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With « Deal concluded at home », Sophie Davant wants to decline the auctions in videoconference

France 2

With « Deal concluded at home

TELEVISION – The viewers of “Affaire concluded” on France 2 will be entitled to a small supplement from Monday, April 13. In an interview with Parisian this Friday, April 10, Sophie Davant announced the launch of a new version of the show, adapted to containment.

Called “Deal concluded at home”, this 15-minute program will be broadcast at 6pm, after “Deal concluded”. Sophie Davant, from her home, will host a videoconference « two families, an auctioneer and a buyer by interposed screens », she explains to Parisian.

There will be two objects appraised and then put on sale. However, before finalizing the sale, the buyer will have the item in hand to make sure of its condition and it can withdraw if it is not satisfied. « Maybe we will invite him later on set, we will organize a hunt for objects », imagines Sophie Davant, who specifies that the concept will be « refined » as we go along.

For the host and the channel, it is above all about staying close to the public: « It was a shame not to keep in touch with our viewers. And interesting to listen to them and know how they live this confinement. We therefore decline our program in a different genre, with a more testimonial than mercantile aspect. ”

Faced with confinement, which lasts and will be extended beyond April 15, television channels and programs are forced to upset their program. France Télévisions now offers sports lessons on some of its branches, as well as educational programs on “La Maison Lumni”.

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