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how to build muscles in 2 weeks at home

how to build muscles in 2 weeks at home
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Strength training at home – 5 Home programs, 2 methods

Bodybuilding at home at body weight or with light loads

Author: Bruno Chauzi, certified professor of Physical Education. Article modified on

Strength training at home, with little space and small equipment, allows you to tone quickly to gain power, speed and muscular endurance. A simple weight training mat is already very useful for toning your abs! A dumbbell, small loads or your body weight are sufficient, especially for body maintenance and improving physical condition. Gaining maximum strength and gaining mass is more difficult at home without a specialized weight machine. To build muscle quickly at home and gain strength and volume, you will need to buy more important equipment: a weight bar, many discs, a fitness bench, 2 solid uprights or a squat rack and finally 2 dumbbells as in our Crossfit program for the pecs. Whatever the goal, recovery will be facilitated by also following a complementary program of stretching, self-massage and electrostimulation.


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