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8 Quick Sports Weight Loss Tips + Home Exercises

Do you want to play sports to lose weight, but wonder what is the best sport? Do you also want to know what is the best sport for losing fat, especially abdominal fat?

If you think running is the best way to lose fat, you will be disappointed (or relieved if running is deadly bored).

The best sport for losing weight is NOT the sport you think. I’d even bet you’ve never heard of it.

Here’s what you’ll find in this article:

  • What are the best sports to lose fat
  • What new type of training can make you lose weight quickly
  • A sports routine to lose weight to do at home
  • The best tips for losing weight with sports and a healthy diet
  • The healthiest way to speed up your metabolism
  • And of course, much more…

Food and sport for sustainable weight loss

The key to losing weight is to stay motivated and use the most effective ways to expend energy. The only way to lose weight quickly and healthily is to combine a healthy diet and sports that stimulate fat loss.

The process of losing weight depends largely on your diet, but don’t underestimate the added value of sports to lose weight!

There are two main reasons why you can’t really lose weight without playing sports:

  • First, losing fat takes a lot longer when you’re just watching your diet
  • Second, exercise helps keep you motivated

Playing sports can even reduce or prevent the yoyo effect. In principle, it is therefore possible to lose weight without playing sports, but the chances of success are then much thinner.

If you want to strengthen your belly and hope for permanent weight loss, you must integrate sport into your daily life.

Even after returning to the correct weight, you must stay active through sport. The extra energy you get from your food has to be spent somehow. If you don’t expend this energy, this excess turns into fat.

Below, I give you the best tips for losing weight permanently and losing weight.

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Tip # 1: Exercise to lose weight at home: train with weights

Squats before afterA healthy way to speed up your metabolism is to build muscle.

Muscle mass is metabolically much more expensive than fat, and accelerates metabolism (source).

This is because muscles use more energy than body fat (source). That means you burn more calories every day, even when you are at rest!

Fitness, bodybuilding, and interval training also help maintain muscle when trying to lose weight, even when following a low-calorie diet.

In one study, 48 overweight women were put on a diet of 800 calories a day. One group was to do no exercise, another group to do aerobic exercise (such as jogging and running), and the last group for strength training.

Only women subjected to bodybuilding had retained their muscle mass, the speed of their metabolism and their strength. The other groups, in addition to losing body weight, also lost muscle mass and saw a decrease in their metabolism (source).

If you are a woman, maybe you think « but I don’t want to get muscular! » « 

Let me tell you one thing: women don’t produce enough testosterone to build muscle at the same rate as men.

It is physically impossible for a woman to become very muscular. So you have no reason to be afraid that bodybuilding will make you look masculine.

By training at home with weights, you will sculpt a beautiful feminine figure, glutes and firm legs and a thinner waist.

Tip n ° 2: The best sport to strengthen your belly

Firm sport belly

If you think about running, what I’m going to say will disappoint you. My opinion of running is not very positive. In any case, not when it comes to weight loss and fat burning.

However, every year, I see thousands of people full of good intentions putting on their sneakers and roaming the streets all out of breath, their running application in their ears.

Women in particular believe that running is an effective way to lose belly fat. Unfortunately, it’s the opposite.

Endurance sports such as running are not the best choice of sport for sustainable weight loss. Sure, you could lose a few pounds temporarily, but if you want to firm up your stomach and glutes, you can still run.

If you want an attractive and sexy silhouette, I suggest a sport other than running. It’s not because I hate endurance sports, but because scientific research shows that there are much more effective training methods for burning fat.

And chances are, you’ve never heard of it before!

What type of sport is it? I want to talk about interval training ((High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT). One of the best sports for burning fat and firming your stomach is interval training.

HIIT is a type of training consisting of intense effort intervals spaced short periods of rest. HIIT stimulates the burning of fat (and therefore abdominal fat!) Through the (temporary) increase in your metabolism, even after training is finished (source, source).

Research shows (source) that those who practice HIIT lose no less than 7 (!) Times more body fat than those who only do cardio.

Do you want to get a firmer, more attractive body quickly and spend less time training? You would be crazy not to try HIIT!

Tip # 3: Lose Weight with Compound Exercises

It is still believed that it is possible to lose fat locally in the belly. Hundreds of abdominal exercises will not change anything if your body fat is too high!

Unfortunately, localized fat loss is impossible. It is not possible to lose fat in a targeted manner on the belly, legs, buttocks, or any other region of the body.

The distribution of fat stores is primarily a genetic matter. You cannot change anything. All you can do is reduce your overall fat percentage so that your abdominal muscles become visible.

Sure, your tummy will get more toned if you do the right exercises, but it won’t show until your overall fat percentage goes down.

In practice, it seems that men who eat a healthy diet and play sports lose weight a little faster than women. It is often more difficult for women to lose body fat because their bodies tend to store more fat.

What is the solution ?

The best sports tip for losing belly that I can give you is to start doing compound exercises. Compound exercises target problem areas of both men and women.

Compound exercises are ideal for fat burning, as they work with many more muscle groups.

Most abdominal exercises target only the abdominal muscles, so that the rest of the body’s muscle groups have little or no training.

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Tip # 4: Lose Weight Fast Using the Right Diet

forbidden candyOne of the main reasons why people fail to reach their weight loss goals is that they have no idea what they are doing.

A recent American study showed that sports and physical activity will not help you much in losing weight (source) if your diet is not adapted.

You can do any sport you want: if you eat poorly, you will never get a firm stomach.

In this regard, sport is therefore not the most important factor for losing weight quickly and permanently.

Most women overestimate the number of calories they burn during physical activity.

They think they can eat all kinds of snacks and treats at the nearest gas station because they just did half an hour of cardio.

To successfully lose weight, it is important to pay close attention to your diet and be aware of what you are consuming.

Make sure you eat adequate amounts of macronutrients and don’t count calories blindly, as this will tell you nothing about the quality of your diet.

Tip 5: The importance of rest when you want to play sports to lose weight

Take a day offI keep emphasizing the importance of quality sleep. Why is that ? Well, because lack of sleep is linked to an increased risk of being overweight.

Various studies (source, source, source) confirm that lack of sleep is a source of health risks, including:

  • Slower metabolism
  • Increase in blood sugar
  • Insulin resistance

All of this increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. In addition, there is scientific evidence that in the event of lack of sleep, « the hunger hormone » takes precedence over leptin (which suppresses appetite). As a result, you often feel hungry and more cravings (source).

Lack of sleep changes the way the body processes sugar and disrupts the hormones that regulate appetite. This may explain why little sleepers have trouble losing weight.

Tip # 6: Drink lots of water to stay healthy

Good hydration is important to conserve energy.

The many biochemical processes that take place in the body cause loss of fluids that need to be replaced.

Water is lost through urine and stool, but also through sweating and breathing.

Several studies have shown that a slight dehydration is enough to reduce the energy level and the ability to concentrate (source, source).

If you exercise to lose weight, you will only reach your goals if you drink enough water every day.

  • I recommend drinking at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. When you exercise, drink an extra half liter of water every half hour.

Tip # 7: Stop weighing yourself

Stop weighing yourselfOne of the worst mistakes you can make if you play sports to lose weight and firm your belly. In fact, muscles weigh more than fat.

So after a period of intensive training, it may very well be that you have lost body fat, but that it is not noticeable on the scale.

Your physique is however much more attractive and you seem slimmer. Don’t panic: it’s not about weight loss but fat loss.

Only reducing the number of calories you consume daily for several weeks will lead to weight loss. These lost pounds consist mainly of water, muscle mass and a little fat.

When losing weight, it is estimated that about a quarter of the weight lost corresponds to a loss of muscle mass (source). In starvation mode, the body does not only draw energy from fat: it also uses muscle protein.

How can you prevent your body from using muscle tissue for energy? In addition to strength training (to keep tickling your muscles), it is important to eat lots of protein-rich foods (source, source).

  • It may be helpful to measure your waistline and your body fat index from time to time. That way, you will really know if you have lost body fat.

Tip # 8: Keep your weight under control

Sport to lose weight It is mainly your discipline and persistence that will determine your long-term success. No one other than you can force yourself to exercise regularly and eat healthy.

It is important to set achievable goals for yourself. You have to think short term. Wanting to lose 20 pounds in a single year is not realistic. Better to set goals for food and sport. Practice your gym workout program 3 times a week and eat healthy.

For most people, making sure that the lost pounds never come back isn’t easy.

It turns out that up to 85% of people who diet are unable to shed excess weight for good. In practice, it seems that most people who do not exercise for weight loss do not hold (source).

Interestingly, people who continue to exercise intensively lose their weight permanently. Eating well and playing sports to lose weight is the way to go for sustainable weight loss.

Weekly intensive sports force your body to burn fat and prevent it from being stored (source).

The only way to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way is to combine a good diet and a hard sports practice. Those who stick to it will eventually get a flat stomach and an attractive figure.

Sports routine to lose weight for beginners

Exercise :


Series: 4

Repetitions: 10

Rest period: 60 to 90 seconds

Military developed

Series: 4

Repetitions: 10

Rest period: 60 to 90 seconds


Series: 4

Repetitions: 12

Rest period: 60 to 90 seconds


Series: 4

Repetitions: 6

Rest period: 60 to 90 seconds


Series: 4

Repetitions: 10

Rest period: 60 to 90 seconds

Leg raises

Series: 4

Repetitions: 15

Rest period: 30 to 60 seconds

Bicycle abs

Series: 4

Repetitions: 15

Rest period: 30 to 60 seconds

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