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30 minutes of sport at home with program 66


 sport at homeIn this article I explain how 30 minutes of sport at home can be beneficial for your health and your figure.

We all know the benefits of physical activity on our bodies.

For form :

Sport increases our form: we have more energy, we sleep better, we are mentally better, stronger, more powerful and more enduring in everyday life; Carrying your child, a backpack when hiking, shopping, gardening … our daily life is made easier.

For health :

Sport us keeps in good health : less stress, less cardiovascular risk, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis and back pain. Our heart beats better and slower, we breathe better, etc.

The little extra is that sport also changes our body aesthetics. We gain muscle and / or lose weight.

But an active life (work, children, cleaning …) does not always give us time to practice a sport as we would like.

Even if 1h00 or 1h30 of physical activity is an optimal time and know that it is possible to reduce your session to 30 or at 20 minutes with some good results on fitness, fitness and health.

The trick when you don’t have time, is to reduce simply the timing from his sports session.

And when you don’t have time, training at home is even better!

sport at home

But for a session to be effective in 30 minutes, here are some strategies that you can implement:

  • For muscle building, I advise you to perform your session on the circuit (that is to say to do the exercises one behind the other) and to work the entire musculature.

Here is one of my favorite sessions : Follow the 3 exercises without rest time (this corresponds to 1 round). 10 repetitions per exercise.

  • Squat jump with disc
  • Pumps and knees chest
  • Horizontal draw with bar

Start with 2 to 3 warm-up laps, then complete a maximum of laps in 15 minutes. Stretch, a shower and voila, the session is completed in less than 20 minutes flat. Guaranteed results to strengthen and lose weight.

  • For cardio, I recommend you the interval training, that is to say phases of moderate or intense exercises interspersed with rest or exercises at a lower intensity.

Here is one of my favorite sessions :

30/30, that is to say 30 seconds of fast running and 30 seconds of walking; 15 series in total.

These 2 methods, the circuit and the interval training are very effective for burn calories and improve endurance in very little time.

  • You will spend less time with the doctor; your body will be more resistant viruses and back problems.
  • After physical activity, you will feel relaxed with a feeling of well-being. The other tasks of the day will be done with good humor.
  • Physical activity creates healthy fatigue allowing us to sleep well. It is after a good night’s sleep that we perform.
  • The sport increases mental activity. I always have more ideas and facilities to write my articles after a good session.
  • The sport decreases stress. We no longer think about our worries and focus more on the tasks at hand.
  • Physical activity increases our trust in us, our image and gives us someinsurance. More motivation and will on a daily basis.

I invite you to come and train with me in my sports video program, Program 66 «  Form and Shapes », 30-minute sessions to do at home!

Click here to test session # 1 of this training program.

It’s very simple, I show you how to do it:

Click on the link below

 sport at home

  • Fill in the form and validate it so that I can send you your access by email.

You will have direct access to the private site. You will find all my advice to practice physical activity effectively to slim down even when you have little time.

In module 4, you will test with your phone, tablet or computer a workout whose objectives are to make you lose weight, draw your muscles and effectively strengthen your abdominal strap.

So you can listen to my advice and train wherever you are, a simple internet connection is enough.

Let’s go for 30 minutes of sport at home.



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