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Revenge of the exercise bike

A specimen exercise bike from the interwar period.
A specimen exercise bike from the interwar period. VERETT COLLECTION / BRIDGEMAN IMAGES

In a corner of the garage, lanky figure with bent arms, modestly covered with a tarpaulin as much to avoid dust as to hide it, he had saved his flywheel until a possible move or a hypothetical session of sorting. Others, having become valets or clotheslines, had been forgotten in the domestic shambles.

Many who purred, resuming service only seasonally and punctually, installed in a corner of the living room, in a dressing room or in the now deserted den of the youngest.

Cardio virtues

Too heavy, too naughty, not « fun » enough, the good old school bike is back in the saddle. Brand new or a bit rusty, basic or equipped with the latest features, it has become the Grail of the confined. And his best companion between four walls.

How many regrets to have bought it in a minimalist phase … To have preferred the subscription to the room of « indoor cycling », these group lessons where we burn calories by pedaling in high doses and music, under the leadership of a supercharged coach. To have neglected its cardio virtues in favor of CrossFit, Pilates and other yoga classes, more fashionable.

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« I put it in the corner of my room, to see it as little as possible. It was never the right time to use it, «  says Michèle, 60, part of a large group in the Paris region, preferring Pilates and swimming to swimming.

But since the start of containment, the elliptical (equipment that works the whole body), bought four years ago and  » Like new « , has returned to service: “Twenty minutes in the morning and forty in the evening, it has become my essential of the moment. «  And it is now in his office, where, telecommuting obliges, she spends a good part of his day today, that he sits enthroned. « A strategic place » which allows Michèle to get on her horse during numerous and sometimes boring conference calls, « Provided you do not have to intervene and think carefully to cut the microphone ».

« Bulky and awful »

« Purchased on a whim », Xavier’s motionless little queen has never really been used, relegated to a corner, on the floor of the Angevin house. The father of the family, a commercial in the food industry, congratulates himself today « To have been lazy about [s’]get rid of it ”. For a week, « This awkward and awful thing » sports happiness for the whole family.


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