best 30 day weight loss challenge app

best 30 day weight loss challenge app

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CM1 – A little sport at home

Hello everybody,

I hope you are well !

Tomorrow, I will put the corrected exercises for Monday and Tuesday on line on the site. If there are any questions, please feel free to email me.

Also, can you please give me your first thoughts on how the classroom works at home by mail ?

UnnamedAfter work, make way for recreational time! On this file, you will find a table to do some EPS. You can challenge yourself as a family :).

For example : I choose the word COPAIN. I must do the actions of the letters, C, O, P, A, I, N one after the other: Eps at home 1 dayEps at home 1 day (40.35 KB)

Good sport!

See you soon !


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