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10 sports exercises to do at home during the …

10 sports exercises to do at home during confinement

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10 sports exercises to do at home during confinement

This containment period due to the coronavirus epidemic forces you to stay at home. No way to let yourself go and sulk the sport! So for not having morale in the socks and especially for to take care of you, it’s necessary to give yourself a moment every dayphysical activity at home. The good news, to exercise at home is possible even if you don’t have much space or equipment. Here are 10 exercises and lots of tips to make you want to play sports at home even with your children. Ready for the hunt for boredom and the extra pounds?

Sport is good …

For health !

The WHO recommends 30 minutes of sports activity per day. During the confinement, the site of the Ministry of Sports put in place a page on which you will find tips and links to help you physical activity at home.

Strengthen and soften

Sport has only virtues!

It boosts lung capacity, the cardiovascular system and allows a real muscle building.

But that’s not all, regular physical exercise improves flexibility and balance, protecting you in particular from back pain which is amplified when you are sitting for long periods of time.

And to motivate you, sport is your best ally to refine your figure, provided of course to maintain healthy eating habits. Finally, look on the bright side, containment gives you the opportunity to burn those few pounds you gained during the winter. You will never be more delighted to put on your swimsuit this summer!

For the spirits !

Have you heard of endorphins? These are the pleasure hormones. Imagine that the practice of sport allows its secretion. This will make more endorphins and make you feel better!

These hormones also help soothe you and release all the stress. With the anxiety-provoking news that we are experiencing, this is a little more that you will greatly appreciate.

How to do sports at home?

To not risk contaminating more people, sports halls have closed their doors but don’t panic there is really no need to have equipment to strengthen you and spend you.

For floor exercises, a small mat is ideal for not hurting yourself. If you don’t have one, maybe you could make some room on a house rug. Another idea: just spread a thick towel or blanket on the floor.

A chair, a small step and two bottles filled with water as small dumbbells and you are ready for your training.

What exercises to practice?

Try to split your day as much as possible by alternating sets of small, more intense exercises and stretching sessions. Their difficulty obviously depends on your sporting level. At home, you don’t fear outside eyes, so just listen to yourself and don’t hurt yourself.

4 dynamic exercise ideas

Always make sure to start with short series so as not to run out. Useless to want to burn the stages, go there gradually and add a little difficulty each day, you will not feel it but at the end of a few weeks you will see with joy to take shape real changes on your silhouette.

Here are some ideas, of course not exhaustive.

1- To warm up, start with cardio exercises

Alternate so as not to get bored: jump without a rope for 30 seconds, do lunges, squats, jumping jacks or knee lifts. Are these exercises too easy? Just take a backpack and fill it with books. This should make your exercises particularly difficult.

2- Strengthen the abdominal belt

The plank strengthens the abdominals, back and shoulders. Here are ultra complete exercises to refine your waist nicely.

Maintain the same position as a pump. Your weight is distributed on the forearms placed on the ground, the shoulders and the toes. Alternate by holding your arms straight and contracting your abs.

For beginners, do the plank by positioning yourself on the knees but always make sure to keep your body straight without arching it.

The most experienced will have fun holding on one arm!

To strengthen the lateral muscles, the plank will be performed in the same way, sometimes on the left side, sometimes on the right side.

3- To build arms, nothing better than push-ups

If it seems too difficult, do them also on your knees. To build your upper body, you can also do a series of dips.

4- To build the buttocks and legs

A very effective exercise: the hip bridge.

Lying on your back, knees bent so that your feet are flat on the floor, and your arms extended along your body. Lift your buttocks as high as possible as if to form a bridge.

For the legs, try the scissors. While lying on your back with your arms extended to the sides, lift your legs and make small, rhythmic beats. You will be delighted to note that this exercise also strengthens the abs!

3 stretches to relax

We strongly recommend that you do some stretching to relax and soften your body. These easy exercises are for all levels. In the manner of a yoga session, their practice is great for relieving stress and clearing your mind.

1- To stretch the back of the thighs and the lower back

While standing, legs slightly apart, flex your upper body forward while keeping your back straight. Try to bring your hands closer to the ground.

2- An exercise to stretch your back and arms

Stand upright, legs slightly apart and arms outstretched sideways at shoulder height. Flex your upper body to touch your right foot with your left hand, keeping your right arm straight up.

3- The butterfly stretch: the inner thighs and the groin

Sit on the floor. With your feet together, open your knees on the sides and try to lower them as much as possible.

Where can I find other sports exercises?

There are many downloadable apps that offer great exercise programs. Some content is completely free like the very popular Nike Training Club.

If you prefer a more interactive workout, some sports coaches offer you sports lesson online.

Since the start of containment, many sports clubs have been offering more free videos. Some sports halls also share free workouts on their social media every day.

In short, there is nothing to be bored!

3 physical activity ideas for your children at home

For them, play sports is essential. It helps channel their energy. So if you are not lucky enough to have a garden to send your children to run, here are some exercises to avoid seeing your little ones go around in circles and the apartment does not turn into a real battlefield.

1- Playful obstacle courses

Transform everyday objects to create funny little routes. A good way for the little ones to have fun while having fun.

2- 1 2 3 sun to let off steam and work on balance

A game that little ones love and for which it is possible to imagine a lot of variations. Make sure to alternate dynamic times (races, jumps …) with moments of clear stops during which they must maintain a position. Come up with some funny ideas, for example you can ask them to stop with one leg in the air and touch their nose with their right hand. A good tip for working on coordination.

3- Just Dance!

With teens, make them dance to their favorite music. A good idea to let off steam while having fun. There are many choreographies that your grown-ups will easily find on the internet and happy to share with you. Who knows, maybe you will too?

You can also offer to install apps or console games, such as the popular Just Dance.

If regular sporting activity is highly recommended, be sure to balance your efforts according to your physical condition and your health.


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