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A sports documentary for containment: « Senna », closer to Ayrton


Available on Netflix, the British documentary Asif Kapadia, released in 2011, immerses the viewer in the intimacy of the Brazilian legend of Formula 1. It is a great cinema film but without actors. The main characters are Prost, Mansell, Ron Dennis, the boss of McLaren, Jean-Marie Balestre, president and founder of the FIA ​​and of course Ayrton Senna.

Because if you are for 1 hour 40 minutes in the intimacy of this myth of motor sport, you are also immersed, not without pleasure, in the world of F1 of the 1980s and early 1990s. With only images archives (Grand Prix, reports, interviews, family videos, television programs, etc.), the entire trajectory of the triple world champion is revisited.

His irremovable « auriverde » helmet

From his beginnings in karting in Europe in 1978 (the first image of the film is nothing more than a zoom on his immovable helmet « auriverde ») until his fatal collision with Imola, via his rivalry with Alain Prost and his moods, everything is there.

The director Asif Kapadia who used the same process for his last film Diego Maradona (released last year, it focuses on the Neapolitan years of the Argentinian n ° 10), also interviewed Senna’s sister, Viviane or the commentators of the time (the Brazilian Reginaldo Leme or Pierre Van Vliet) to sprinkle his documentary with a few voice-over comments. The result is excellent.

Clement Bessoudoux


Documentary film by Asif Kapadia.
2011. 1 h 44
Available on Netflix and on VOD with Orange and CanalVOD.


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