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Workshop: play sports with the kids at home

Would you like your children to do a little more exercise, but the weather or your schedule do not give you the opportunity to go outside to play sports?

That’s good, Mums Who Tear has selected for you playful and very effective tools for playing sports with children, even without going out.

What sport with children

at home ?

Of course, ball sports should be avoided during these sessions, as should the use of rackets. Exit football and tennis! Let your children discover excellent disciplines, both for their physical health and their mental health.


Yoga is a very complete discipline, both fun and effective, which allows children to develop their motor skills, their self-confidence, but also their balance. You will find many videos online to help you find exercises to offer them. One of our favorite tools is « toddler yoga » published by Bayard.

This easel book is very clever because it stands up on its own, allowing the child to observe the postures while exercising. It is accompanied by a DVD in which each exercise is explained in a fun way.

This is a great way to offer your children to play sports at home from an early age!

Our advice : remember to equip yourself with a mat to perform sports exercises with children as comfortably as possible. This Songmics model is perfectly suited, and will also be used for your family picnic outings:

The animal gym:

Animal gymnastics is a very popular sport for children and for good reason: it is about exercising by imitating animals. It’s obviously very funny, but also very effective in keeping in shape and learning to control your body. And if mom and dad do it, it’s all the more fun!

To find out all about this sport, our favorite is going to “La gym des animaux” published by Hachette, in which Disney stars play sports teachers:

sport with kids Disney

Dance :

The dance workshop may be the easiest and most accessible way everyone if you want to play sports with the kids at home. Just put on music and push the furniture to let off steam with your family and keep in shape.

For the more geeky of you, you can also practice on a game console, there are many dance games on the Nintendo WII U console, it’s fun, but also effective.

dance workshop

Meditation :

Although meditation is not a very physical sport, it remains an excellent habit for a balanced lifestyle. And contrary to what one might think, young children are very receptive, and may surprise you about their ability to take advantage of it.

Many specialists agree that meditating from an early age facilitates their learning, improves the quality of their sleep, and family relationships, quite simply.

To help you start this activity, you will find great advice in the Zen collection child’s play, in the editions I read:

The books vary according to the age of the children, and the sessions are studied to allow them to enjoy meditation and to make the most of it. A real moment of happiness to share with the family!

Sport challenges

with children

To make your sports sessions with children even more fun, don’t hesitate to establish a weekly schedule togethere. Wednesday Yoga, Saturday dance walking sports and Sunday meditation for example?

And if you want to spice up these activities a little, why not organize small challenges, or even family Olympics? The idea is to share the pleasure of sport, and to bring these good habits into your daily life and that of your children, without this being a constraint.

kids festival for school of life

Are you ready ? Have fun and tell us!

See you soon at Mothers Who Tear…


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