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Lose weight – 4 sports programs to lose weight by 5 kg

Author: Bruno Chauzi, certified professor of Physical Education.

How to lose weight permanently? Rapid weight loss due to excessive deprivation is often short-lived. Regularly doing fitness exercises at home to lose weight and eat rationally until you are full (but of course not beyond) is a clearly preferable program to a strict fast to lose weight and keep it off. We can even say that fast is the least effective solution for losing weight permanently and staying slim. A large and abrupt calorie reduction has only a limited effect in the short term.

It is certainly POSSIBLE, without sport, to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks but it is not DESIRABLE because such a diet acts too little on the main causes of excess fat. The causes of overweight are, on the one hand, the absence of a physical activity program based on a daily schedule and, on the other hand, poor eating behavior general snack based depriving the body of essential nutrients.


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