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How to transform your house into a gym

Not everyone is as lucky as the stars to have a home gym, and with confinement not easy to go to the gym – even jogging becomes complicated, like in Paris. So look around and rethink the use of furniture.

How to transform your house into a gym

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How to transform your house into a gym

Take your sofa for example. It is perfect for slouching and playing on the console … but also for your strengthening and stretching exercises! Just like your chair. The latter will also be very useful if you are a fan of bars but you are unable to go to the dance hall.

Your wall is not only useful for supporting your roof. You can use it for cladding. Stand with your back to the wall and do your exercises!

Do you miss your dumbbells? If you have bottled water, the problem is solved!

Finally, think of your stairs that you can go up and down to envi to operate your gluteal muscles.

You have no more excuses!

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