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At home Safe and confined with Mister Francophone Switzerland 2019


« At the end of this unusual period, I will have an even stronger evening than New Years, » laughs Kenan Murseli. Mister Suisse Francophone 2019 has been staying at home with his family in Payerne (VD) for the past four weeks. « This is the bright side of this situation. I can spend more time with my loved ones, ”he told us by phone.

Sport and home office

The 25-year-old Vaudois tells of rhythmic semi-confinement with a lot of sport. “I happen to do a Vita course and I also follow Instagram accounts that show exercises with rubber bands or a pull-up bar. My program has become more focused on cardio than weight training lately. ” A session lasts about an hour and a half and he tries to train up to four times a week.

The rest of the time? He works. He has been a buyer in a marketing company in Estavayer-le-Lac for three months. “I do home office. Unfortunately, like many people, I am on short-time work. ” He also takes advantage of his free time to read a bit and watch a few series on Netflix, such as the fourth season of « La casa de papel ».

The Miss and Mister Swiss Francophone final postponed

« I avoid going out for nothing and I don’t really see my friends anymore, » he says. This is what he misses the most at the moment. He also took great pleasure in coaching the new candidates for the Miss and Mister Swiss Francophone 2020 competition. “I followed the casting process from start to finish and I help them for the final. It was supposed to take place on June 6, but it was postponed to July 11 at the Casino Barrière in Montreux. ” He specifies that this year of reign brought him a lot. « It allowed me to learn to express myself better, but also to gain self-confidence. » This is why, he did not hesitate a second when he was asked to recall the rules of the FOPH during a sexy and secure photoshoot.

« I liked the idea! » He immediately tells us to always pay close attention to the two meters of social distance. « In terms of hygiene, I take a disinfectant with me and I wash my hands for 20 seconds as soon as I get home. » After Carolina Frias, Kenan Murseli offers us his summary in images above. We are not going to refuse!


Created: 04/10/2010, 09h04


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