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Getting back into sport: FizzUp test the sports app to …

In partnership with FizzUp (our Manifesto)

June 4, 2019 update

It’s already been 3 weeks we resumed sport, in a more or less intense, more or less regular way, by following more or less our programs and by reaching more or less our objectives…

It’s time for the last update and for taking stock of our experience!

The assessment after 3 weeks of sport with FizzUp

But before each of us tells you about her experience, I need to tell you … BRAVO and THANK YOU ALL !

To all of you who shared your support and your return of the sport to our side in comments, we have read you, and we await your feedback after these past few days!

How your programs are progressing ? Does the app FizzUp is a good coach for achieving your goals and getting your glutes going?

Melody is back in sport thanks to FizzUp


After a few missed days last week, I reopen the app to make myself a new one workout. My mustachioed coach offers me a little joke:

 » What do you call a merry-go-round in the fitness world? « 

Answer: an aTraction…

Well, it’s clearly not for his acting skills that I will come back, but it has the merit of relaxing the atmosphere!

In fact, this joke translates pretty well the spirit of the app: (re) get into sport, yes, but without taking yourself too seriously. The objective? Be in love!

On the program this week: gluteus challenge, training, cardio challenge … On average, the sessions last 11 minutes, including 4 warm-ups.

This is what I like about this challenge, we are going slowly but with regularity.

So I take the time to do each movement correctly, to feel my muscles contract and become stronger.

I love this feeling. And it’s so much more satisfying for me than the extended sessions where the goal is to go as fast as possible.

FizzUp also taught me to love warming up. I tended to see this part of the training as not fun and clearly incidental, so I almost never did it.

In fact, it allows me to gently get in the mood, and my workouts are so fast it would be a shame to do without them.

I’m glad to be  » back on track »And for not having given up despite my few missed sessions. I can’t wait to finish this challenge, and move on to the next one!

I will definitely focus on « Posture », a muscle building program to relieve back pain.

Convenient for a chronic back stuck like me! #OldForHour

Océane, in free contact with Max from the sports app FizzUp

We do the bilaaaan, calmly … Remembering every moment … (Do you have the ref?)

And for me today, the balance is clearly positive !

Well, I’m not going to hide it, I haven’t managed to do as many sessions as I would have liked, but as I said last week, it’s still more than before FizzUp doesn’t come into my life.

Because yes, what I remember most from this resumption of sport and this application is good this somewhat insistent but very benevolent coach who came to put small cleats behind my head so that I move my butt!

I think we definitely had a real relationship with him and me.

The other day, when I already had 5 days (I KNOW) behind on my next session, I received this email which made me laugh a lot and helped motivate me the same evening to pick up the pace:

After that I went on two consecutive sessions. I took back the desire, the motivation, and the pleasure of having small aches without having to struggle to climb the stairs of the editorial!

In the past (a very long time ago), when I resumed sport a few days after a long break, I used to wiggle my muscles with 1.5 hour sessions that are hard to fit into my schedule.

It was bad and demotivating.

While today, even if my pace is still not exemplary, I think it will last a little longer, and that it will even improve.

I am happy, positive and motivated, and that’s really cool!

Kalindi in full swing thanks to FizzUp

This week, I was super motivated and did more sessions than the previous weeks.

I feel like I woke up my body, gave it fuel and asked for more. Satisfaction is all the more intense than I feel like I have progressed very smoothly through the app.

If the effects are not yet noticed on my body, in my head anyway it has nothing to do.

I feel more determined, if only to do my daily tasks, I feel more in tune with my decision-making, in short, the exercise clears my mind and it is a joy.

What I like a lot with FizzUpis that you take the time to do everything smoothly.

For example, warming up takes 4 minutes.

Before, I was only doing 2 minutes of warm-up and afterwards I attacked like a torment before being discouraged, but now I take the time to prepare my muscles for the effort and I want to last.

The exercises went up in difficulty over time, but everything was rather progressive.

The number of exercises and their repetition is not the same from one session to another so despite the regularity of the exercises, I do not find it all boring.

In short, after these few sessions, I have only one desire: to continue my efforts. I redoubled my will and I even decided to register for a race which will take place in 10 days.

So it’s only a 10 kilometer, but that’s enough to make me proud of myself. And that’s the main thing!

Alix reassured in her sports practice

This week, I have been much more regular on the app and I am proud of it!

I could see changes in my program, which intensified in its exercises, slowly but surely. They are longer, more difficult than at first, but never brutal.

It’s really not bad for a girl like me who tends to strain like a sick person on a workout, and then never have the courage to do another one again.

FizzUp really helps me be progressive!

The exercises are often the same but their order and number change from session to session, so it is not daunting.

At the beginning, I was afraid of finding myself alone in sports, because I was afraid of positioning my body incorrectly, that it would have no effect or worse, that I would injure myself …

But FizzUp offers each video a video of a coach who performs the exercises at the same time as me AND a description step by step movement !

And if I need a reminder or advice, I swipe during my exercise and I have explanations again:

It’s cool !

I don’t think I have lost any pounds but it felt good to get back into sport, sweat a little and have aches.

I would have liked to use all the functionalities of the app, in particular the shopping list which made me an eye, but I did not think about it enough …

Next step ? Come on!

Update May 28, 2019

It’s been a week since Kalindi, Mélody, Alix and I started using the sports app at home FizzUp.

Week 2 – After a week of using FizzUp

So it’s time for us to give you a first feedback on our use of the app and our first sessions!

Mélody and her “21-day challenge” on FizzUp

As I told you last week, I started the « 21-day challenge » by being hyper motivated to create a habit in my daily life … except that I missed days.

For the first few days, it was pretty hard because I had to find time in my morning routine. But when I did and finished my training, I was happy and satisfied.

What I like with this app is that the exercises are both very light but there is a challenge anyway.

Basically, I thought to myself «  8 minutes, quiet! « So that allowed me to get started, but when I had to do 25 mountain climbers I still felt my abs anyway!

I did 4 sessions in 1 week, which is 4 times more than what I had been able to do in a month before the app! These sessions allowed me to feel and wake up my muscles a little.

At the beginning I was angry with myself for not having managed to do all the sessions I wanted, but I try to tell myself that my guilt is not a good engine.

I rather try to remember my initial goals to motivate me, because guilt sucks!

I still remain motivated for the rest of the challenge. Even if it takes me 30 days to do my 21 days, I prefer to do it with peace of mind, and in any case I would have done my best !

Océane starts very sweet with FizzUp

After a week of use, I can say: it starts SOFT !

A little disappointed that I only took the time to do two sessions, but I want to say that it is still two more sessions than the week before.

The application really took me by the hand from A to Z. After my registration, the virtual coach sent me a lot of messages asking me if I was ok and if I was still motivated to start training .

The first session was very sweet, and I found it perfect for a recovery! So yes, I did not come out of these 10-15 minutes completely rinsed, but precisely, this is exactly what I needed to start.

Everything is done to make everything easy : during the sessions, the exercises are shown on video, and if you really don’t know how to do it, there is even a written description that breaks down the movements to be done.

Everything so that beginners and beginners are not lost.

Above all, as soon as the session is over, the application immediately suggests following with other exercises if you are not full : more sport, or stretching … and it’s great!

Right after my first session the coach congratulated me (yes it does me good I admit) and immediately offered to set a date and time for the next session.

I thought it was great!

I’m fantastic ok? The app says it all.

For now, only positive. This week I’m going to try to do more sessions … but that is up to me!

Kalindi emptied his head with FizzUp

Last week, I put Eye of the Tiger in my ears and I started my sports program «  War of the pounds »Concocted by FizzUp.

Having started the sport some time ago now, I was rather surprised to find the start quite simple. I did my exercises sweating a lot but not hurting too much.

Finally, everything was quite fun ! So much so that at the end of the first session I immediately wanted to do a second one in order to feel like I had given everything.

It was only after this second time that I felt my head empty completely and the feeling of fullness arrived. What a kif!

Since then, I did a session again and it was harder, because I was still tired after the one before and the stiffness had won me.

But that’s the sport game!

In any case haste to start again as soon as possible, as soon as I have a few minutes in front of me. I also want to offer my colleagues a joint session … The more we are crazy, the more we laugh!

FizzUp, a wellness app for Alix

FizzUp is interesting because the app allows you to do sports very regularly, but also very slowly. Perfect for getting back in the bath a bit.

The first days, I was motivated as jaja, and I admit that it’s nice to see the number of calories burned at the end of each session! Then I feel less guilty for slouching in front of a series …

The exercises are generally quite easy, sometimes a little too much for my taste. But the advantage is that once the cycle is over, new proposals appear and I can push the training a little more.

For the past few days, including this weekend, I have been away from home and have not been able to do my exercises. Finally, I could have, because FizzUp follow me everywhere and I don’t need equipment, but that’s the time I missed.

The app sent me little reminders every day, encouraging me not to lose my rhythm.

I also get emails with food articles (the latest one was wondering if it was really a good idea to stop carbohydrates), how to build muscle better on certain parts of my body …

In short, it’s very interesting that it is not only a sports app, but also a wellness app!

Posted on May 21, 2019

Kalindi, Mélody, Alix and I are all different, and we don’t have the same relationship with sport.

But what brings us together is our will to move our butts to feel better about our bodies and our heads, and prove to us that we are capable of meeting our objectives.

FizzUp, an application for playing sports at home

FizzUp is a sports app that offers exercises and programs for playing sports at home, to the weight of the body, and without having to buy any equipment.

The programs are short, effective, and aim to improve the hygiene of life of the users, while making sport activity fun and accessible to all.

The application puts at your disposal ideas of bodybuilding exercises by body area or by objective (« gluteus », « flat stomach »), and programs adapted to your own desires (to be fit, to slim down, to sculpt your body , be an athlete).

There are also sporting challenges, cardio exercises, stretching and meditation! In addition to the menus and dietary advice provided with recipes, and shopping list.

Week 1 – Our goals and our relationship to sport

Kalindi, Mélody, Alix and I, so we signed up on FizzUp a few days ago, with each our objective, and our level (none of us is an athlete, I prefer to tell you!).

For three weeks we will share with you our log book, our evolution, our feelings and our experience of the app …

To maybe make you want to (re) start sport with us?

Mélody plays sports to better love herself

A few years ago, I got into sports at home. I tested different programs, in PDF, in video, via an app …

Basically unpacked at the idea of ​​sweating like a pig in my living room, I ended up being convinced when I saw the results point the tip of their nose.

And then endorphin. This hormone that shoots you up after your session and puts you on a little cloud of « pride in yourself ». I had a hard time getting started, but in the end I asked for more.

Life has made me integrate an alternation which required a lot of time and energy, so I stopped everything. And for the past 2 years, I’ve been struggling to get back into sport at home, but I’m struggling, I lack motivation …

So when I was offered this project to test a new sports app with three of my great colleagues, I jumped at the chance.

A few days ago, I downloaded the app FizzUp. I went through the programs:  » ready to run « , » booty « , » business woman « , » outdoors »…

It’s cool because I feel like there is something for everyone, and all levels.

 » War of the pounds « , » beach body « … I almost let myself be tempted, but I’m tired of irreparably associating my sporting activity with weight loss!

I want my return to sport to be synonymous with love for me. I want to reclaim my body, rather than change it absolutely because it does not meet my expectations.

So we leave on of self-love, and a smooth sports recovery.

My goal today: to reintegrate sport into my daily life. I want it to become a habit, a pleasure. I have this secret desire to be this kind of girl  » sport addict « , Who finds catharsis through effort rather than chocolate.

(Let’s be clear: I love chocolate and I will never say anything bad about it, but our relationship tends to be a little too fused.)

It is said that to create a habit, it takes 21 days of rehearsals. I had the opportunity to test this adage through personal development and I was rather convinced.

So you might as well say that when I saw the  » 21 days Challenge  » sure FizzUp, I knew it was for me.

Ten to fifteen minutes of training (fairly light) every day, for 3 weeks. It seems perfect for a recovery.

The cool thing is that when you click on your program, you can have an overview of the next work out. It reassures me to say that YES, these exercises are completely in my ropes!

I stop being afraid of not getting there, and I no longer put my leggings backwards (already because it is not practical, do not do this at home).

There is even a « team » associated with the program, which brings together the members who have embarked on the 21 Days Challenge. It allows you to find people to follow, or to encourage.

This morning I did the « fitness test ». 5 minutes top time. Tomorrow, I’m starting the program for real. I can’t wait to be in 21 days !

Océane, sports phobic for 8 years

No, I have not always been the grandmother who sweats at the end of three stairs …

Okay, okay, I’m a little hard on myself, but that’s because I never thought I would struggle so much to provide any physical effort.

For a few years I would say that I developed a real sports phobia.

I started the sport very young. I did swimming from 3 to 5 years old, then at 7 I started tennis, classical dance and modern jazz.

From that age, my whole life, for almost 10 years, was punctuated by competitions and courses.

Until the day when adolescence gave me a big cuckoo of the hand, at the same time sweeping away my motivation to keep trying every week and weekends to sport (rather than to pécho des keums below blocks).

Today I’m 25 years old, and it’s been about 8 years since I moved my ass.

Not only do I no longer recognize my body, but I have a panic fear of the gym or any group lesson of anything …

A few years ago, I managed to take it easy at home, because it is the only place where it seemed possible: alone, out of sight.

But I gave up and I can’t seem to start again. Too complicated to find the right exercises, the right pace, the right goal, and I can’t make room in my schedule …

I think this app could be perfect for me: sessions of only 15 or 20 minutes per day to do at home or at work, with ready-made programs and exercises.

There is even a coach who sends me kindly little messages to kick my ass when I am behind on my sessions! It could be a good start to gently reintegrate sport into my everyday life.

Above all, I am by these words engaging with you a little, reader, so I secretly hope that this will add to my motivation, and allow me to get into the habit of training every day, even beyond these three weeks!

I chose the goal « sculpt her body » but I could have chosen « to be fit ». Being hyperlaxed, I always had a lot of trouble building muscle, even when I was doing sports 4 times a week.

The consequence is that for a few months I have had pain in the joints. Too flexible, they do anything and come out of their hinges unexpectedly. I no longer have enough muscles to frame them.

So today taking up sport is not only a need but also a necessity.

I really feel the need to regain possession of my body, to improve my health, and to be proud of myself to realize that I am still capable of having a sporting activity.

And a good ball, I admit.

Kalindi wants fun sport

I have a jagged relationship with sport. On Facebook, I would have checked the box « it’s complicated » to qualify our status.

When I was a kid, my parents stuck me to fencing, an activity that I practiced for several years, without loving either the rules or the costumes.

Then it was swimming that occupied my life, and I loved it for a while, because you have to admit that I was gifted. But the chlorine and the bathing caps ended up getting the better of me.

Over the years, I have understood something: I like sport when it is fun and it changes regularly. So I started going to the room where I could vary the activities according to my pleasure.

Thirty minutes of running, twenty of biking, a little jump rope and a few minutes on the machines. Finally, sweating in tight leggings in the gym, it had everything to seduce me!

So I started going to the gym regularly, two to three times a week, when it was no more. And I’m still going there.

The only problem : it is difficult to know, without a coach, how to develop my exercises and how to progress.

This is precisely what I expect from an online application: that it plays the role of coach and pushes me to go further in my understanding of the sport.

FizzUp will help me, I hope, to climb up levels and make me a sportswoman with a healthy heart and very red cheeks for the one who has surpassed herself!

Personally, I love going to the gym to run and exercise on machines, but I always feel a little silly when I exercise on the ground like pushups or squats.

The advantage with FizzUp, is that I will soon be able to train from home, out of sight, and especially in panties.

Doing my cardio workout in the air, does it sound like it is the right foot right?

Alix is ​​looking for a sport that fits his daily life

Before, I had a lot of sports habits. I was riding, dancing, cheerleading in clubs …

But since I left home at 18, I have rarely spent more than six months in one place. Difficult to sign up for recurring sports when I don’t know where the wind will take me next.

Run ? I’ve tried, I swear, I’m just bored very quickly and I see little point in wandering around aimlessly wiping the eyes of passers-by who walk faster than I run.

The sport room ? Expensive for my student wallet, and not very motivating.

When I was in prep and my abs were melting to the rhythm of the books I was gulping down, I decided to take charge and do an intensive sports program.

The results turned out to be almost instantaneous, but after the program ended, I let go and my abs disappeared as quickly as they came.

I keep looking a sport that could suit my lifestyle.

With FizzUp, I will be able to spend myself at home for zero euros, regularly and gradually. During my test lesson, the app asked me if the exercises were too easy or too difficult for me, just to adapt to my abilities.

There is also a whole pan with recipes to make at home, and more importantly, THE LIST OF RACES that goes with it. And that’s great!

I chose the “slim down” goal to try to lose those little pounds that I have gained over the years. Can’t wait to see the results!

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