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15 minute workout for dummies pdf

15 minute workout for dummies pdf
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Playing sports at home is easy

With the end of the sunny days, it is more difficult to go out to do sports in the rain and the cold. There is a solution: exercise at home. How to work your abs at home? Do you have to have expensive machines? Here are some ideas with Nordine Attab, our sports coach.

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Playing sports at home is easy!

Playing sports at home is easy!

A real home gym

Sport at home has a real advantage: tranquility

Some home sports enthusiasts have an entire room dedicated to the practice of their favorite pastime. This is the case of Mireille who has reconstructed a real sports hall at home.

Choose the right sports equipment

How to work the glutes?

Before embarking on sports at home, it is important to define your needs to choose the right equipment. A quick overview of the different devices:

  • Giant balloon ((swiss ball)

The swiss ball allows physical exercise for all levels (rehabilitation, fitness, bodybuilding …). The risk of injury is low and you can improve the strength of your abs and lower back. This giant ball also helps to work on coordination and balance because it is unstable. It is particularly recommended for back pain and stretching. Body parts worked with the swiss ball are the abdominals, the balance … Its price varies between 10 and 30 euros.

Thanks to the treadmill, you can spend between 800 and 1,000 kcal / h. The machine makes the abdominal strap work a little but less than the elliptical trainer. The advantage is that most machines allow you to adjust the level of the carpet. It is the ideal machine to get back into sport without having to go out because you can also walk on it. It is possible to do interval exercises and adjust the speed.
For example, you can alternate 2 minutes of walking and 5 minutes of running, and gradually increase the running time.

To work the glutes, it is advisable to adopt a very low pace while advancing, and make lunges on the treadmill.

The treadmill is also beneficial for weight loss. Its price: between 400 euros and 2,000 euros.

The ideal machine for biking and running. The exercise bike works the whole body because it engages the arms, the back and the abs at the same time.

We can work the glutes, thighs, calves, shoulders, chest, abdominals, arms, back … It is recommended for the elderly and for people who are overweight.

Finally to avoid the monotony of sport at home, it is advisable to alternate exercises on different machines: about 15 minutes per machine for one hour. This avoids getting bored too quickly.

A chair for a complete training

A chair, a cheap and very efficient device.

To play sports at home, it is not compulsory to buy expensive machines. A chair may suffice.

With a chair, you can work all parts of the body (abs, glutes, pectorals …) effectively for a minimum budget. Dozens of simple exercises can be done with a chair.

The benefits of the exercise bike

The exercise bike uses many parts of the body.

For an average intensity of 500 kcal / h, the exercise bike is ideal between cycling and running.

The advantage of the exercise bike is that it makes the whole body work because it engages both the arms, the back, the abdominals. The absence of shocks makes it a particularly gentle sport with little trauma. The effects are positive on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Thanks to the exercise bike, we work the glutes, thighs, calves, shoulders, pecs, abs, arms, back. It does not worsen osteoarthritis, and it is particularly recommended for the elderly because there is no shock at the joints. Overweight people can also take advantage of the exercise bike.

Pedaling at slow speed allows you to work on endurance. The average speed helps burn fat and work cardio. Finally, a high speed will be suitable for cardiovascular work.

For optimal efficiency, it is advisable to do it twice a week for 45 minutes.

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