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simple daily exercise plan
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8 online lessons for doing sports at home – Journal des Femmes

At the initiative of sports coaches, many sports programs are flourishing on applications and social networks to play sports at home during confinement. Cardio, muscle building, yoga, stretching… Our selection of the best online courses to train in your salon.

Just because the gyms have closed doesn’t mean you have to relax! More than ever, during the Covid-19 pandemic, thephysical exercise is essential to stay in shape and boost your immune system. In this period of confinement, how to continue to train at home ? Sports coaches come to our rescue to offer « Special Containment » sessions to be done in their living room, without equipment. The principle is simple: just select the course or exercises of your choice and follow the instructions on its screen. Free online videos, live lessons on social networks, sports programs to download … Here are the best workouts to follow for stay in shape while staying at home.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle: « Objective: Keeping Fit at Home » by Lucile Woodward

Between sedentary lifestyle and repeated snacking, keep fit at home will be a real challenge in the coming weeks. Known for her always accessible and caring methods, the Sports Coach Lucile Woodward launches a « Special Containment » program to encourage us to stay active, even between four walls. On the menu: 8 sports sessions achievable without equipment and in small spaces, 40 balanced recipes from simple foods in our closets, and 4 inspiring podcasts to stay motivated and positive during confinement. Bonus: twice a week, Lucile hosts a free live YouTube to get around and keep fishing with the family (Wednesday and Saturday at 4 p.m.).

© Lucile Woodward

To sculpt a dream body: Julie’s Box « Special Containment »

After the success of its Parisian courses which are always packed, the Fitness Coach Julie Pujols-Benoît launch a « Special Containment » box to download to his computer. Inside, there are 3 sessions of 20 minutes each of Pilates Booty (an effective method for sculpt the buttocks at J-Lo), Pilates Power (a course of Pilates for tone the whole figure) and Barre Fitness (a muscle building course inspired by Ground Bar). His advice? Take at least 1 class per day during confinement. Combining cardio, stretching and muscle strengthening with special attention to the perineum, Julie’s lessons are intense and allow you to have results quickly. Bonus: For those who ask for more, Julie also gives free live lessons on her Instagram account during confinement.

© Julie Pujols Benoit

To relax while doing Yoga: « Confinés Ensemble » by Yoga Connect

Ideal for tone your figure, soften or simply to release the stress, the Yoga is a discipline particularly recommended during this period of confinement. If some followers can practice alone on their carpet by simply following their instinct, other Yogis prefer to be guided and discover new « flows ». This is why, exceptionally, the application Yoga Connect provides a selection of online yoga class free: Yoga Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin Yoga, or even Yoga for children … We let ourselves be carried away by the sweetness and benevolence of the teachers who explain the benefits of each position and dispense precious wellness tips. To extend the experience, there are also detox workshops, or even courses onayurveda and thearomatherapy.

  • Price: Free
  • Where to find it: On the Yoga Connect website and on the Yoga Connect app
© Yoga Connect

To refine your figure like a ballerina: « Train Like A Fit Ballerina » by Octavie Escure

When she created the « Fit’Ballet » in 2015, Octavie Escure wanted to democratize the classic dance and make the practice accessible to more people. Building on their success, these dynamic courses combining classic dance and the fitness are available on the web for train like a ballerina from his living room. Folded, raised, released, tiptoes, cat jumps, reverence … With grace and discipline, we chain cardio exercises and positions of muscle building inspired by ballet. As the sessions progress, you improve your posture and sculpt its silhouette like a dancer. Bonus: During confinement, free live lessons will be provided by Octavie herself on her Instagram account @octavieescure.

  • Price: Subscription from € 19.99 per month without obligation
  • Where to buy it: On the Fit’Ballet website
© « Train Like a Fit Ballerina » by Octavie Escure

To let off steam in your living room: Online course L’Appart Fitness x Les Mills

Confined to the home as a couple, family or friends? This is an opportunity to organize a collective sports session in his living room! Session lovers dynamic and fun provided in gyms can continue to let off steam at home. Throughout the quarantine, the fitness chain The apartment offers online sports lessons free access. On the program: 95 video lessons created by the « Les Mills » method, benchmark in terms of choreographed group lessons. Dance, HIIT, Toned Gym, Step, Barre au Sol, Yoga … We move to the rhythm of a catchy playlist and the motivating encouragement of coaches. It will sweat!

© Les Mills International / L’Appart Fitness

To train at your own pace: The My Fitness Park app

Exceptionally, gyms Fitness Park provide free access to their mobile application for playing sports at home. This virtual sports coach offers in particular a section « without equipment », where there are specific exercises to work certain parts of the body in depth (abs, thighs, glutes, etc.). The nostalgics of group lessons can also follow complete sports sessions on their screen, to choose from a wide selection of disciplines such as boxing, dance, HIIT, pilates or even yoga. All on a catchy playlist with particularly motivating coaches!

  • Price: Free
  • Where to find it: Exercises on the My Fitness Park app and group lessons on the Radical Virtual Home platform of Fitness Park (Password: fp20)
© Fitness Park

To challenge yourself during confinement: « Move Your Fit » by Jessica Mellet and Alexandre Mallier

French Fitness Champions and pioneers of video sports lessons, Jessica Mellet and Alexandre Mallier launch a challenge to the French to stay in shape during confinement. Every day at 10:30 am (except Sunday), the duo animates free fitness sessions live on their Youtube channel, some of which you can practice with children. If you miss the schedule, the videos will be recorded and posted in replay on the social network. On the menu: fitness, muscle building, HIIT, yoga … With the added bonus, good humor and a hell of a peach!

To stay active and keep fit: Online courses from the Ministry of Sports x Be Sport, My Coach, and Goove

The Government also cares about our well-being! Faced with the exceptional health situation in our country, Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu encourages French women to maintain regular physical activity at their home. This is why the Ministry of Sports has teamed up with the Be Sport, My Coach and Goove mobile applications to offer free online sports lessons designed by sports and health professionals.

© 123RF / Fabio Formaggio

On the program: muscle strengthening exercises, stretching, massages, but also fitness and well-being advice. Expert recommendations? 1 hour of practice per day for children and adolescents, and 30 minutes for adults.

  • Price: Free
  • Where to find it: By downloading the Be Sport applications, My Coach Activity (available on the Apple Store and Google Play) and on the Goove app site (web-application available without download).


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