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best fat burning workout at home

best fat burning workout at home
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Against the stress of confinement, play sports at home! – France 3 Regions

Whether you are an ultra-marathoner, addicted to your weekly cross-fit session, your 30 minutes of daily cycling or on the contrary unwilling to spend yourself, we will have to move!

Sport is essential against stress

Because the fight against a sedentary lifestyle, especially in periods of confinement, is essential to maintaining a good physical and mental health, as reminded by doctor Chum Phaly, initiator of the Medisport pole of the Polyclinic of Limoges. « Sport is essential to combat stress, and in this critical period, we need to evacuate » he emphasizes.

Maintaining physical activity adapted to age and state of health is beneficial for everyone.

And for those who are used to sport very regularly, abrupt cessation of activity could have more psychological consequences, fears Doctor Phaly.

« For example, for people who have a group physical activity, it will be difficult to motivate themselves by being alone », he continues. « But it is easy to do simple exercises, like abdominals, sheathing, stretching … » lists the specialist.

On the Internet, more and more people are launching a search with the keywords « sport at home »:

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Physical activity, yes but which one?

In this period of confinement, everyone is – literally – not staying in the same boat.

« In a house with land, we will be able to go out into the garden, climb the stairs, etc. In a small apartment, it’s more complicated », concedes Chum Phaly. Even if it is less obvious, a few square meters are enough to organize a session …

It also depends on the equipment we have available: elliptical trainer, weight machines … or nothing at all. But do you know that a full bottle of water effectively replaces a dumbbell?

Video: example of a 30-minute workout that can be done at home without equipment

If you absolutely to get some air, it is possible to go walking, running or cycling around your home, by bringing the compulsory travel certificate.

Anyway, you have to adapt. And the internet is teeming with suggestions for sports routines, yoga sessions, training sheets … Like the one proposed by the sports educators of the Limousin Sport Santé network, here are the « holiday homework », or the exercises on the mangerbouger site. Fr.

What if it was an opportunity to test an activity you have never practiced? « My parents, who are elderly, both do Tai Chi », suggests Doctor Phaly. « Yoga is also excellent against stress », he emphasizes.

Be careful not to hurt yourself: the health services are already in high demand!

Sports teachers also adapt

Aurélie, Yoga teacher in Brive, has just set up video lessons on a private facebook group. « I had a lot of requests from my students, and since Monday, I offer three sessions a day, as well as advice … In the philosophy of yoga, the body is considered our home, and it is important to  » do the housework, to have a healthy house« she illustrates.

« Yoga is a physical and spiritual activity, people who take classes regularly feel a lack if they can no longer access it », said the professor, who has been teaching since 2012, and usually gives three courses to 25 people every day on weekdays.

To set up these live sessions, Aurélie only uses her phone: « I did not have time to order special equipment », she underlines. This week, his lessons are free. For the future, she plans to set up a free contribution system, to keep the sessions accessible in this difficult time.

Wherever you are, if you are used to going to a sports class, contact your teacher, he or she may have a video device to offer you.

Stay motivated, alone or with family!

Do you have kids? Why not organize a jump rope contest, fifteen minutes of dancing in the living room to let off steam, or a stair climbing competition ? By making things fun, time will pass faster and much more pleasantly!

If you are alone or alone in your apartment, give yourself goals and challenge yourself with your friends to share this moment via screens!

Come on, good sports confinement to all!


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