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Sport at home: 10 stinging exercises in Laury …

Sport at home: why go for it?

Classes at the gym, outdoor running and sessions with a coach do not make you want but you would like to work out by doing a physical activity? Transform your home during a session into a fitness area.

Doing your sport at home is beneficial on several scales. First reason to start? There is no travel time. No need to take your car or the bus, your fitness room is in your bedroom, your living room or even your garden. It’s also economic since the only tools to buy are comfortable clothes and a gym mat! And finally, you can more easily vary practices : from a cardio session to a yoga workshop through bodybuilding, you’re the master of the game.

Laury Thilleman’s sport program

For ideas of exercises, you can take inspiration from Laury Thilleman’s fitness routine. The 27-year-old ex-Miss France launches with her father, a former soldier, and her boyfriend, chef Juan Arbelaez, a new program combining sport, nutrition and “positive attitude”.

By adopting this new way of life, the host promises benefits from the first month. Abdo-glutes, candles, jumping … Physical exercises combine muscle building, yoga, pilates, boxing and dancing.

>> In pictures, 10 exercises by Laury Thilleman to do your sport at home.

Discover the entire program in the 30 day book to be on top! by Laury Thilleman at First editions

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