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Sports activities for children to do at home

Sports activities for children ? Closing schools for the next few weeks and staying indoors all day is difficult for children 😐. For the lucky little ones who have a garden, it will be possible to stretch their legs, in an apartment it will be slightly more complicated! But the A-qui-S team never admits defeat! After making your pretty custom labels, we looked for several activity ideas for « Let off steam » the children inside. Of course as usual the activities are easy to carry out, and require little material. We share them with you?

1 / Indoor mini golf

Indoor mini golf

Source: Frugalfun4boys

And why make a mini golf in the corridor ? To create the course, we put on the legos, the goblets, the clippos and all that can let pass the golf balls 🏑! A broomstick is perfect for replacing a golf club. Building your mini golf course is fun, but it can also revise the geometry 😉! We measure its legos, we calculate their surfaces, we create perfectly symmetrical bridges, in short we do math while having fun 📐! Because the construction is finished, make way for the party! Sports activities for children who are doing math review, what more could you ask for?

2 / A game of badminton indoors?

sports activities for children

Source: Pinterest bricolagelolo.blogspot.fr

Sports activities for children are usually prohibited indoors, but given the situation … let’s go! 🙂

No way to take out the badminton net or the rackets and the long-awaited shuttlecock, but rather the idea is to make your own badminton game. To make this game, you will need: 2 paper plates or 2 disks cut from cardboard, two ice cream sticks and a balloon 🏸. To make snowshoes it’s very simple, just stick a plate to a stick! The inflated balloon will replace the steering wheel, the game can begin! We recommend playing this game in the children’s room to save lampshades, frames and vases of all kinds 😉. In addition to being quick to make, this game has the great advantage of being fairly quiet (and that is important for us, the parents 😉).

3 / Braving the path of red lasers

sports activities for children

Source: Pinterest

As in action movies and cartoons, the goal is: to access the treasure without touching red lasers, on pain of setting off a deafening alarm 😱. For the equipment you will need: red crepe paper (to make as in the films 😉), adhesive tape or fixed paste, and a pair of scissors to cut the strips. If you never have crepe paper, strips of fabric will also do the trick, in which case it is better to hang them with thumbtacks so as to hold the lasers well. Once the installation is done, move on to the game! In turn, you will have to cross the lasers without touching them to access the treasure. The good news ? The whole family can work their flexibility 🤸‍♀!

4 / Sports activities for children? « Animal » Yoga

sports activities for children

Source: clubdesmamans

How to make children’s yoga ? With animal yoga! The idea is simple: we imitate the animals in turn, respecting the postures of the image: monkey, giraffe, flamingo, dog … all the menagerie passes! To make the activity even more fun, you can for example cut each animal, place them in a basket and draw! This activity is not only reserved for children, parents can participate in it for themselves too.

5 / A “Home Made” Twister for sports activities for playful children

sports activities for children

Source: Delineate

An old sheet and paint, this is what you will need to make your homemade twister. There are many variables on Pinterest to inspire you! So what colors should I put my feet on? And my hand? The ideal sporting activity to occupy siblings 😄!

6 / An obstacle course with hoops

keep the kids busy

Source: @Marion Ober

Finally, the idea here is to create a real obstacle course to let off steam for the children. Hoops are a good base for creating a course! You can put boxes to step over, chairs to climb, or balloons to bypass… in short everything is allowed! It’s up to you to create your own obstacle course with everyday objects. Have a stopwatch to record the times of the little fighters. The challenge ? Make a better time every day. In addition to delivering an EPS course, this activity can be an opportunity to approach with the little ones the concepts of « time », second, minute, hour … ⏱

Do not hesitate to share your ideas on social media with us. #aquisetvous ! We will complete the article to help parents who lack inspiration!

The whole A-qui-S team thinks of you in this complicated period, take care of yourself 🙂


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