-19 period.

Wearing a mask, keeping a distance of 2 meters are among the five important elements dictated by the Ministry of Health to protect themselves, their family and the community against the Covid-19 pandemic.

« The young generation plays a major role in bringing people together, preventing the transmission of the virus and inspiring both adults and children. They arouse enthusiasm and spread prevention messages on a daily basis« said the Dr Alexander Tu, director of the training program in musical performance of the Academy of Music and Artistic Performance Soul (SMPAA) and founder of LYRICÍST.

He recalled that LYRICÍST and HTV3 Dreams TV will continue to create new simple choreographies that will encourage the community to protect themselves and improve their physical and mental health.

The first online video Dance with a mask and the second Dance by washing your hands were greatly appreciated by the community and especially the young people.

The video Dance of social distancing was put online on Friday April 10, 2020 in the evening on YouTube and the HTV3 Dreams TV site.

Text and photo: Minh Thu / CVN


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