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how to get fit body without gym

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The 5 best apps for sports at home

Our 6 applications sport favorites to stay in shape while staying at home:

1. For tailor-made training: Fitbit Coach

Connected with his electronic coach or not, the application Fitbit allows you to follow daily, training after training, your efforts, progress and validated objectives. The premium version, free for 90 days, offers a set of videos to do your exercises quietly from your living room as if you had your personal trainer right next to you. You can personalize your program according to your level and physical form, but also according to your favorite music. For those who want to go even further, the brand has developed a fairly precise analysis of the sleep cycle to know when to slow down the effort, and not to risk injury, when you have had a bad night. Or on the contrary, the right time to push your limits. All this, rewarded by a system of collectible badges which pushes us a little more to surpass ourselves every day. Available for pre-order today, but delivery from April 15, the brand new connected bracelet Fitbit Charge 4, to link with the app, is likely to be emulated …

2. For those who want to push their limits: Freeletics

Freeletics may seem harsh to you. And that’s the case.”The tone is given only a few seconds after the download. Available in 160 countries and translated into 10 languages, this German application is one of the benchmarks for connected workout and has already won over 40 million athletes. Its strong point? Personalization to the extreme for calibrated training just for you. Like the number of days we want to train, our accessories available, our cardio, bodybuilding goals, our environment … Based on HIIT, High Intensity Interval training, the exercises and recovery times are linked quickly pace to burn maximum calories and reach your goals quickly. It is even possible to have nutritional recommendations to support your sports training.

3. For a complete and varied training: Puma x FizzUp

Puma and the application FizzUp team up to offer us free access to the premium coaching service for the duration of the confinement. Just download the app from your phone and save the promotional code. On the program: more than 300 exercises and a costed service to follow our progress. Well seen, the challenges help us to go even further. And we can even find 250 protein recipes specially adapted to our practice, with generator of shopping lists to simplify life.

Eugenie Le Sommer

© Puma x FizzUp

Puma x FizzUp code: P1M-8E34A3YN.

4. For gentle fitness: Asana Rebel

The best of yoga and fitness is brought together in the app Asana Rebel. More than a hundred workouts are divided into 5 themes: burning calories, increasing power, gaining flexibility, improving balance and learning to relax. Guided by the videos and an encouraging voice, we quickly fall addicted to this daily sporting event. And in addition, some training even allows us to optimize our other practices, paused during confinement. Like running, biking outdoors, or cycling.

5. For Yoga fans: YogaPlay by Le Tigre Yoga Club

To start practicing, to improve, or to train at any time, regardless of the time zone, the app Yoga Play by The Tiger is necessarily downloaded into the phone of good yogists. More than 200 videos from 5 to 60 minutes are available offline today. Like Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin yoga, or more rarely, Jivamukti sessions. And new courses are regularly posted online. It will even soon be possible to follow sophrology, Pilates, high intensity sessions, etc.

YogaPlay x The Tiger Yoga Club, available on the App Store.

6. To recover well after exercise: Inscape

New Yorkers swear by this relaxation application that rises to the top of the download charts. And for good reason, Inscape succeeds in the feat of initiating gentle meditation through original programs that are not usually found. The breathwork, for example, still little known in France, offers breathing exercises to calm down, take stock, strengthen your mind or gain energy. There are also playlists of particular sounds whose vibrations balance the body, mind and emotions. With a special mention for the particularly well-made “Sleep Well” program, which prepares us for sleep and makes us sink in record time.

Inscape sports app

© Inscape

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